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I am here to clear my doubt regarding the procedure for withdrawal of provident fund.
My wife was working with an private organisation, where she worked for
3 consecutive years. She left the job before 3 months. She asked for the provident fund from HR personnel of the organisation. HR personnel told her to bring one crossed cheque as a new procedure mentioned by Provident Fund Office.
Please tell me whether PF Office in India has opted the new procedure of crossed cheque from the Employee seeking PF or there is any mess.
Please guide in this important matter.
Thanking You.
Arvind Kamble
From India, Mumbai
Dear Arvind,
There is no such procedure for submitting cross cheque.
Only you need to fill up the PF withdrawal form and subit the same to your HR Dept.
Pls mentioned you are asking from which state.
From India, Delhi
Re: Procedure for withdrawal of Provident Fund
Dear Araving,
if you relieving job from concerns after two months you have apply for the pf settlementclaim. You have submitted the PF Claim form 10C & 19. These forms and along with cross cheque submitted to Hr department. Why they are asking about your cross cheque because the PF office identifing the your Bank. Your claim amount send to your account.
From India, Madras
you r right shivakumar, there is no risk associated in providing the cross cheque. Regards Sundar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Arvind,
Furnishing of crossed cheque is no where stated in any law.
As far as my knowledge is concerned, Only application accompany withdrawal forms needs to be submitted to the HR Department for withdrawal of PF.
Moreover, there is no risk of forwarding a crossed cheque with the PF withdrawl application form. if the same is being asked by the concerned persin of the HR Department then you can forward for speedy the requisite documents for speedy processing of your application.
Hope you would find the above in order.
Thanks & Regards,
From India, Delhi
Dear ,
There is no any law to submit the cross cheque alongwith the PF withdrawal forms. But, now the PF authorities are demanding the Bank proof alongwith the PF withdrawal form just to ensure the correct Bank account number and the Branch address etc. which bank you mention in your withdrawal form. You can submit the photocopy of your bank pass book or bank statement or photocopy of the cheque. Just ensure that whatever document you are submitting along with the form , your Bank name, bank address, bank account number and your name should be very clear. So, you can submit any of the document which I have mentioned.
From India, Delhi
Fill up Form 19 and 10C which is enough. You can submit xerox copy of your bank pass book to cross very your account number. That too is not mandatory. If at all they insist for a cross cheque instead of that you can submit a canceled cheque as proof of your account number.
If they still insist you can verify with EPFO authorities and then proceed further.
From India, Madras
There is no such procedure to submit crossed cheque along with Form.19 & 10C. You may have to submit the photo copy of the pass book as proof of your account no. that too is not mandatory. It sufficient that you submit the Account no. with correct address of the bank. These documents can be submitted after the waiting period of two months.
With regards.
From India, Coimbatore
Dear All,
you are all right, there is no such provision in law for providing crossed cheque with form 10c and 19.
PF office just take it as a proof; they just want to verify the MICR code
there is no harm as such still you can give a xerox copy of crossed cheque if you feel so
warm regards,
Swapnil Wani
From India, Mumbai
Hi All
Can any one tell me if the PF is withdrawn before completition of 5 years of service then weather Income tax or any deductions will be made.
More over from the discussion is it crossed cheque or cancelled cheque that needs to be given for verification of acount.
From India, Mumbai
From India, Pune
For early and speedy processing of PF, authority needs cancelled cheque Zerox x copy or if not possible MICR code of the banker (Banker which mentioned in the withdrawal form, hence there is no issue in the matter.
As per my knowledge there is no income tax shall be deducted from PF amount even after withdrawing after 5 years or less.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir, u r wright there is no harm in giving photocopy of cancelled cheque and department is asking the same to control of misuse of the funds.
From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir,
It is not crossed cheques, but cancelled cheque. It is for establishing correctness of your bank account. It also checks for MICR Codes printed on the cheque which is must for remitting your dues through ECS. Crossed cheques have altogether different importance in banking. The cheque need not be signed.
Sunil Singh
From India, Mumbai
Hi! Arvind,
You can very well go ahead by submitting a cancelled cheque of the bank account that you wish the amount to be transferred in.In FORM 19 (for PF) & 10C(Pension Fund) there is also a column for the Bank Account wherein you have to mention the Bank account as well as the complete address.This cheque will serve as a verification as well as confirmation of your bank account.
From India, Vadodara
Hi All,
I want to inform you all that As per CPFC Order dt.28.04.2010 it is mandatory to attached the following documents along with your PF Withdrawal forms (19 and 10C):-
1. Photocopy of Your Pass Book.
2. One Cnacelled Cheque.
Without these PF Department not accept the PF withdrawal Forms.
From India, Delhi
Is these document are enough to get PF withdrawal benefits: 1.3A form. 2.Form 10. 3.19 & 10c. 4.Cross Cheque. 5.ID & Add Proof. 6.PF nomination form.
From India, Madras
Dear Friends,
Kindly read it as Cancelled Cheque wherever Cross Cheque appears.
Cancelled Cheque is obtained to ease the process of identifying the Electronic Transfer Facility thro' Bank Transfers.
Suresh K
From India, Chennai
s cross cheque is mandatory for all the claiming procedures... .
From India, Mumbai
I dont have my name mentioned over my cheque. What should i do?
From India, Bangalore
Dear Sivakumar, We can submit Bank Statement also for EPF withdrawal, it is not mandatory to submit crossed cheque. Regards, B Nagendra
From India, Hyderabad
I want to know that if one of employee left the service and joined another. her earlier employer generated her UAN which he can give the same to his present employer. now my question is that weather he can withdraw his PF or he can compulsory transfer his PF account?
kindly give us your feedback.
From India, Ahmadabad
Dear All Can we withdraw our PF amount without Org HR interference. if yes so what is the process. plz tell me as soon as possible.
From India, Udaipur
Dear Kaushal,
YES, can withdraw the PF without the Organisational Interference.
Please follow this below mentioned steps.
01. Download the form 19 ( EPF Withdrawal) and form 10C (EPS Withdrawal)
02. Fill and get it attested by any one of the below mentioned officer .
* Bank Manager (PSU)
* By any gazetted officer
* Magistrate / Post Master / Sub post Master / Notary
03. Enclose a letter addressed to PF Commissioner, describing on why the PF withdrawal forms have been not signed from the respective employer (Attach - if any documentary evidence) - OPTIONAL
04. Along with the above - Enclose cancelled cheque leaf / Bank Statement / Passbook Copy & Copy of your relieving letter - submit the same to the respective EPF regional office.
Note : The same will be honoured and the amount will be transferred to your respective account with 25 days from the date of your application.
Note : If you are unemployed, prepare a affadavit from a notary as a proof .
From India, Bangalore
I have resigned from services and was relieved on 11-5-2015. I have applied for pf withdrawal through the company I worked for. My name registered in pf account is josna Ravindran P and in my bank account my name is Josna Rajesh. Will this be a problem for settlement? Kindly advise.
From India, Bangalore
Sir I have aaplied for Provident fund With My Actual name Birendra Singh Yadav and name was also in pf account number but sir by mistake in my cheque book and account name is Birender Singh Yadav Instead of Birendra Singh Yadav and all another information is same so can i get my provident fund. Plz Sir i Have no idea so Plz reply my email Id is and mobile no.-7827919398
From India, Noida
Hi All,
Two months ago I have applied for my PF with the same procedure like submitting cross check to my HR dept (Hyderabad). But they told me that "It will take 6-8 Months for transferring my PF amount to my bank account".
Will it Take 6-8 months? please help me with the correct answer. Thanks!!
Dattu A
From United States, Fort Collins
Hi All

I worked for an IT company for 1 Year 1 month. I had one year bond with the organization. later after 1 year I took unplanned leave for two months informing my reporting project lead. after 2 months when I approached HR and asked for the change of project which I was thinking since long, he denied to do such and mailed me that now I can't join the organization any more as i was on leave without giving information. But i had words with manager and HR during my medical rest. In last communication mail he mentioned that company will take court action against me . But I didn't get the letter from organization till yet. ( I received this mail in October 2014, my last working day for the company was August 31st, 2014 ) .

Kindly suggest me for below ?
i ) How can I reach them for PF withdraw ? can I send the crossed cheque and filled form to the company address ?

ii) As this is an ignorance of employer for an employee. Can I make any claim against organization for economic loss ?

From India, Pune
Hi Arvind there nothing a kind of any mess
the thing is that this is a procedure that they have to present in front of pf personals,
and by through the help of that crossed cheque the pf amount will be directly debited to that bank account.
and this process takes the time of atleast 30 to 45days.
From India, Delhi
Sir, My name is pavan kumar, i left my job in last month, i got my final settlement from my previous organisation, i am going to meet HR and ask him, which are the mandatory documents for apply PF, he said that one crossed sb cheque, pancard and AADHAR card,
is it aadhar card is mandatory for applying PF??
From India, Vijayawada
My wife worked as a kindergarten teacher in a private school for the past 20 years.She is 53 and has retired as she has relocated to a different city.She has no certificates as she applied for her PF pension they have asked her to produce her birth certificate or school leaving certificate which she doesn't have.We have produced a passport and PAN card which the PF office have refused to accept.What do we do?
From India, Bengaluru
hi frnds , i upload all documents like pan,passbook,voter,aadhar and approved by employer. but in pf office,they told aadhar is not uploaded. nw wt to do
From India, Chennai
hi frnds , i upload aadhar,voter,pan and passbook and approved by employer.but in efp office they told aadhar is not updated and without aadhar info,they wont start process,, wt can i do now
From India, Chennai

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