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Dear Seniors,

I am seeking guidance on my career dilemma. Here it goes.

I have over seven years of experience out of which the initial four years were with a BPO in as Sr. Quality Analyst and thereafter I moved to education space to gain cross sectoral skills. I then worked for three educational startups and gained expertise in the establishment of institutions from the very seed of Idea Inception to complete implementation of the project. Now I'm trying to come back to bpo but not sure where will I fit in.

Also, right now I'm currently working as Sr. Business Manager with an institution and trying to improve my education from BCOM. Just passed PGD in PR from Annamalai Univ. and currently pursuing PGD in Brand Management from ICFAI. Plan to acquire PMI's CMP and Six Sigma certifications by next year.

Please advice 1. if I'm doing right thing to go back to bpo. 2. In bpo what are the prospective jobs where my skill sets can be used. 3. Is there any opening for me where I can be referred?

I have enclosed copy of my resume and I would like to thank you for the advice which you may put in here. Since this forum is for the HR guys, I expect to get the right guidance.

From India, Delhi

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Dear Vikram,

Without even having read your attached CV, I am alarmed at your targeted employment sector.

Admittedly you began life at a BPO. But, since then you've acquired experience which very few people do. I say this because I too am an entrepreneur who has built his business from ideation to execution. So, I know the learning curve involved. It is enormously huge! And, no organisation would have been able to provide you with that extent of width & depth of learning in so short a time.

You also write that about Public Relations and Brand Management along with CMP & 6 Sigma.

And, yet, you intend to return to the BPO sector? I am sure you will be lapped up by any half-smart BPO. But, the question you want to ask yourself is this - given my richness of experience, do I really want to return to the BPO sector?

If your answer is yes, then my suggestion is that you start to look for General Manager or Chief Operating Officer type positions in small-scale BPOs. You may not think so, but the richness and diversity of your experience will be invaluable to most entrepreneurs.

You definitely don't want to go to a 'structured' role. Instead, what you should aim for is the uncertainty, risk, excitement, pressure, deadlines, buzz, and immense satisfaction of taking on projects and then seeing them through to fruition. And, to make sure you use your PR and Brand Management skills, please ensure that any employment you accept, these form a significant portion of your JD. That is why I am only suggesting senior positions for you.

I know you will get lucrative BPO positions with relatively ease. And, if you do want to accept them, try and find one which is either at mature start-up stage, or is relatively young - post start-up. That is where your skills will shine. I get the feeling that you are now used to the flexibility, excitement, decision making power, accountability and responsibility that comes in working with start-ups. As such, you'll be suffocated trying to fit into a traditional role's straight jacket.

I hope my answer helps with your internal dialogue. I wish you an Abundant Life!

From India, Gurgaon
Thanks for your valuable advice. Today, I plan to go back to bpo only because my compensation has not increased in real terms and with growing inflation, its difficult to make ends meet.

I agree that I have learnt new skill sets and is looking forward to open my own entrepreneurial venture in international education in few years time, but I'm desperately in search of decent compensation which I think I can get in bpo with 5 days working and concentrate the rest of time for the new venture.

Practically exposure to start ups have given me skill sets but no improvement in financial aspect. My current CTC of 3.6 lacs annually is way too low and in real terms my package has gone down even though it has increased from 17.5k per month to 30k per month.

Once I stabilize my salary part, I will be able to put my expertise gained to open an entrepreneurial set up in international education. But for now, I'm in catch 22 situation.

Once again many thanks for your prompt response. I heartily appreciate it.

From India, Delhi
Hi Vikram,
You have great career ahead either in BPO or IT /ITES for sure as a people manager/project manager .
You have to later upgrade yourself with PMP or ITIL to get salary hikes . otherwise it takes time to reach your target salary.
You have experience right now only thing is the proof in terms of certification for MNCs

From India, Madras
Thanks Kiruthika for the lovely advice. Thats the reason why I plan to pursue PMP once the PGD in Brand Management comes to an end next year. But what perplexed me is that just by finishing PMP, will I be able to get into a good position in a BPO/ITES firm? What are the other skill sets which I may require now?
The inputs which I have received from you and previously from Mr. Sareen has helped me clear lot of my doubts and further clarity would be much welcomed. God Bless and thanks once again.

From India, Delhi

We Indians suffer from a terrible dis-ease. It is called 'QUALIFICATIONANOMA' Essentially, it means over-reliance on qualifications alone.

You ask the question - will PMP get you a good position in a BPO/ITES firm?

My answer to you is Yes and No.

Remember, a qualification is only 30% of the battle. Remaining 70% is practical, hands-on experience. Also commonly referred to as 'runs on the board'.

Whilst there will be many organisations who will give a significantly higher weightage to qualifications, but you will want out of them fairly quickly. Why? Because once they hire you, they'll be looking for the next 'higher qualified one'. And, chances are high that you will remain on-edge.

ON the other hand, if you have sufficient project management experience and can show a dossier to substantiate it, whether you have a PMP or not, it won't really matter. Perhaps a PMP will give you grounds to bargain for a higher compensation. On the other hand, if you have runs on the board but no PMP, you'll be surprised that your employer may actually put you through the paces themselves - obviously they'll ask for a return of service commitment. But, at least you'll be working, earning and studying - all at the same time!

Remember - qualifications alone are only sufficient for our first or second jobs. Once we've been in the workforce for about 5 years, our results matter considerably more than qualifications.

So, does this mean you shouldn't do PMP? Absolutely not! But, you must do it only if you are really interested in PM work. Alternatively, if you're doing it simply for the piece of paper with the possibility that you may get a good job from it, I would urge you to think again.

My suggestions to you in this post are in my capacity as a PRINCE2 accredited practitioner and project director from Sydney, Australia.

From India, Gurgaon
Hello to all, While being unknown to the BPO world, I really can not comment anything. However, I must complement Mr. Sareen for his matured and well rounded thinking. Regards, Vaishalee Parkhi
From India, Pune
Hi Gaurav

I agree 125 % with you, What you said is true, practical, sensible, logical, affordable.

We indians or any one are just running behind certifications or qualifications, like sheeps in the herd, the sad part is, if some one is pursuing a certification to add real knowledge and skill than its good and worthwhile, but mostly people wants to add qualifications to thier educational resume to bargain a better salary.

I come across so called "MBAs" and high profile course name holders asking silly questions. During interviews this high fliers educated ones fall flat on basic and common sense questions related to thier topics of specialization. I wonder what do they really think by showing fancy course names in the resume will get them !!??

there is this mad rush for MBA, doesnt matter if its from a reputable or recognized university or not, just do it, no matter the quality of education is 3rd class, then flaunt the MBA on the CV and expect a fancy salary, during the interviews candidates wake up to the reality.

Disclaimer : Real learners please dont take an offense at this comments, thanks :-)

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Readers,
In support of my comment, I also made this mistake of running behind fancy degree, that is why I took up MBA, leaving a well paid and exciting job as Business Developer for South African Airways.. Within 6 months (1st semester) of course I realised it was a mistake. Thankfully I woke up before it was too late, and took up a decent job to keep my experience rolling, along side studying for much fancied MBA course. I could comfortably manage to work and finish a full time In house MBA course with First Class grades.
And the irony is, I got my big break due to the experience I was holding and not the Post Graduate degree, :-D
As Famously said - "Dikhaaave pay mat Jaaao ... Apni Akal Lagaao"

From Kuwait, Salmiya
Dear Vikram, Vaishalee, and Hussain,

Thank you very much for your more than flattering words in response to my views on Vikram's dilemma. I am truly humbled. Thank you!

@Vikram - I want to really say this to you:

Please don't chase degrees. Chase excellence!

Go back to 3 idiots. What Aamir Khan says is absolutely true. Never chase success. Chase excellence. And, excellence for any of us is only possible if we are engaged in an activity or work that is close to our hearts.

Again, go back to 3 idiots. Imagine if the photographer didn't have the courage to go back to his dad in the 11th hour of his engineering degree. He may have been making tonnes of money. And, from all outwardly criteria, would be considered mega-successful. But, if we were to ask him to bare his soul, he would shy away. Not because he is naturally shy. But, because he knows that what is showing outwards is not what is playing within.

I wish you all the very best with your decision.

And, to you, Vaishalee, and Hussain - Live an Abundant Life!

Have Fun!

From India, Gurgaon

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