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In today’s world of globalization, a new concept of Human resource outsourcing is coined so as to reduce the complexities of handling day to day human resource issues in more accurate and other hand it helps an organization can focus on its core business
Whatever your company's human resources requirements, there's an HR outsourcing firm out there to meet those needs. Some HR outsourcing firms are generalists, offering a wide variety of services, while others are specialists, focusing on specific areas such as payroll or recruiting. Depending on the size of your business and how much control you want to maintain over HR functions, you can either outsource all your HR tasks or contract for services a la carte.

The basic services offered by HR outsourcing firms may include:
· Overseeing organizational structure and staffing requirements
· Recruiting, training, and development
· Tracking department objectives, goals, and strategies
· Employee and manager training
· Benefits administration
· Employee orientation programs

Businesses that outsource HR are typically small-to-midsize firms with between 25 and 1,500 employees. These businesses view HR outsourcing as a strategic tool that relieves them of HR responsibilities and enables them to focus on what they do best. In addition to allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities, outsourcing provides some key benefits, including:
· Providing you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR
· Helping you reduce and manage operating costs
· Improving employee relations
If you need to hand off the entire HR function, consider a professional employer organization (PEO). A PEO becomes the employer of record, handling employee relations, payroll, benefits, workers' compensation, and all the other areas that fall under the HR umbrella, while you manage the employee's everyday business responsibilities. In India the concept of Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is better known as Contract Staffing.
If you don't need the comprehensive services of a PEO, you can contract specific projects through an HR outsourcing firm to help you:
· Implement a human resource information system (HRIS)
· Create or update employee handbooks and policy manuals
· Develop and implement a compensation program
· Create or review a performance appraisal system
· Write and update affirmative action plans
· Provide sexual harassment training
In India, well known for the contract staffing is Laurent and Benon Management Consultant, as because of entire contract staffing works through software which enables the client to keep track on the day to day activities of the employee through the software.
Whether you're looking to outsource the entire HR function, a portion of it, or a specific project, it's good to know you've got options — lots of them.
By Priti Shah
Laurent & Benon Management Consultants Ltd, a public limited company with its corporate office Gurgaon with multiple branches. We as an organization strive to offer the right Human Resource Solutions at the right time and enable our clients to enhance the net worth of their human resource capital.
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From India, Pune

HR GURU I read it last week in HR GURU, Post links not the content. I liked it and others may like it too.
From India, Madras

This is nonsence. No such outsorucing business is viable proposition because many fraud outsourcing agents have cheated companeis by not depositing cheques to PF, ESIC and misappropriations of employee's money by entering fake names in annual returns and absconding by claiming PF deposit showing amount against their names.
There is no check and balances on the activities of such agents and they duped many companies.

From Saudi Arabia

Mr. Rashid,

I think you have not updated yourselves to the Scenario. Outsourcing business is a boom. If you think that way then what are CAPGEMINI, CTS, HEXAWARE and of course the company above are doing, They don't invest to run away, you may have a bitter experience because of lack of your investigation on that particular company.

It is because of this pre concieved notion your company would be slightly behind (if not very much) the pace of the the growth of technology and processes.

Outsourcing will take over a lot of activity in almost every company, There is always a need, for examply, Indian companies have auditors who are CAs outside thier organization this is also some kind of outsourcing, The data centre used for this CITEHR could be somewhere in SIFY,IBM, HCL, HP there are lots of options, Boss you need to have a broad mind and have the capacity to analyze things before commenting on a company rather an industry.

I am open to arguments if you have any as it would increase my knowledge on outsourcing.



From India, Madras

DUBAI for example has outsourced most of the major activities of the nation to US, EUR. Please check websites of DUBAI.GOV, If not India since they trust them more than themselves. and for me India is the best and US EUR are what you mentioned for outsourcing.
This is Business for your information

From India, Madras

Hi atahirswiss <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) ,
Your information is wrong, These companies you mentioned are doing other outsourcing not HR services outsourcing because HR needs personal contact and where workforce are not working on desktops this is not useful because employees approach to HR for their grievances and if HR starts refering matter to these outsourcing then it will be chaos.
Moreover this idea only works in IT sector where every one is working on desktop.

From Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Thanks for the valuable information, But these guys i have mentioned are my competitors, so i have gather some information about the mentioned companies, These guys are very big and you could find only top companies outsourcing to them and remains confidential most of the time. I would not say these companies only do HR, Few do Financial (HP) transactions, entire finance, IT, Web development. and HR biz is one of those all.
I would suggest you to visit thier websites,
It would be really good if you visit Polaris and Hexaware websites, they are pretty clear with details provided on web.
I would appreciate you to correct me if i am wrong anywhere in this discussion.

From India, Madras

Dear ,
HR outsourcing is a process in which a company uses the services of a third party to take care of its HR functions. A company may outsource a few or all of its HR related activities to a single or combination of service provides located in offshore destinations like India, China, Philippines, etc.
In this sense the HR outsourcing service providing firms or hr outsourcing company can be divided into four categories depending on the services they offer as, PEOs (professional employer organization), BPOs (business process organization), ASPs (application service providers), or e-services. In these categories the PEOs are the ones that assume full responsibility of a company's hr functions where as others such a BPOs, ASPs and e services provide web based hr solutions like database maintenance, HR data warehousing, maintaining records, developing and maintaining hr software's etc.
Surender Singh

From India, Lucknow
Dear all

Human resource or rather Human Relation (HR) activities should not be considered similar to IT, Marketing other related activities of an organization. All of us as HR professional should understand that where ever human, human values are there – be it in organization, family, friends etc there is HR. In fact organization is only an extension or rather a modified form of family. Father, mother and children ---- Management, Executives and Employees. In a family everything cannot be done within family (by parents), so they have to be obtained from outside, similarly in organization all activities cannot be done within and has to be outsourced. Here the question which to be done within family and which outside. For that we should understand and realize that those activities which require expertise/higher level of professionalism are outsourced (using experts like treating a child using doctors) where as those which are manageable / should be managed within the organization should be kept within (like parental care, ethics/values). If as HR professionals we understand (make management understand), make policies and adopt it within organization, I am sure, a lot of satisfying change happen.
IASE - Bangalore/Bahrain

From Bahrain, Manama
Dear All,

If there is capability in-house to build strong HR practices , then in such cases Companies won't think of outsourcing. People look for outsourcing as an option when it is too much of a hassle or cost involved in setting up the entire HR system & processes in-house. Rather they would like to outsource a part or whole to the experts outside who have their own infrastructure & expertise and can cater to the Company's requirement quickly and economically.

Of course recruitment outsourcing, background verification have long been popular but nowadays as the original post suggests there are lot of generalist or specific services which can be provided by outsourcing partner keeping confidentiality. HR is a support function and whether that support can be given in-house or through some external source should not matter as long as prompt service can be given & data confidentiality maintained.

Covid has already broken all conventional norms so its just a matter of time for you to accept HR outsourcing as a good proposition.
To all HR professionals I would like to say that HR outsourcing is not a threat to your job. Rather than being stuck to a single company, if you join a HR outsourcing firm you can get to cater to multiple clients from various industries and can enrich your experience. That will be far more challenging.

From India, Thane
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