I am doing a project to develop HRIS system for an IT Company. I have limited resources. I have to use Microsoft Office Excel and AUTOMISE the data, to generate collective data and reports using
1. Pivot Tables
2. Mail Merge
3. Macros.

I am MBA HR so donot have indepth knowledge of Advanced excel
Please if you can be of any help ... small or big contribution, I will be really grateful. Any suggestion to use support software if any.
ThanK YoU.

From India, Pune

It is possible to develop a system in Excel, however, it depends on what exactly you want to do.
Pivottables and Mail Merge may not work together.
Do consider that if your data tends to run into more than a 1000 lines, you may find excel as cumbersome and slow.
However, based on your exact requirements, I may be able to help you out with some Excel based solution.

From India, Ghansoli
THanks you.
and sorry for not replying soon... I was tied up with the donkey work
of putting the data from the hard files into the excel sheet.
my excel sheet contains data of only 250 lines / employees...
and it is a temporary solution.. to be used for short term base.
Thereafter This company is getting a software system.
But currently my project is to atomize all the repeated data related
what exactly do you mean when you say "EXCEL BASED SOLUTIONS"

From India, Pune
sowmiya iyengar

many companies have backup in excel so i guess our experienced seniors can help ua in whose organisation ppl soft and spine payroll are being used . Best would be take help from an IT guy
From India
I am in a Software Company, and My Boss has handed over the
task of making something using Office Access.
But now, I have to give them inputs, from HR perspective.
I need to come up with Innovative Ideas where that system can do
some HR job.
For example, for Birthday of Employees, I was thinking the database
should not only identify Employees Birthday but a week earlier,
a mail should be sent to all his /her team mates informing about
Birthdays. Atleast a few of them will decide on a party or atleast
a cake :- Indirectly this will boost moral in the company. Motivational
Level and so on..
Can you think of any such things. which you might know.
P r a V i n.

From India, Pune
Pivot is useful to gnerate a basic report wrt HRIS. If your data is a bit bulky, you may use MS-ACCESS to resolve it.
VBA on MS-excel can also be a cost effective solution. Any free lancer/ student with basic knowledge of technology can help you dvelop VBA tool for you.
If you have resource cosntraints, you may use free/open source databases and still manage the data without spending much.

From India, Mumbai
Thank you Sanjeev,
I am in the process of completing the process. I have used MS Access.
I got help of software employees working in my company, Now I have
learned to make tables and forms in Office Access. I am learning to make
Reports and Queries to make the data fulprooof.
I used online help also. It is a wonderful learning experience.
Can you tell me what are the Reports which Companies require on
repeated basis, which I can automize. For example Birthdays in next
month, which is required every month to plan the celebration.

From India, Pune
hitendra rajput
hi to all if anyone got the pivot table or mail merge or can give tips on prepring MIS reports ..............then plzzzzzzz do help me wid the same.........
From India, Bangalore
Are you looking for VBA code to do Mail Merge from Microsoft Office Access or Excel?
If so, I may be able to assist. I have VBA code for Mail Merge from Access I can give you. Reply or message me if that is what you are looking for.

From United States, Sonora
nupoor sinha
HI to all out here!I know it may be lill idiotic but,can anyone tell me what is HRIS(human resource information system)i know about it theoratically but,dont have much of practicle knowledge.I am an associate consultant so,really want to know more and learn.Can anyone help me here?!
From India, Madras
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