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Hi All, I am HR ( Shivam Exports, Jaipur }. Please let me know any leave rules for those working from Home ( WFH ). Are they eligible for 15+7 days leave rule.
Please guide me ASAP.

Umang Mathur

From India, Faridabad

Hi Umang,

I can provide you with some general guidance on leave policies for employees working from home (WFH). Keep in mind that specific policies may vary based on your organization's practices, local labor laws, and any employment contracts in place. It's advisable to consult with legal and HR professionals to ensure compliance.

For employees working from home, you may consider the following leave rules:

Annual Leave (15 days):

Employees are entitled to a certain number of annual leave days per year. In your case, it's 15 days. This can be used for various purposes like vacation, personal time, or any other reason the employee needs to be away from work.
Sick Leave (7 days):

Provide a separate allocation of 7 days specifically for sick leave. This allows employees to take time off if they are unwell without impacting their annual leave balance.
Leave Approval Process:

Clearly outline the process for requesting leave, whether it's through a designated leave management system, email, or any other method. Ensure that requests are submitted in advance when possible.

Specify any documentation requirements for leave requests, such as a medical certificate for sick leave or any other relevant documents.
Accrual of Leave:

Clarify how leave accrues, whether it's on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, and whether unused leave can be carried over to the next year.
Public Holidays:

Specify whether public holidays are considered as working days or non-working days for WFH employees. In some cases, employees may be allowed to take compensatory leave if they work on a public holiday.
Emergency Leave:

Consider including provisions for emergency leave for unforeseen circumstances. Clearly define what constitutes an emergency and the process for requesting emergency leave.
Communication Protocol:

Establish a clear communication protocol for employees on leave, ensuring that they inform their supervisors or HR in a timely manner and provide regular updates on their status, especially for sick leave.
Maternity/Paternity Leave:

If applicable, outline the maternity and paternity leave policies for employees working from home.
Ensure that your leave policy is communicated effectively to all employees, and make sure to remain flexible and considerate of individual circumstances. Additionally, consult with legal experts to ensure compliance with labour laws.


From India, Bangalore


The same leave applicable for employees who support from office should be given to work from home employees as well.

With regard to leave entitlement you need to follow the respective Act. If your office is covered under Shops and Establishment Act you need to follow leave rules as stipulated by Shops and Establishment Act.

From India, Madras
As fas as I know, the law still does not have separate provisions for WFH employees. Its time the govt looked into this but it will need heavy lifting to be done by the larger corporate,
From India, Mumbai
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