Mrs Solanki
Im HR we have Company Whatsapp group in which we all post our attendance but every time staff post not feeling well so I am not able to come etc etc for the same I want to issue a warning message to all staff kindly help me with drafting message
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I hope not all the employees are requesting for leave on ill health grounds. In any organisation depends on the size mostly 5-7% of employees will be on leave on a daily basis either on pre approved leave or unplanned leave. So wherever you feel that the reason for leave is not genuine you may insist for medical proof. You may pass on a advisory communication to all employees and warning is not required. You cannot warn all just because some x or y is availing unplanned leaves.

Dear Employees,

Of late it is observed that some of the employees are availing unplanned leaves with last minute information which is not a good practice. Planned leave / advanced leave information would be very useful for your immediate Supervisor to plan their work and unplanned leaves affect our work schedule and planning. We hereby advise all employees to plan their leaves well in advance and in case of any unplanned leave the same has to be justified with proper medical proof. In the absence of submission of proper medical proof the leave of absence will be considered as leave without pay. All your co-operation is solicited.


From India, Madras

Importance of Attendance and Responsibilities

Dear Team,

I hope this message finds you well. We appreciate your dedication and contributions to the company. However, we have noticed a recurring pattern in the company WhatsApp group, where some staff members communicate about not feeling well or being unable to attend work frequently.

While we understand that health issues can arise unexpectedly, it's crucial to ensure that our attendance and responsibilities are managed efficiently to maintain the smooth functioning of our operations. Frequent absences not only impact team productivity but also disrupt workflow planning.

We kindly request all team members to prioritize attendance and adhere to the following guidelines:

Communicate in Advance: If you are unable to attend work due to illness or any other reason, please inform your supervisor or the HR department in advance. This will help us manage workloads and plan accordingly.

Medical Certificates: In cases of extended absences due to illness, please provide a valid medical certificate as per company policy. This helps us maintain accurate records and support your well-being.

Refrain from Overusing Messaging: While the company WhatsApp group is a valuable platform for communication, it's essential to use it for relevant and important updates. Frequent messages about not feeling well can lead to miscommunication and disrupt the group's purpose.

Responsibility and Accountability: As professionals, we all have a responsibility to fulfill our roles and contribute to the team's success. Regular attendance plays a significant role in achieving our collective goals.

We believe that open communication is key, and we encourage you to discuss any challenges or concerns you might have directly with your supervisors or the HR department.

Let's work together to maintain a positive work environment where everyone's contributions are valued and our operations run smoothly.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Best regards,


Hi Ms. Solanki,
It has become a common phenomenon seeking leave on health grounds, you can consider for a day on a humanitarian basis, but keep the option work from home. so that the employee is available to be enquired on the work related issues. in case the sick leave exceeds the employee has to provide the medical certificate stipulating the illness and now that the technology is so advanced one can mark the attendance from their mobile itself, because the employee will be in the campus in the parking lot or restroom etc, their facility will be useful..
As HR you are dealing with Human beings they are not unique, but different.Hope your point has been cleared

From India, Bangalore

The point that needs to be emphasized, in my view, is that leave or its sanction is not a matter of right and any type of leave could be refused without assigning any reason.
From India, Kochi

Need not to take follow-up or send messages......please mention all rules of your employees leave management in employee handbook including rules on leave application & approval and strictly follow the same.
From India, Thane
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