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Hi, I want to withdraw PF from my previous organization. I would like to know the procedure for the same and how much time does it take for the entire process to complete. Regards Mallik
From United States, Dearborn
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Hi Mr. Mallik,
For withdrawing PF you will have to fill up form 19 & 10-c which will be deposited in PF office by your earlier employer 60 days after your leaving that organization & then within 45 days the said amount would be deposited in your bank account given by you while filling up the PF form.
Santosh Iyer
From India, Pune
Hi Malik, I have a query , as i have left my last company more than 1year back. I do have the PF number and other detail. Will i be Eligible for with drawing my PF amount ? Waiting for a response
From India, Mumbai
Dear HR friend,
For withdrwal PF you must follow the following
1) Collect withdrwal form from concerned pf office (form 10 C), if you are eligbile for pension then collect form 10 C.
2) Fillup all information related to you with stamped signature and submit it to your previous employer.
3) If you are submitting this after long period then you should give the reason that why delay in fillup and with your bank pass book xerox copy.
4) Employer should submit the same with all the details at their end like 3 a, signature of authorised person etc. with covering letter.
5) After submiting it, pf office will view your case and submit your amount through cheque in given bank account no by you.
I hope you will satisfy after reading this, if not please email me or my friend santosh Iyer
From India, Pune
Hi Mr.
1. Please collect form 19-B & Form 10-C (if your services is >6 month but <10 years) from your local PF office after 60 days from the date of leaving.
2. Filled these forms clearly and acurately.
3. your concerned employer will sign the forms with a statement of current contribution (Form 3A)
4. Submit the form to local PF office where your PF account is maintaining.
5. After 30 days your PF accumulation will be cleared.
Hope, you will find the answaer in order.
From India, New Delhi
Hi Satish,
I truly appreciate your initiative in helping others. I also need your help.
I have changed my job and want to know which form I need to fill to transfer my PF from my old company to my new company.
Kindly suggest.
Varun Singh
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. Malik,
For withdrawal of your PF accumulations, you will have to collect Form 19 from your Personnel Department / nearest EPFO.
You can Form 13 for transfer of your PF from earlier organization to new organization.
To avail withdrawal benefit under Employee Pension Scheme, 1995, you will have to fill in Form 10C and submit the same to your previous organization. There is a waiting period of 2 months after which the said Form 10C shall be forwarded to EPFO by your previous employer. EPFO, after the receipt of said Form 10C will credit the amount accumulated in your pension fund to the SB A/C you have mentioned in Form 10C. This withdrawal benefit is available to you if you have worked for less than 9.5 years in a particular organization.
Please revert in case any further details are required.

Hi Umesh, Are there any chances that your previous organisation would not submit the Forms to PF Office? And are there any remedies for the same? Best Regards Ravi
From India, Gurgaon
I was working in Delhi till 30th Dec 06. I joined a new firm in Noida starting Jan 07........
I have heard that PF transfer from Delhi to UP takes a very long time so ppl have advised me to withdraw the amount.
What would you suggest in this case...
From India, New Delhi
Hi. I need to withdraw my PF amount from a company i left in nov 2005. i had sent the request before with form 10C and form 19, hwoever they wrote back saing that i need to fill up another form called Form for alloting National Social Security number(NSSN). pls advise how do i withdraw the amount now and what is the procedure?
From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
My PF withdrawal form was processed on 16th May 2008,but till date I have not got the refund.
My PF No.is MH/94095/5023
Request you to please confirm when will I get my refund.
Thanks & Rgds,
Lakhbir Singh
From India
Hi there,
its been more than 9 months that i filled in the pf form to my previous employer & they said that the amount will be deposited in my bank account within 8 months, I havent yet heard neither frm my prev empl. nor did i recv any notification frm the pf office.
following are the issues/doubts that i am having before hand:
1. my prev org office has been closed & shifted to a place far away frm where i stay.
2. My SB a/c. no. that I had given for the pf amount to be sent to has been closed, so i am not sure if thats a problem. but i think if thats the case i should have recvd some kind of notification frm either of the parties.
Please advise as to what i am supposed to do to get my PF amount withdrawn in this scenario. Any help will be highly appreciated.
thanks in advance,
From India, Gurgaon
Hi, I have querry.I worked for a company for 18 months and now I have resigned. now i want to withdraw my PF amount.Will there be any dedutions on my PF. please do the needful
From India, Hyderabad
Pls can anyone give me the guidance regarding the start to end procedure in P.F or any book through which i can learn the total P.F
From India, Mumbai
Hi Dear,
I want to withdraw PF from my previous organization. I would like to know the procedure for the same.my previous company HR dept. not ready to given me nodues or sine my PF form. i know my pf numbr with company account number.there is any opction to withraw my PF.
my date of leaving 31 jan 2009.
From India
Hi All,
Thanks for the valuable information on this forum which is extreamly helpful to others!
Here is the scenario in my case.
1) I worked in a company say name A for 8 months & had a PF account there.
2) I resigned from the company A and joined another company name B.
3) When I joned company B, I did not got my PF account transferred to company B. I have given the same PF account number which I had in company A to company B.
4) I am expecting to join Central Govt employment in coming month & I am planning to withdraw my PF.
My Question:
1) How can I go about withdrawing my PF as I did not got it transferred to my current working company B.
2) I am still working in the company B since 4 years 6 months. Is my PF withdraw amount taxable.
Thanks a lot in advane!!!!!!!
Eagerly waiting for your reply!
From India, Bangalore
I have two PF accounts at present coz my when I moved to my second organisation, within a months time it was formed into a new company. The Finance team kept telling us that it will take some time before they can transfer our PF from the old company this newly formed company was a part of and from my first organisation. Now its over 2 years but the transfer from my first organisation is not done. I have left my second company and have joined another one. Still the PF transfer status is pending.
can someone tell me what happens if I have multiple PF accounts. Also can I withdraw those individually?
From India, Mumbai
Hi All,
Thanks for the valuable information on this forum which is extreamly helpful to others! Here is the scenario in my case.
1) I worked in a company say name A for 8 months & had a PF account there.
2) I resigned from the company A and joined another company name B.
3) When I joned company B, I did not got my PF account transferred to company B. I have given the same PF account number which I had in company A to company B.
4) I am expecting to join Central Govt employment in coming month & I am planning to withdraw my PF.
My Question:
1) How can I go about withdrawing my PF as I did not got it transferred to my current working company B.
2) I am still working in the company B since 4 years 6 months. Is my PF withdraw amount taxable.
Thanks a lot in advane!!!!!!! Eagerly waiting for your reply!
From India, Bangalore
Hi I have applied for PF withdrawal a month back. Wheni check the status online thru website, it showing as "Referred to Other Region". Can anyone tell me what does this mean. Thanks
From United States, Dallas
Hi I have left my organisation after three month, Can i apply for PF withdrawl or transfer same account to new?
From India, Mumbai
I have left my organisation in 2008 (worked around 2 yrs) . I have given 1 months notice to my co. but after that we come to know that company has increased its notice period to 3 months. We don't have have any written notice or any letter only they were saying it was signed between the Union and Management. Hence I left the co. after one months notice, but the co has no settled my dues saying short notice. Now I want to know how can I withdraw my PF from my that PF account. Please advice. I have all the documents like resignation letter submitted to Co. having accepted stamp and date... also all the related documents like appoint letters and further chain if increment letters .... please advice. I will be very thankful if you could do the needful.
Dinesh Kargutkar

From India, Mumbai
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From India, Bangalore
Hi, sir i resg. From last company in aug.10. But company deposited only employee share(p.f) till month of march. Please tell me how i will get my total pf please help me thanks amit sharma
From India, New Delhi
I had an PF account with previous employer for the period 1993 to 2008.later i left that organisation to join another organisation and now i have new PF account number.Please get me detailed procedure for the withdrawal of amount.Regards
From India, Mumbai
Hi guys,
I have a query , as a workmen contribute PF for only 6 days
and left the organisation. which have not fill form 2 (revised)
but we have submitted his contribution to EPFO
it is compulsory send his monthly Monthly return in Form 5, 9 (revised)
please help in this regard.
Waiting for a response
sandeep thakur
From India, Delhi
60 days of time is not required on the following grounds.
1. Retirement on superannuation
2. Marriage of dependent falls immediately after relieving from service
3. Relieving to go abroad
On all other grounds 60 days is required. This is to confirm whether withdrawal is a must or can be transferred to next service.
From India, Bangalore
Why you have to withdraw PF? You can transfer the previous PF by submitting form 13 to previous RPFC Office through your present employer.
If withdrawal is necessary; fill form 19, get endorsed from the previous employer and submit to previous RPFC.
From India, Bangalore
I am working in a limited company say X ltd. previously i used to work with another company say Y ltd.

now pf was being deducted from my salary in Y ltd and i have left the organisation more than a year back so i have doubts about withdrawing my PF:

1) I would like to know how do i fill up the column for Contribution for the Current Financial Year in form 19 for withdrawal of PF. i.e the contribution that was deducted from my salary by my last employer along with his contribution or amount contributed by my current employer.

2)Do i have to get the form 19 attested by somebody or should i just fill it up and send it to my previous employer along with a photocopy of my bank passbook?

3)Any other procedure i should be aware of to withdraw my PF from my previous employer? it has been more than a year since i quit my job.

Also before joining Y Ltd i was working with the same company that i am currently employed in ie. X ltd and back then Pf was being deducted from my salary and i want to withdraw that too ( i do not want to transfer it to my current pf account in X ltd instead i want to enchash it) please guide me on the same.
From India, Mumbai
Dear All,
Need a notarized affidavit format for withdrawal of pf after 3 years form the date of resignation regarding non receipt of payment and recovery(if excess payment made), that ask by employer.
Kindly Help
From India, Mumbai
Dear members for getting eps 1995 pension forfm 10 d is to be submitted to the pf office.
From India, Visakhapatnam
Dear member. For withdrawal of pf contribution form 19 a is required to submit in the pf office
From India, Visakhapatnam
I want one help From you .I left my previous company on april 2012 and i don't have full pf account no. they gave me only half part in my payslip
can u suggest me how to withdraw my money and Is that any problem to apply for withdraw money after 3 years. which documents require for that.

Dear friend, Your pending amount with PF may be the pension contribution. Apply in form 10C to get one time withdrawal benefit. Abbas.P.S
From India, Bangalore
i am leaving the organisation in jun 2012,but not withdrawel the PF,Now it is not possible to bring the clearing letter from old company.pl send your answers sir
From India, Bellary
Hi, I am little bit confused that why Employer signature is mandatory on cheque at the time of withdrawl PF, Although Employee has already sign on it.... Please get a rid of my problem. Thanks Ravi
From India, Delhi
I left my previous organization in Oct, 2010. I filled the Form13 and given it to my current employer but in between my organization has been merged with another organizaion and my PF was not transferred. Now my account is inactive and I want to withdraw the amount.
I got duly filled Form19 and Form10C from my previous organization.
Do I need to fill any othe form as well to withdraw the same amount?
From India, Pune
I am in the process of withdrawing my PF an I need to know how important it is to have a cancelled cheque. Is this mandatory to have my name printed on the cheque as the cheque book that I have is the latest one but it doesnt have my name printed on it. Could someone please advise on this.
From India, Jalandhar
Dear Sir,
I would like to know when should I expect the money to be transferred to my account because as per the EPFO website I can see the following information;
Claim ID
Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (BG) has been approved. Payment is under process.
Claim ID : B
Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (BGBNG002) has been approved. Payment is under process.
* * Data available since last six months. * *
* * BANGALORE data availaible from 21-11-2014. Last updated on 21-05-2015 at 04:08 am * *
* * Approval Details on PPO and Scheme Certificates will be made available soon.. *
From India, Ludhiana
I already fill up PF forms 19 & 10-c since 31st of dec 2014 but still i cant get any updates from my old company. So in such case what i do?
And what i take steps against the comapny...
Md Ramjan Ali
From India, Gurgaon
To withdraw your PF, there should be minimum 60 days gap, so after 2 months you will be eligible to withdraw your PF.
The procedure is very simple you just contact HR regarding PF withdrawal, There are several forms should be fill up. The forms are as follows, Form No. 10-c, 19, 5 & 10.
The forms should be fill up & stamp and sign with Authorized signatory along with your either passbook or cheque book photocopy.

The PF forms can be submitted if all the procedure completed and the amount will be credited in your bank account within min. 15 days.

@Ramjan.Ali As you've mentioned that you have completed your PF procedure in Dec 2014 so you should get the amount at least by end of January 2015. Kindly contact your company and ask them the status. I doubt that your company has not submitted the form yet. If they have already submitted the forms to PF office then ask for the O/c. copy because @PF office Public relation officer definitely stamped with the received date. Thus you can contact to PF office with that evidence.
From India, Ahmedabad
The waiting period to withdrawal of PF is being extended for six months. This is also being mentioned in the stationary supplied by PF office..... Regards.... Bhupinder Kumar
From India, Mohali
From India, Mumbai
Hi Sir/Madam,
I have completed 5 years of service, just quit my current job and want to withdraw my PF as
i want to save it for my further studies next year and i want to have liquid cash
when am travelling.
However i am not going to be unemployed, i will be joining a new job for one more year.
Can i go ahead and withdraw? will i be taxed?
From India, Bangalore
No. If you have a service of 5 years or more in EPF, the PF amount as well as withdrawal benefit from pension fund will be exempted from Income Tax. Abbas.P.S
From India, Bangalore
Hi Mallik, I had submit my PF form with all document on June 1st week, But after two months, right now they are asking me to submit Form15G !
Is it necessary for the Application? Why i need to submit it?
From India, Chennai
Hi, I want to withdraw PF from my previous organization.i worked in this organization only 6 months.what is the process ?.
From India, undefined
You can withdraw your PF of a previous employer with minimal HR involvement .
In order to use this method , make sure your Form 11 is filled and completed . Here are the list of documents you require to withdraw your amount without involvement by the employer -
Form 19
Form 10 C
Form 15 G
Along with this forms you need to attach a cancelled cheque as well
Here is an article link that has a downloadable PF withdrawal form that you can use to withdraw your PF - https://quikchex.in/withdraw-provident-fund-balance/
From India, Mumbai
Mr. Ravindra kasture,
Since your service is less than or up to 6 months, you are eligible to withdraw, your and employer contribution to PF only. First, check your UAN no as provided by your employer, if they have not provided it to you, you can check and get your UAN no from the link Check UAN Status by mentioning your PF number details.
To withdraw PF without involvement of your Employer, you have to fill UAN based form 19 and can send directly to your concerned PF office along with Form 15G, Xerox copy of PAN card, NEFT form and cancelled cheque in support of your KYC.
Please note that the process will be applicable to those who had activate their UAN and their KYC details is uploaded and approved by employer in the PF web portal.
Bhupinder Kumar
From India, Pathankot

Needy can avail this facility as per the guideline provided in this circular/gazetter notification attached hereto:


Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation

(Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt Of India)

Head Office

Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14-Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066

www.epfindia.gov.in www.epfindia.nic.in

Phone: 011-26175914, Fax No.: 011-26177829

No. WSU/39(1)2017/Housing Scheme. Date: 21.04.2017


All Addl. Central Provident Fund Commissioners (HQ/Zone)

All Regional Provident Fund Commissioners of Regional Offices.

Sub: Withdrawal from the provident fund to facilitate housing needs of workers Gazette Notification on amendment in EPF Scheme, 1952.


The copy of Gazette Notification No. G.S.R. 351(E) dated 12th April, 2017 on insertion of paragraph 68-BD in EPF Scheme, 1952 is enclosed for carrying out following actions immediately with full vigour:-

1. Give wide publicity to the above notification amongst employers and members of Provident Fund through media, e-mails, seminars, workshops etc. Awareness about the new provision should be created, especially through employers’ associations and workers’ unions so that eligible and willing members can avail withdrawal and loan repayment facilities.

2. In case of projects, member may apply for withdrawal, being a member of society having ten or more members and registered under any law and the society is desirous of purchasing dwelling houses/flats (including flats in a building owned jointly with others) or for construction of dwelling houses including the acquisition of a suitable site from the government or any Housing Agency under any Housing Scheme or any promoter/builder for the members. Member may apply individually/jointly through housing society in the format enclosed herewith (Annexure-I) to get a certificate from the commissioner specifying balance in his/their provident fund accounts alongwith monthly contributions during last 3 months preceding the month of receipt of such application. Certificate in enclosed format (Annexure-II) may be issued by the commissioner to the members/housing society as the case may be. Alternatively PF members may get print out of their passbook from the website of EPFO for submitting to the housing cooperative society/banks. It is directed that all employers and workers be facilitated for housing projects as per provisions of para 68-BD of EPF Scheme, 1952 but EPFO shall not recommend or be associated in the agreement with any particular builder/promoter/housing agency/housing society.

3. Members may not have repayment capacity to borrow requisite funds from banks/other prime lending housing finance companies etc. In addition to the lump sum withdrawal up to 90% of accumulations in provident fund accounts, members may opt for full/part repayment of loans out of monthly P.F. contributions also. For this purpose, banks/prime lending institutions may make use of the aforesaid certificate containing details of Provident Fund contributions received in members’ account during last three months for facilitation of loan processing to arrive at equated monthly installments for withdrawal under Para 68 BD(3).

4. Composite Claim Forms can be made use of by members for withdrawals for purposes under Para 68-BD as a member of cooperative society or society registered for housing purpose, and for authorization to Commissioner to repay monthly installments for repayment of loan to the Government or a Housing Agency or Primary Lending Agency or bank.

5. In addition to the composite claim form in clause (4) above, a letter of authorization cum undertaking signed by the member for repayment of monthly installment out of Provident Fund Account may also be obtained in enclosed format (Annexure-III).

6. Members whose annual income is less than the amount specified in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna and do not own a house in the name of any family member anywhere in India, can avail of interest subsidy up to Rs. 2.20 lakhs in Credit Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS). This subsidy is being disbursed by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), Government of India through its nodal agency HUDCO and National Housing Bank details of which are available on the website at Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation,Government Of India. For availing the subsidy, member may get loan from public/private sector banks, cooperative banks and housing finance companies details of which are available at web-links http://mhupa.gov.in/writereaddata/ews-lig-pli.pdf as well as http://mhupa.gov.in/writereaddata/mig-pli.pdf . HUDCO will facilitate implementation of the scheme jointly with EPFO through their various field offices. (Copy of MoU with HUDCO will be forwarded separately).

This issues with the approval of Central P.F. Commissioner.

Enclosures: As above.


Addl. Central P.F. Commissioner (Enroll. & Housing).
From India, Bangalore

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File Type: pdf Gazette Notification EPF Withdrawal-Circular-No.-WSU-3912017-Housing-Scheme.pdf (1.99 MB, 49 views)

Dear Friend,
I want to withdraw 90% of my pf contribution as per new rule 2017 for down payment to builder for flat booking which is under construction.
I checked current composite withdrawal form in which there is mentioned "for purchase of site/flat indicate cheque to be drawn in favour of and payees address", so in this case whether i have to mention builder name and address or need to mentioned my self name and address to withdraw pf in favour.
From India, Madras

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