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Shilpi Yadav

Dear Connections

I need your valuable advise how to prepare KRA & KPI however i have prepared KRA but not very sure about KPI . please refere to the attached KRA sheet prepared by me .

If any body have format please share and advise further .


From India, undefined
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Dear HR Fraternity,

I am Rahul Sharma working in a Construction Company. We need to define KRA for our employees working in Finance/purchase/ Construction (Site Engineer/Site supervisor) Division.

Can you pls suggest what are the parameters to define KRA or are there any pre-defined KRA's implemented in your organization.

Suggestions are highly appreciated.

Rahul Sharma

From India, Chandigarh
Hi, I have consolidated rating from 4 quarter(q1/q2/q3/q4) of each employee in organisation.How do I use that data for appraisal in financial year.
From India
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Vaishali Dubey,

You have a consolidated rating of each employee for the four quarters but for what? Is it work rendered by them?

You need to create the performance slabs. The sample slabs are as below:

1. Excellent: - > 91%
2. Very Good: - > 81%
3. Good: - > 71%
4. Average: - 61%

Accordingly, you can decide what will be the salary for what slab.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Pankaj Bhawsar
Can anyone provide me the KRA ratings compilation sheet for PMS
From India, Bhopal
"What key performance indicators (KPIs) do you believe are crucial for evaluating the performance of a junior accountant, and how do you ensure that you meet or exceed these benchmarks in your role?"
From India, Bengaluru

Hi Mahek-Pitroda ,

Key performance indicators (KPIs)

For evaluating the performance of a junior accountant can vary depending on the specific responsibilities and objectives of the role, but some common ones include:

Accuracy of Financial Records:
This measures the accuracy of the financial data entered into the accounting system. It can be evaluated by comparing financial statements with supporting documentation and identifying any discrepancies.

Timeliness of Reporting: Timely submission of financial reports is crucial for decision-making within the organization. This KPI assesses how quickly the junior accountant can produce financial reports, such as monthly, quarterly, or annual statements.

Adherence to Accounting Standards:
Compliance with accounting standards ensures that financial reports are prepared in accordance with regulations and industry standards. This KPI evaluates the junior accountant's understanding of accounting principles and their ability to apply them correctly.

Attention to Detail:
Given the intricate nature of accounting tasks, attention to detail is critical to avoid errors and inaccuracies in financial records. This KPI measures the junior accountant's ability to identify and correct errors in financial data.

Problem-solving Skills:
Accounting often involves resolving complex issues and discrepancies. This KPI assesses the junior accountant's ability to analyze problems, identify root causes, and implement effective solutions.

Team Collaboration:
Accounting is rarely a solitary endeavor, so the ability to work effectively within a team is essential. This KPI evaluates how well the junior accountant collaborates with colleagues, communicates ideas, and contributes to group goals.

To ensure that these benchmarks are met or exceeded in my role, I prioritize ongoing learning and development to stay updated on accounting standards and industry best practices. Additionally, I pay close attention to detail in my work, double-checking entries and reconciliations to minimize errors. I also maintain open communication with my team members, seeking feedback and support when needed, and proactively offering assistance to others when I can. Lastly, I stay organized and manage my time effectively to meet deadlines consistently and deliver accurate financial reports in a timely manner.


From India, Bangalore
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