Hi, While I was searching material on Training and Development on the site, I noticed that internal training has not been spoken about in great detail. I thought of starting a discussion wherein some aspects of internal training could be discussed and best practices can also be shared.
To begin with, we could start discussing on how can the pool pf internal trainers be increased in an organization so as to reduce costs. At the onset, "Train the Trainers" programme is what comes to my mind. What do the other professionals think about it?
Secondly, what can be the process of selection of the internal trainers?
Request all of you to post your thoughts and share some practices so that all of us can learn more about the topic .

From India, Mumbai
Hi Caieta,
First upon i must say that its a good recommendation and fresh post!
According to me the process for selection of Internal Trainers could depend on the following measures:
1. Knowledge about the work
2. Creative & Innovative Thinking Human
3. Presentation Skills
4. Peoples Man & Popularity among others
5. Excellent Command on English and Local Languages
There could be much more tools where the company can decide before selecting them.
Many Thanks & Regards,
Deepak Obhan

From India, Mumbai

Dear Caieta,
Following the points posted by Deepak, you can create a Trainer Nomination Form and issue it to Dept Heads for them to choose the internal trainer from each of their depts. Additionally HR can also advise and liaise with the Dept Head to identify people who have potential.
Many Dept Heads nominate their mgrs or supervisors for this task. This could prove incorrect as they may not have the potential to train. Ideally selecting line staff who have the potential to train fit best. Incentivising the Train The Trainer workshop by paying extra for the selected trainers helps boosting line staff morale. They also come in the eyes of the management for staff development activities and are your future supervisors.
Thank you

From India, Mumbai
Trainers can be picked up from the experienced engineers/managers avalible in the organization.
Preparing a lesson plan for training ,impart training and obtaining feed back from the trainees. Finally evaluate the feed back received by senior executives and prepare a list of Trainers.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Dear Ms. Caieta,
To support your query, Kindly do let me know, on what topics do you wish to train your employees.
INTERNAL TRAINERS are exclusively hired to meet organisations TNA on a broader spectrum, as they do have exposure in training employees on various topics/modules, as the way i do.
Training employees is a continuous process and internal training programs are often conducted to "bridge the skill gap".
with profound regards

From India, Chennai
I am looking to train employees in both functional and non functional (soft skills) areas. Hence in case of internal training what becomes important is how are the trainers selected or what is the certification process that is followed. In case where the trainer is from a non HR department what is the process of selection and what is the structure of their incentive?
In your case as an internal trainer, are you in HR?

From India, Mumbai
While I agree that experienced managers can be taken as trainees. But later what is the process of certification followed for them with respect to their training and their growth as a trainer
From India, Mumbai
Sarang and Deepak,
While I agree that both of you have valid points for nomination and skill set of internal trainers, my query is still unresolved.
Nomination by managers is agreeable. But as mentioned not all of the nominees may be able to deliver though they possess the knowledge. Hence keeping the skill sets as mentioned in mind, what do you think are the different processes or a certification process that the selection committee or even the L&D team can follow to say that the nominee can now be an internal trainer too?

From India, Mumbai

Dear Ms. Caieta,
Internal trainers need to be developed.
Those employees with the subject/area specialization (knowledge), experience and the passion to train can be trained on presentation, communication and other requisite aspects [Train the Trainer].
Instead of formal training environment, initially, they could provide training on-the-job or in the shopfloor. Once they are able to articulate better, more employees can be addressed by them.
An excellence team can be formed comprising such volunteers and a senior mentor, to begin with.

From India

I have personally certified around 100 internal trainees into trainers and have a 2 day Train The Trainer session for that.
I wouldn't know how do I share that with you unless you see me doing that.
Let me know what best can we do to break the gap?

From India, Mumbai
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