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Dear HR Colleagues,
I am a Training Manager in a Co. for past 3 years and have to take a 1 Day Training session with my Co. Top Management incl MD, CFO, Head M&S, Ops Head and GMs to train them on Performance Management. Ours is a MNC and we are launching a "Enhanced Leadership" drive world wide - Employee Engagement Survey - which indicated a "stronger, involved" leadership - we have a new set of Leadership Competencies in our Appraisal Forms - also to be covered in this 1 Day workshop - focus being"walk the talk".
I am looking for some tips to handle the Top Brass of the Co. more so Seniors in position, age and tenor in the Co. - they have their ideas - but we essentially need to make them change.
The training content incl: Co. Values, Coaching, Situational Leadership, Performance Appraisal - Role Plays.
Look forward to some inputs from my experienced friends.
Thanks n regards,

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Motivation, Team Work, Soft Skills Training,
Autumn Jane
Workplace Happiness
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Dinesh Divekar

Dear ML,

I feel that you have got quite confused with the contents and techniques of the training itself.

Your second confusion is about the level of the participants and the topics that you wish to cover. The topic that you wish to cover are suitable for lower and not for higher level.

What you should be covering is strategic aspects of the business for this level and not situation leadership. This 1982 model has outlived its utility and it is used in India because few MNCs continue to use it without assessing its relevance.

Your one more confusion is about a day's training. Even if you wish to cover the topics that you wish to take, it would take 3-4 days of training provided training is done earnestly. If you wish to cover all the topics that you have mentioned then it would be tantamount to making a cursory or passing reference to each topic. By doing passing reference how will they master the subject and if they don't master the subject from where will you measure the ROI of training?

The biggest flaw with the many of the top management is that they don't understand the basic difference between strategy and operational efficiency. What they should be doing is to give a strategic direction rather than getting into humdrum of operations. For top management environment scanning, organisational analysis, SWOT analysis, SBU analysis are far more important. Organisational performance depends on these factors and not on their situational leadership. Once you teach them these tools they will automatically wake to the reality.

These are my honest opinions. Rest all are your choices.


Dinesh V Divekar

Limit of your words is limit of your world.

From India, Bangalore

Dear ML,
It seems you are confused as well as nervous in handling the workshop. The topics you are talking about may not be taken in the right spirit by the senior management if it is said by a manager they have hired. It may sound a little rude but this is a fact.
It is advisable that you hire some external trainer so as to convey the requisite messages. An external trainer, who is a mature and seasoned person, wouldbe able to habndle them effectively and convey the messages in the right manner.
If you wish to hire such a trainer, we can help you in the matter.
Kind Regards,
Avika Kapoor
Assistant General Manager - Business Development

From India, New Delhi
dear Avika,
thanks for your reply, however we are not doing this with an external trainer, I do know its not routine - that's the reason asked for some suggestions.
Thanks for sparing out time.
Best regards,

From India, Pune
Dear Dinesh,
Thanks alot for sharing your thought and opinion on Training of Senior Management in your view.
However, Im not confused, rather quite clear that Senior Managemnet needs to be "trained" in handling its most important assets - its staff - the Human Resources - of the Co.
And in that direction - training Senior Management on "Walk the Talk" of the Leadership competencies being used in Appraisal Forms is VERY ESSENTIAL.
Yes, do agree it makes a difference being in-house Manager and training Seniors - but that is the Challenge - training other staff is routine. and to win this Challenge is my purpose.
So if you have any suggestions, pls do write across.
Thanks n best reg,

From India, Pune
Dear ML,
How old are your senior team members? What has been their work experience like? Is your trainer trained on change management? Have they done any sort of "change management" in a company with proven results?
I feel like there's a lot of things going on and you're trying to do many many things.
1. There's the change management aspect.
2. There's the leadership training.
3. There's the performance appraisal stuff. Are they being trained on their own performance issues, or on the "How to do performance appraisals?"
4. "The walk the walk" stuff -- You know, unless they're really motivated, no one is going to really walk the walk, especially if they're in senior positions.
So, what is the one goal that you're trying to accomplish with this training session?
Good luck!
Yu Yu

From India, Delhi
Autumn Jane

Dear ML
Your 1-day training will not yield the "long-term mindset change" result you are looking for. It is not even training that you should embark on but executive coaching over a period of time with progressive coaching and assessments customized based on your required leadership competencies, then you can achieve "Walk the Talk" for "Your Top Brass".
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
Dear ML,
Though I am quite late in pursuing trhis topic, but all the same I thought I must give my inputs with my 38 years of experience in HR Domain in some of the leading brands. I hyave been instrumental in designing Performance Management System for a number of Organizations including MNC 's etc. My mentor has been no less that Prof. T.V.Rao under whose guidance, I helped in designing Performance Appraisal system for Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL), Engineers India Ltd (EIL), SAIPEM, Shiv Vani Oil & Gas Exploration and AARDO.
I am often requested to give my inputs for designing new Perf. Appr. Systems for new start ups.
Shall be able to be of some help in case of any requirement.
Director, Centre for Professional Learning & Development

From India, Delhi
Good day,
I am an HR business partner with a manufacturing concern. I have been asked to draw up a course list for management staff. The objective is to equip them for more advanced managerial roles as recommended by their last appraisal. Please what are the likely course one can schedule cos all the staff really possess are technical skills.

From Nigeria, Port Harcourt
Hi ML,

I would suggest, along with 1 -day training workshop for leaders, offer something on continous basis.
Again a question prompts, that getting leaders in for a day's training is difficult, how will continous mode work ??
Also e-learning wouldnt be as effective as these top brass and leaders are always on move, in meetings, etc.

Best solution for this is mobile learning. Mobile workforces can complete required training and compliance courseware when convenient, and managers with on-the-move teams can make resources and refreshers available as digestible nuggets of information that are, quite literally, at their teams’ fingertips.
User-level tracking makes training program management straight-forward, and optional integration with other corporate systems ensures business efficiency.
Solution is incredibly easy to record a video, insert it into a mobile update, and deploy it to a group or entire organization - keeping critical initiatives and objectives top of mind.

You could offer small strategy talks from your CEO/ BU heads/ Sales Head, or Push negotiation tips/ objection handling/ time management tip of the day etc on weekly or daily basis.
Name of one such solution is DRONA VCAST from Deltecs, which is apt for Leadership team. More information can checked on Deltecs Infotech

From India, Pune
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