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Dear all

I have recently joined a travel based company as Admin Exec, although I was working as Mgr Admin in my previous company which was business group mainly into Construction, Imports & Software development. I had to leave my previous job due to financial crisis faced by the company.

I'm not really satisfied with working in the present company as I have not been assigned any proper work till now.Its going to be two months now but still I'm passing my time by checking the company mails and doing whatever job which comes to my table. Moreover the company already has 3-4 people in Admin including an Admin Mgr.I'm afraid to express anything to the M.D as I have been referred to him by a friend of his whose known to me, although I have explained the same to him.

Pls advice whether it would be wise for me to quit this job or hang around and observe till the management assigns me work.Also I have applied in various companies but not received any positive results....

I'm really getting desperate and frustrated as the thought of coming to office makes me sick.

Do reply your comments

2 months is quiet a big time to spend without work. I think you must speak with the concerned. Do not express that you are unhappy just ask them for your role and responsibilities in the organization.
And you yourself must try and get in touch with your seniors and ask for responsibilities.
Dont worry about having not much work in your present job. If the Company has hired you, it definetly has some plans for you. and if it doesnt then you do enjoy your extended induction period. If you really like to have donkey kind of work load then start looking for another job. Sometimes No Work might be a hidden message of your employment not required too. Check around and understand what the others in your Admin Dept are handling and maybe you can take a part of that work on regular basis. The world isnt a perfect place to be, some complain of loads of work and no pay and some complain of no work and all pay. Enjoy your pay till the work follows..................rgds
Dear all
I have tried to express my feelings but they probably are too occupied to understand.They have been trying to give me some indefinite kind of job like preparing some orientation programme etc.
How long can one spent time without doing anything from 9.30 to 5.30pm????
Moreover its really demoralising for me from all means!!!
I'm unable to cope up with the present scenario.
I can understand the situation. The best solution could be to convey it to your manager. As you have already done that so the next solution could be to try finding out that what else you can do to equip yourself with knowledge by engaging yourself in the work which your fellow memebrs are doing or try to find what new you can troduce in the present way of doing work. If still you are not able to get out of the scenario you are explaining then try for other jobs but dont quit the present. Believe in yourself there is always an opportunity for a Pessimist. You will get one for sure then the quit the job and go on in your life.
All the best.
Dear Mr.Bhandhavi
Thanks a lot for your reply.But I'm really not sure for how long I can continue becoz till now I was holding on by not being pessimist only....Even though I have tried to involve and assist my coworkers so that I can learn things but for my dismay there is lot of internal politics which is making things worse again.What I felt here is even the Admin Mgr have no powers, he is mere playing the role of a clerk.
Sorry for my repeated mails in this regard but I don't have anybody to guide me and probably as you know your mind and body also doesn't support you when you are are disturbed.
thanks and regards
Allright........ Be calm and It is a bit odd to be addressed as Mr as i am a girl. When you have decided to quit then do it but lets think of it in another way.........
Is there anything wrong with you or your perception : No
The work environment is not supporting you work long or stay back ? Right? : Yes
You are right but situation is worse: Yes
Then why the hell your career get spoiled without your fault and bcoz of somebody(situations) else. So be calm and try for another job. If you quit now then there will be alot of unanswerable questions.
All the best.
Dear Bhandhavi
Sorry for wrongly addressing you.
Thanks again for a prompt reply. I will definitely try to follow.
But what about the other senior members...any suggestions to this situation
Hope things get alright soon...
Thanx a lot.
Dear Mr. P
I understand your concern about the present job. But the thing is that you have to create work for your self as an Admn. Manager of your company. It appears that you do not have any idea about Administration. If you really feel,you have lot of work in your company. No body will allot work to you. You have to create work for your. Turn the page and learn the work is the motto of the Administrative activity. You can collect administration information from all the sources, prepare data base, create and formulate profarmas, designes, tables and work out for data base preparation of your company people. Sitting idle is not a worthy thing. Work is worship. I advise you not to quit the job. Your experience in the present job will fetch you in future.
Suri Babu Komakula
Dear all,
I have joined a company having 15 employees.I am HR exec and the only HR employee there .This is my 1st job and working in this company from last 3 month but recently my boss(proprietor) humiliated me in front of all the employees ,even the peon and boss's driver were present.The mistake was committed by me but was not that big mistake , he could have gave me a warning by calling me in his cabin or explained me about the rules which i broke.And now i am not able to work with proper frame of mind, i feel insulted and thinking of leaving this job. I have only 3 months of experience i may not get other job so soon.So please advice me what should i do
Dear Mr. P, Ask for the JD of your profile from your Biss and grab the work accordingly. Good Luck!!!
Dear friend,
Dont keep on thinking that not satisfied in the present employment. It leads you to do mistakes again and again and makes you to loose your present job by the management's action. Instead try for a better job suitable to your qualification and temperamant. But keep it in your mind that it in your hand only to adjust as every job has its own likes and dislikes.
Wish u all the best.

Dear Suri Babu

Thanks for your reply but then I believe you have not gone thru my previous messages. The company already has a Admin Mgr who doesn't seem to have any powers.As I mentioned before, I know my job provided I have been given the free hand to do so. Many times I went to my M.D/E.D with the ideas and suggestions on my observations of 2 months but everytime I have been discouraged by saying that they are following all this. Also they have too many senior people in the admin dept, so for gathering any information I need to depend on them which makes it all the more difficult for me act upon because of their internal politics.

Moreover this industry is new to me as I have experience of working in Event Management, Construction, Imports and software development company.Also I don't want to quit the job till the time I get one. Infact I tried to think in the way as adviced by one of the member to remain silent and enjoy my salary without doing anything but then don't you think I'm freezing my capabilities by doing that..........???

Expecting your valuable comments.


Hello (Ms) P,

I do think you have a real problem.

There can't be a worst punishment [willfully or otherwise] to someone used to hard & regular work than to keep him/her idle for days/weeks.

Your fear about freezing your capabilities is right--whether you [or those near to you] notice or not, that stage is bound to come sooner or later. I have seen it happen--the best example of this being the typical Govt employees who get used to full salary with no work. In your case, there's a danger that as time passes, you could become more & more redundant--workwise.

Coming to the possibilities, did you consider this? Maybe the MD/ED are waiting for YOU to leave--rather than they asking you to leave--since you have come thru a reference & they don't want to hurt that person? The fact that they aren't giving you any work, not accepting any of your ideas should give you an indication. Also your past experience doesn't seem to jell with the needs of any role in this company--if that's clear to you, don't you think it would be to them too? Then why would they have taken you--maybe NOT TO OFFEND your common friend [for whatever reasons]?

Coming to the options open to you at this point of time; there seems to be ONLY ONE. Look out for a suitable job ASAP & put in your Papers--I am sure they would feign sadness when you say you want to leave. There is a strong possibility that your common friend too may not be realizing what's happening, since you mentioned you did tell him.



@nitchmarketing: I think Tajsateesh might be correct . In this situation I would advise you to actively look for a change but pls do not leave this job without getting another job in hand.
@Vikram: Can empathize with your situation Had faced something very similar early in my career. This kind of behaviour is typical of family managed units...it is characterized by a genuine lack of respect & trust for each other. Pls immediately look for a job. The more time you spend in that company the worse it will be for your psyche.

I can say one thing for sure with the chain of coversations which you had in this forum is that you are frastrated with the situationsaround. In this scenerio i would strongly suggest you not to go for others openions. Rather i would recommend starting thinking on

1) What made you frastrated ?

2) Who is responsible for this ?

3) Why did this situation came ?

4) How can this be handled ?

If you could spend your valuable time in answering these questions to yourself with out the involvement of others ......you would certainly find answer and will start acting on it immediately.

If you could read the above phrase where i mentioned valuable time ......yes, you have got a valuable time which you are not realizing on it. I wish it should not be too late by the time you realize.....buddy. Try and identify what you are ....... Go ahead now...... you found the answer. All the best...!!! You can answer to many things but answering for yourself is more important. I might be sounding not supportive but this the fact :-)


You can start looking out for new work. Since you have experience you will def. get it in a good place... :-)
Hi P,
I am from Nepal. What I suggest is please ask for the job description or TOR from you current job. You spent your two months time without performing as per your ability. That may affect your further career. You should ask for TOR which will definitely show why you are hired. Then only you can decide to quit or not.
Please ask for job description or TOR of your position. This will guide you to decide whether you are needed to this company or not. If your TOR is not matching to you then you can quit. Staying two months without performing and frustrating is not so good for your futher career.
Dear All,

My case is also little bit same but with a little bit difference, I was on studednt visa and i was in UK, i spend five years there i was engagned in odd jobs in industry like production, security etc etc but with a good money as the Great Britian Pound (GBP) Rate compare to pakistan currency, now i came back becuase my elder brother enganged me in marriage with her sister in law, he said me come back i am alon here and i am really in stress as our father also died when i was there, now i have a daughter as well, he (my brother) arranged for me a job in a shoe factory as "Data Coordinator" and currently i am learning Oracle Applications as i have completed my Master of Computer Science as well but the pay is very low (Rs. 12000/- p.m.) and i was earning there like (Rs. 1,00,000) 9, times more than this which i am now. i am upset. Please suggest me what i need to do . Will i try some other country like canada or stay here , or whatever, 2ndly here work burden is almost zero, all the day almost free, net surfing and thats it ? My brother refer me for this job and my manager is my brother's friend. Please suggest me what i need to do ?

My brother also start his career from this place, and now he is earning more than 60,000/- p.m. with a car, blackberry facility as well. but his company now on very good place and my company is very far away almost 60 km + 60 km daily travel on company bus.

Good ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I am agree with suggetions given by Mr. Suri babu. These guidence are most useful for new joiners. If expected work not received in starting period, you have to work as suggested by Mr. suri babu. This will help to increase your knowledge, confidence & automatically you got work as you wish.
Dear Mr. P. :
I understand your situation and know that one feel terriable sittle idle for 8 hours without any work. I agree with Mr. Suri Babu Komakula. When we join new organization we have to create a space for ourselves and in Administration and HR Dept. there is lot of work. One who is eager to learn new skills and try to utilise his past work experience would definitely excel in his field. If the company has hired you then there must be some purpose behind it. Please ask your immediate Superior about your role in the organization and show them your willingness to be a part of the organization.
You may definitely think of other alternatives if the work environment is hostile and demoralising.
Syed Adil Mehdi
Hey i too in ur position...u r idle for 2 months but i am idle for 1.3yrs my designation is also an Admin Head but still i am not getting my profile job....but i always take a chance to learn from other ...(lawyer,Accountant, Add, Branding etc)..somtimes i feel tht i forgetting my work whtever i hav learnt before....its very hard to kill time...

Hello ,
Thats quite true that while you was in UK you was earning a good amount of money but that time you don't have a job security but now in the current company you have a job security and being new to the industry you are getting the lower salary but once you will start working and get more experience you will surely will get a decent amount of money .
PT (Ms.)

Dear ,
I agreed with u .
it is really vry difficlt to spend time from morning 9:3- to till evening.
its really demoralising for u becoz i am also facing the SAME PROBLEM with my PRESEND JOB.
I AM WORKING AS EXECUTIVE-HR in telecom co. bt they dnt wnt to implement anything .... ALL ARE BORING TYPES all clerical work...
Plz help me out if anyone know any hr opeing in hard core HR,Generlist profile...
quiet beneficial for u
Dear ,
I agreed with u .
it is really vry difficlt to spend time from morning 9:30 am- to till evening.
really demoralising for u becoz i am also facing the SAME PROBLEM with my PRESEND JOB.
I AM WORKING AS EXECUTIVE-HR in telecom co. bt they dnt wnt to implement anything .... ALL ARE BORING TYPES all clerical work...
Plz help me out if anyone know any hr opeing in hard core HR,Generlist profile...
quiet beneficial for u
Dear P,
You need not to worry, as you have passed two months in your present organisation, if you have not been assigned any work, you try to understand the work culture of the organisation, try to study the organisation and people of organisation, make a suitable record, more ever you can approach your senior for work, if you are from admin department, then for time being you can look after another department also, which in future will be quite helpful for your admin department like purchase, servicing department, Accounts, HR, etc.
See in the every new organisation in the begining you will feel uncomfortable situation but slowly slowly try to understand the organisation some in near future there may some big plan of the company, that is why company might have hired you. there may be some specific purpose behind hiring you, othrewise company simply does not pay with out any work. Senior personnels are always aware of the man power best utilisation.
Dear members
Thanks for all valued comments.It has really boosted my spirit.But after working as Mgr. Admin for so many years, suddenly this change is really difficult for me to overcome.I don't think so if I will be assigned something more than the present becoz even the Mgr Admin here is working like a clerk, probably the management also wants that way...
Morever even if I try to pick up some work my associates will create a fearful situation in such a way that half of my interest is lost.At the beginning of the day and end of the evening I feel so disheartened becoz of my zero performance!!!Its' like killing urself every moment.
Hope things will change soon.
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