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Zainab Ali

What are the major differences between Humar resource and general administration job? If I am HR assistant or administrative assistant than wht is the difference betwen both of them? Thanks
From Pakistan, Karachi

First we need to understand what is HR and Admin; these two are different at their level, HR is nothing in general taking care of all the HR activities and Admin is in different ways providing facilities, vendor management, security management etc
some of the HR functions:
Recruitment, Training and Development, Compensation and benefits, Employee Relations, performance Mgt.....and so on
I hope you had a clear idea about HR and Admin
- Mirza

From Saudi Arabia, Jiddah
Zainab Ali

Plz guys we need your more inputs to better understand the difference in HR & Administration.
From Pakistan, Karachi

Dear Friend,
HR Assistant means to work in core HR activities. Core HR activities are Recruitment, Development part, Training Part, Developing Future potential, Performance management, Performance apparaisal etc.
Administrative assistant works are Time office, security, office works management, employee welfare etc.

From India, Delhi

depends entirely on the job activities.
i have an able assistant who does both the tasks and yet his rank doesnt reflect either of the two titles.
in small cos diferentiators are low. they want somebody with a smattering of all skills. as company grows they can afford hriring experts for some of the affairs.
i have a doubt whether "time office and welfare activities " can be rightly clubbed in HR domain.
admin would involve facilities mgmt, liasoning etc. people may ask security guards at gates to keep a check on attendance registers etc however thgey cant be put in HR

From India, Delhi

Mr. Zainab Ali,

am very happy to see all of your comments on Defference between Human resource management and Administration functions. some folks replied you that hr functions are differ from human resource. to some extent it can be acceptable. but indeedly there is slight difference between these two. they are managing workforce and enable employees to do work without any interruption by obtaing potential performance to attain the objectives of organization.
In HR, welfare of an employee occupies major portion, where administrative not covers.

Functions like Manpower planning, recruitment, wage and salary administration, Industrial relations, Training and development, performance appraisals, rewards and security covers under Administration functions.

while coming to the Human resource functions: Human resource enriches Administraion functions with quality approach keep in view of organizational and individual development.

Human resource planning (stratagic HRP)
Talent acquisition (Head Hunting etd., and selection processes)
Job analysis
Training and Development
Performance/ Potential Appraisal (other appraisal tools)
Payroll administration (Time management, Leave management, Payroll)
Policy Developmentation and implementation
Employee Relations
Employee welfare (House keeping also be covered)
Employee counseling
Employee Benefits (compensation and benefits)
Career planning and development
Organizational change/Development
Employee statutory issues

I have not covered exactly but it can give you clear picture to understand the dif... between admin and HR


From India, Hyderabad
To put more clarification i would say that administration simply means help or assistance.
Or administration is to c that all the functions, jobs, or tasks works smoothly..
So HR admin means to c that all the HR functions, jobs such as Training, Recruiting, Payroll, Stationery handling etc works smoothly. For eg. Arranging a training and provinding all the stationery or place or things used traing is the work of HR Admin..

From India, Mumbai

The comments given by SVS Rana & Nilesh Grasia are more clear as far as difference between HR & Aministration is concerned.
Srivinas has given a confusing statement about both. He covered many points about HR & Admn but relates them with wrong one. e.g. Functions like Manpower planning, recruitment, wage and salary administration, Industrial relations, Training and development, performance appraisals, rewards and security he covered under Administration while all these are generally handled or managed by HR Department.
Arvind Rana,

From India, Delhi
Dear Sir/Madam,
my name is chakri .presently working as time office assistant in l&t const.i have 6 yrs of exp.sir, i have not interested to continue more in this asking ur suggestions for which depth is better to grow regarding my experince is value for me as my growth.pls kindly, suggest.

From India, Chennai
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