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Nithya Menon
Hi, I am new to this HR Field, still doing my MBA in HR + working with a company as HR Executive.
Now I need to make a leave policy for the Company
At present the policy is - an Employee after completing the probation period will be earning 1.5 days leave at the end of each month.
Can anyone help me as how this 1.5 day leave can be classified as casual leave + sick leave and how exactly a leave can be considered as paid leave or unpaid leave.
I would appreciate if you could give more info about the same.

From India

Hi Nithya,
Please clarify a few doubts before I reply. 1.5 days in a month means your company allows total of 18 days in a year. People are not given any leaves during probation then are they entilted to all 18 days leaves for the next 6 months that is after confirmation or they are given only 9 leaves for the remaining 6 months.
See first you need to decide on your previledge & casual leaves. Casual leaves are short leaves usually taken on emergency purpose which could include sick leave of short nature. Any leave beyond 3 days automatically becomes priviledge leave. PL's are usually carried forward to the next year but CL's in most organisations are not carried forward.
Finally the leave structure will agin change as per the company policies.
But first begin with defining PL's & CL's, decide the no & then allocate accordingly.
I hope you will have some idea to start now.

From India, Pune
krithika K
Hi Nithya and Pooja,
As pooja said it is better to decide the number of leaves and then go ahead with calssification of leaves.
I would like to share some thing that i knew
Casual leaves and sickleaves can be given equally. i.e 0.5 each
Among this casual leaves can neither be carried forward nor be encashed , whereas sick leaves can be carried forward but cannot be encashed finally the privilege leaves canbe carried forward and encashed.
However the encashment limit can be set as perfered by the employer.
As it is 1.5 leaves a month it is better to share this equally to all these three leaves that is , 0.5 CL and 0.5 SL and 0.5 EL monthly.
Eligibility of these leaves may varry accordingly.
Casual leaves and sick leaves can be availed after confirmation and privilege leaves can be allowed only after year or so.
Hope this will be useful for u Nithya.

From India, Coimbatore
Nithya Menon
Actually I am bit confused here.
Is it mandatory that an employee need to get a priviledged leave , Sick leave and Casual leave
See actually the probation period is only for 3 months and will have a leave of 13.5 days certain employees it is 6 months. and they will earn 9 leaves
Out of these leaves how am I suppose to distribute as PL, CL , SL
I would appreciate if you could help me for the same

From India

Dear Nithya,
Now u have confused me. First tell me what are the yearly leaves declared in your company. Since leaves are always calculated on yearly basis & pro rota basis when the person joins mid way.
So first decide your yearly leaves.
But at the same time it is not compulsary to define PL,SL,CL. Some companies have fixed yearly leaves which they distribute it in monthly form & the employees can avail it in any form. But this is usually not a very good idea since at the end of the year the company will not know how many leaves to carry forward & how many can be encashed. Since according to Industry standars CL cannot be encashed. So I think frame your leave policy in a more organized manner even if it requires you to change the policy of your organization.

From India, Pune
Nithya Menon
The policy which we are following right now is that an employee after confirmation start earning 1.5 day leave at the end of every month, if he doesn't utilise the leave it is carried to next month.
So there are certain employees who have around 12 -to 18 leaves with them
This leave is not classified into casual leave / privileged leave / sick leave
I need to structure this, so please help me for the same

From India

Dear HR
I am very much confused regarding the leave policy&holidays as per bombay shop eastablishment act....
plz clarify..
Our company provide 1.5 for every month + 10 holidays...
Plz let me know

From India, Pune

Dear Nithya
Leave rules are vary from company to company and as per CLRA, if an employee is working for 6 days, and then 7th day will be a holiday.
company will fix leave rules according to their convenient only.
Normally, one day leave will be given to employee for his work of every 20 days.
For professional company, CL can be availed on pro-rata basis.
SL & EL can be available only after completion of 12 months of service of employee
SL & EL will be fixed by organisation and will vary from organisation to organisation.
With regards

From India, Madras
Dear all,
now i joined one new com here there is no any policy for leave and they told that start from your way as per rule..... how can i give the leaves or classify the leaves, CL & SL is the part of EL or we need to give separate....

From India, Bangalore

Dear All,
The following leaves Mandatory :
1. 4 National Holidays ( which every one is aware )
2. 6 local holidays ( as per the govt )
Apart from this the top IT guys have the following leaves :
1. Earned Leave - EL -15 days
2. Sick Leave - SL - 6 days
3. Maternity Leave - ML - As per act
4. Wedding Leave - WL - 3 days
5. Paternity Leave - PL - 3 days
6. Adoption Leave - AL - 2 weeks
7. Beaverment Leave - BL - 3 days
8. Special Leave - SPL - 1 day.
From all the above EL only can be carry forwarded.
There might be slight changes accoring to the policies.

From India, Bangalore
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