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pinki gupta

I just want to discuss one thing that i have 16 months experience in companies. One was NGO and second was DSA(small unit of Airtel). I worked 13 months with NGO as an Administrator. and 3 moths with DSA as an Assistant HR Manager.I resigned from there in November. Because my senior decrease my salary in 3 months as he gave me reason that i am not providing proper output to their company.From november i am sitting at home and looking for job.
My question is what i need to tell interviewer that why i leave job. Because if i say truth then he will also think that i am not appropriate person for their company.

From India, New Delhi
Bhardwaj Ramesh
Assistant General Manager-hr&admn
Vice President - Hr/hcm/people Success
Hr Manager
Pinki Gupta
Hr Professional
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dear pinki
first of all ,i dont feel proper at your plight;
secondly your senior is not matured, because output can be provide in a process way, not hapazardly
to think of output overnightly is "foolish"
do tell the truth in the organsiation inteview you attend; at leat they will appreciate your integity which is a core attribute

From India, Ahmadabad
pinki gupta

Dont you think he will say see this thing in negative that may be i m not capable for this position.
From India, New Delhi
Bhardwaj Ramesh

Hi Pinki,
From your statement it seems that you are not confident enough to face the situsation. There are sufficient reasons to leave your previous organisations. Find the reasons to leave ur first Co. Be firm on the truth. Youleave the NGO for for better future prospectus. But here in the 2nd Co. you did not explore before joining that weather the position is in line with your expectations and your skills.
It means you did not come upto the expectations of your management.
However, you better prepare for the next interview. You must be clear about the concepts of HR and recent practices in the market and expectations of the companies.
You tell clearly that due to some personal,reasons you left the organisation, but you must be FIRM on your stand.
I wish you best

From India, New Delhi
pinki gupta

Thanks For your reply.I am confident in taking decision. But problem is as he was Hr Manager , he leave all decision on me which are not right.
Like he deduct money of PF and ESI , but dont provide facility to employees. then employees generally ask me about that facility and i dont have answer of that . because when i ask from senior then he reply me that i need to manage. if he will do everything then whats my role in organisation.

From India, New Delhi
Bhardwaj Ramesh

You just forget about the past and concentrate on your future. However PF and ESi are statutory obligations of the companies which are to be met in any case.
Learn the skills of convincing and influencing. Be practical and somewhere diplomatic to handle the crucial issues.
HR mantre is don't make comittments to the employees which you are not able to fulfil in the future.

From India, New Delhi
Dhruvin Sureliya

I think you can give this kind of reason in any interview like
for my further study if u have decided or want to go for it
For better prospects
for my personal reason( family has decided to shift) or
you can tell them truth but it may be creat negative impression

From India, Ahmadabad

Look for the future.
Just stand firm on the reason that you say why you left previous org.
Say - Family issues / Health reasons / Personal reasons etc.
Presenting yourself matters a lot here.

From India, Madras
Just tell them that your DSA is shifting to some far place and it is difficult for you to communicate that is why you left your job or
you can say that your manager was transfering you to some far place because there is a requirement of experienced staff but again not possible for you because of long distance.
And thirdly you can say that it was the contractual job, the HR Asst. Manager before you had met with accident so he was on Leave and at his period of recovery you were there on contract and you had joined because you will learn something.
Hopefully the above reasons will help you a lot.
Best Regards,
Vibha (Ash)

From India, Delhi
Hi, My suggestion - You can say that you do not get much exposure there as the manager prefers to do everything on his own. Regards Vipin

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