I have absconded a private org in 2017, my LWD our there was 28 Jan 2016 but due to absence of duty they relased my relieving letter with 27 Feb 2016 date, Meanwhile I have joined other org on 2 Feb 2016. After that I worked with two other org and everything was working fine.

recently I switched to new org over there BGV got negative due to overlap of employment in UAN now they are terminating on that ground.

I got other offer as well but same scenario, this means my career is finished. Yes what i did was wrong I was just an intern at that time. Every person even a criminal get a second chance. I have skills and capability that why I have great career in IT but due to this case I'm not able to work with any org

I already reach out to last org to correct my LWD they clearly said no.

What to do, is there any way

From India, Delhi
Agm - Hr&admin
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You may have the skills and capability, but your knowledge of what is right and wrong is questionable. When you have been dishonest or done something that is wrong, then employers see red flags.

We have several posts every week here on CiteHR from people like you in the same position. Every time we reply with a post telling people NOT to abscond from their employers, but people keep doing it. You may have the best reasons in the world for wanting to part company with your employer, but there is a process to do this - it is called resignation. Follow that process and leave in an orderly manner.

Finally, when you are seeking a new job, make sure you do your homework, and ensure that EVERYTHING about the new employer is exactly what you are looking for. So many people have posted here telling us they took a new job and it was nothing like they expected and wanted to leave after a day or two. They had obviously not done their due diligence on the organisation in question.

There are bad employers, just as there are good ones. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the good employers - and that takes work.

From Australia, Melbourne


You claim that your stint with the first Company as Intern. Normally Internship will not be construed as employment. Have you gone through training as part of your curriculum during final year or you worked as a Trainee after completing your Degree?. I assume it should be training period.

Though you absconded w.e.f 29.1.2016 company might have followed disciplinary process and had closed your file on 27.2.2016 which process most companies follow. You need to request with your first employer to change your last working day (date).

Alternatively if there is no PF deducted, then you may remove that experience from your Resume so that you can present your second employment as first employment. While doing so you need to take into consideration your second company designation & salary at the time of joining as well.

From India, Madras
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