Hi, Could you please help me for improving my English communication skill. I need to speak English very frequently. Any one pls give me advice or any kind of PPT or documents. Thanks, Manoj
From India, Pune

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Hi Manoj,

For anything you do in life, a clear goal /vision, adequate motivation / enthusiasm, hard work / discipline and the ability to take risks/ challenges are critical attributes.

However if you are seeking help in learning English what you require is the

key attributes called 'discipline' and 'enthusiasm' with which you can achieve

anything you want.

Your enthusiasm is the reason you wrote in at Citehr. The next test is to

be disciplined and follow the suggestions given here.

1. My first suggestion is to read as much in English as possible. A

standard daily English Newspaper and the Readers Digest have very good

reading material.

2. Make more English speaking friends and make a determined effort

to speak only in English, even if you keep forgetting words, or tend

to stammer or your friends tend to laugh at you. This will require a

lot of will power but believe me you will soon improve.

3. I would also suggest you try to learn at least 3 -5 new words

and look up the meaning in a dictionary. then try and use these words

in your daily work and in your communication.

4. If you still feel that professional help is needed then you will

have to attend English speaking classes

5. Finally, if you can, do visit my blogs listed below regularly and try to learn

the new words in it and also be inspired by it. You can click on the

links below for instant access.

Actspot's Blog - Daily Blog

Academy for Creative Training - Weekly Blog

Best Wishes

From India, Mumbai

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Dear Manoj,
I would like to suggest the following;
-Buy and Read two english newspapers on a regular basis ie whether you understand or not.If you start reading you will automatically get interest. Pl make it a point to learn atleast five new words a day so that your vocabulary is expanded.
-Secondly compare and understand how one news is differently presented by the newspapers so that you will get a different perspective.
Please watch on a regular basis english news channels ie TIMES NOW,CNN-IBN AND NDTV PARTICULARLY the debates ie 9pm. This will give you lot of inputs to improve your english speaking capacity.

From India, Vellore
Dear Manoj,


By Edna Gomes

1. Becoming a confident speaker

Confidence is a very important element in learning to speak English.Many learners worry that they are going to make a mistake,or that the people listening will not understand them.

How can you sound more confident?

1. The more often you speak, the easier it becomes. You need to put yourself in a position where you need to speak.

2. Relax and think about the message. Speaking is easier when you have something to say,and you are enjoying the conversation.

3. If you are very nervous, try to practice saying what you want to say to yourself a few times.

Planning and repeat to yourself can make your speaking more confident.

2.Fluency or accuracy ?

SpeakingEnglish fluently is a goal for many learners of English. Fluency means being able to communicate your ideas without having to stop and think too much about what you are saying.However, many learners also have the goal of spoken accuracy.Speaking accurately means that you speak without errors of grammar and vocabulary.

Speaking English well requires both fluency and accuracy.So how can you make sure that you develop both?

The first step towards improving your spoken English is recognizing what is easy for you and then working on what is difficult.

When you speak English, do you notice any mistakes which you make quite often?Ex: Maybe you make mistakes with tenses, or with questions form? Or do you sound slow- as if you are always searching for words and correct grammar? Next time you speak, try to work on the problem you have noticed.If it´s fluency, try to focus on making sure that people understand what you´ve said, not on avoiding mistakes.By choosing an area to work on, you can help yourself overcome problems.Discussions are good fluency activities.

3.Finding the right words

We all know how important vocabulary is when we are learning a language, finding the exact word for the idea you want to express is important for becoming a fluent, confident speaker.

From India, Bhubaneswar
I have a suggestion if you have time at home do read the newspaper loudly that may help you to build up confidance to speak in english.
From India, Thana

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Dear Manoj,
I highly appreciate all the comments given by members, apart from this why can't you search this forum as there are lots of thread started on to the same topic. Again there are so many materials on to how to improve your communication/english skills.

From India, Bangalore
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dear manoj and
all of frndz who inputs suggestion, I m impressed from the discussion. I have lot of problem to communicate in english. I proposed to all that is it posible to make a new group for discussion on communication in english.
However, I m new on this site. someone of you can create the group.

From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Dear Manoj
I strongly feel that you should learn English from some nontraditional methods like-
A. Observe the English News Channel Anchors for their Delivery Styles, Vocabulary, Body Language Etc.
B. Read high enriched News Paper, Magazines Like- Times of India, Business Today Etc.
C. Cultivate the habit of going through Tongue Twisters for voice fluency.
D. Try to speak loudly in front of mirror.
E. Enhance your word power, use synonyms as and when required.
F. Use impacting words in communication. Like- Instead of using Good morning, you can use 'Greetings for the Day'. Addressing verbally to a female, you can use 'Lady' instead of 'Madam'.
Simmy Saini | Google India.

From India, Mumbai
Hi All
thank you very much given excellent suggestions to Manoj.one of us Hasan has given good suggestion to make new group for discussion on communication skills in English. i have also same problem facing like Manoj.my idea is to share your contact number atleast we can talk 10 to 15 minutes daily.
Manoj this is my mobile number 9177008789
share your mobile number thru SMS.i will call you
Thanks and Regards,

From India, Hyderabad

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Dear Manoj, Follow the these three basics principle , definitely you will be found major change : a. Think in English b. Speak in English c. Read in English Thanks & Regards Sunil K Chauhan
From India, Calcutta

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