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AIMS & OBJECTIVES: To provide the employees an easy and readily accessible machinery for prompt disposal of their day to day Grievances.

NATURE OF GRIEVANCES THAT FALL FOR REDRESSAL UNDER GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE: Complaints affecting one or more individual workers in respect of their – wage, payment of overtime wages, bonus, railway fare (LTC/LLTC), leave, transfer, promotions, increments seniority, work assignment, working conditions, hours of employment, output of workmen (work load), training and settlement of terminal benefits.


FIRST STAGE (MINE/DEPARTMENT LEVEL): The aggrieved employee shall represent his grievance either in person or in writing to the Welfare Officer or any other Officer in the Dept, which should be acknowledged. A written reply should be sent to the worker under the signature of the Manager/HoD within 10 days.

SECOND STAGE (AREA LEVEL): If the employee is not satisfied, he may request the Manager/HoD to forward his Grievance to the Grievance Committee constituted at Area level which consists of –



a) General Manager of the Area

b) Manager/HOD

c) Area Personnel Dept. Head

(Member Secretary)

a) One permanent member nominated by the Recognised Trade Union of the Area OR in his absence, a representative duly authorised by the said Union.

b) A representative of the Registered Trade Union OR a co-worker of the worker’s choice.

The recommendations of the Grievance Committee shall be communicated to the concerned workmen within 10 days. A copy of the minutes of the Grievance Committee meeting may be supplied to the Representative of the Recognised Union.

THIRD STAGE (APPELLATE AUTHORITY – CORPORATE LEVEL): If the employee is not satisfied with the reply given by the Grievance Committee at Area level, he can represent the matter to the Director (P,A&W) at Corporate level.

The representation will be disposed of within 15 days.

All the officers are requested to put in their best efforts to examine and redress the genuine grievance submitted by workmen at different stages expeditiously.

I have sent this posting for everybody's reference,kindly give me your comments on the same.


Sonit Singh
18th March 2006 From India, Hyderabad

Hr Consultant
Human Resources - Employee Relations



At the FIRST STAGE (MINE/DEPARTMENT LEVEL, I would recommend that:.

* Since the grievance was presented to the Welfare Officer, (s) he should be the one to investigate and respond to the employee within 10 (? working or calendar) days. If the Manager/HoD is involved, it may prejudice his position at the later stages.

* A complete investigation should be done at this time, including interviewing of witnesses and seeking relevant facts.

At the SECOND STAGE, I would recommend the addition of one more Union representative. In addition, a secret ballot as to the disposition of the grievance (“has merit“/ “does not have merit“) should be taken. When a majority is reached - 4 votes for either position - the counting will cease. This system precludes any pressure on the management or union to vote “for” or “against” the employee. The vote is not on the person, but the situation as represented by the facts.

THIRD STAGE (APPELLATE AUTHORITY – CORPORATE LEVEL): The employee can represent the matter to the Director (P,A&W) at Corporate level.

Who will be the employee’s advocate?

While these suggestions seems to encroach on Management’s right to run the business and direct the working forces, it also provides a level of good faith and fair dealing which I suspect will be appreciated by the employees.

Just my thoughts.

Bill Kuzmin

PALADIN Human Resource Consulting
20th March 2006 From United States,
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