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Hi everyone, my sister has been working as a nurse in a hospital for the past six years. She's planning to resign and is requesting her gratuity and PF settlement. However, the hospital's HR department has informed her that since the hospital became a Pvt Ltd company less than a year ago, they cannot provide the gratuity amount. They provided a UAN number, and upon checking, it shows that PF deductions started from July 1, 2022 (her joining date was August 17, 2018, as per her appointment letter). I'm curious why her gratuity amount is being denied. Is it because the hospital became Pvt Ltd less than a year ago, or is it related to the PF deductions starting from July 1, 2022? I'd appreciate your insights on this matter.
From India, Karur
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Hi, Gratuity is applicable to every form of business, including: proprietorship, partnership or. a limited company. Private hospitals are also covered under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972. The Gratuity Act applies to all Establishments including hospitals employing 10 or more workmen. I think the hospital is trying to evade the Gratuity payment.
From India, Madras

The Gratuity Act applies to all establishments including hospitals. Hence your sister is eligible and has a right to claim Gratuity. if denied by the management, please write a letter to hospital management seeking gratuity by stating the date of joining, leaving, and duration of service with a copy to Dy.C.L. If you have not received any reply from the hospital, then file a petition before DCL and you can claim.
From India, Coimbatore


As per Gratuity Act the respective Assistant Labour Commissioner will be the Controlling Authority and the Deputy Labour Commissioner will be the Appellate Authority.

You claim that you Sister is planning to resign. So once her resignation is confirmed on the day of relieving advise your Sister to submit FORM 'I'. (application form for Gratuity). As per the Gratuity Act Employer is liable to settle the Gratuity within 30 days from the date of exit. In case if the Employer is not willing to pay the Gratuity amount then you may file petition before Assistant Commissioner Of Labour of the respective jurisdiction.

From India, Madras
Hi, thank you for your reply. I need some clarification:

1) If I request gratuity when submitting my resignation letter, will they terminate my sister?

2) How do I send a copy to the Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner through email or post? What would be the address if we send it by post?

Sorry for asking these questions. If you don't mind, I will give you my contact details: 6382155123.

From India, Karur


1. I don't think so. As long as proper notice period is served employer has no right to terminate an employee. After submitting resignation advise your sister to serve proper notice period. After getting the relieving letter application for gratuity can be submitted. Wait for 30 days in case of no response then proceed with approaching ACL.

2) Please find out the location of Assistant Labour Commissioner Office for Karur. ACL office will guide you on the complaint filing process.

From India, Madras

Hi Karthick,

Gratuity is a statutory benefit provided by employers to employees as a gesture of gratitude for the services rendered. The eligibility for gratuity typically depends on the duration of continuous service. In many countries, employees become eligible for gratuity after completing a certain number of years of service (often five years). The change in the hospital's legal structure (from, for example, a partnership to a private limited company) may not necessarily affect an employee's entitlement to gratuity. However, the eligibility criteria may depend on local labor laws, and it's crucial to consult the relevant employment regulations in your jurisdiction.

Provident Fund (PF):
PF is a mandatory savings scheme in which both the employer and employee contribute a certain percentage of the employee's salary. The UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique number assigned to each member of the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) to track their PF contributions. The starting date of PF deductions may not necessarily impact gratuity entitlement. The PF deductions usually start from the date of joining, and any discrepancy in the start date should be clarified with the HR department or EPFO.

Your sister may want to take the following steps:
Review her employment contract and any relevant company policies to understand the terms and conditions related to gratuity.
Check the labour laws to understand the statutory requirements for gratuity eligibility.
Seek clarification from the HR department regarding the denial of gratuity and ask for specific reasons.
Consult with a legal professional or a labour law expert to get advice tailored to her specific situation and local regulations.
It's essential to gather all relevant documents, such as her appointment letter, salary slips, and PF statements, to provide a clear picture of her employment history when seeking legal advice or assistance.


From India, Bangalore

The matter to be decided is whether changing the form of the organisation results in new employment.
The employer will try to show that the previous employer (partnership / proprietorship) is different from the current company. The Labour Commissioner will need to take a call on the matter. I am not sure, but I think the courts have decided in favour of employees before.

She worked from 2018, so she didnt finish 5 years in the old organisation, or it would be even easier.
If she wishes, she can go and meet the Labour Commissioner and get his opinion on how he would view the case.

She can still file the application, but if he disagrees, going to court is an option but not recommended.

How the transition took place, whether she was given a letter or she was given a new appointment letter with no reference to the previous job... These will make a difference to the Labour Commissioner's decision.

From India, Mumbai

The employee is eligible for gratuity, there is nothing to do with Pvt ltd Or any status.
The employee needs to meet the controlling authority i.e., ALC, Labour office to file her claim of gratuity. Trust she will get it.

From India, Mumbai
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