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Fatima Munir
Employees are being late for some reason, how can I make sure that I restrict them?
From Pakistan, Multan


Frist of all through counseling. Educate them about the importance of punctuality, how timely reporting at office will be beneficial for them to kick start their work.

If no significant improvement please formulate policy for late coming.

Keep some grace time say 15 minutes. So one should not be penalized if he/she reports on time to office/before the completion of grace time.

In case of violation you can formulate a rule like for every 3 late .5 leave or salary to be deducted which will go in multiples when the late coming number increases. this would arrest the late coming to some extend for fear of loosing leave/salary..

From India, Madras
Advocate Prem Chanda Yadav

You can make policy, give grace period. And ask him to get approval for reporting boss, and also approval of employee boss’s boss and than hr department, will helpful for protect such habit.
From India, Mumbai
Suresh Rathi

I have a slightly different take on this.
I suggest make out a policy that upto 2 late comings, that also max 15 Min will be condoned.
Late coming beyond that will be result in deductions from salary.
one deduction and suddenly late coming will come down.
I am sure some members will not support me on this but see this from employers angle.

From India, Delhi
John Chiang


Supervisors must require punctuality from employees in the interests of department morale and fairness to other employees. When lateness occurs, a warning interview should be held promptly on the same day. Subsequent and continued lateness warrants placing the individual on probation. If sufficient improvement is not shown during the probationary period or if excessive lateness recurs within two years, the employee may be dismissed without further probation.

Company policies do not allow for either a grace period of five or ten minutes during which an employee who arrives late will be excused or for a supervisor to excuse lateness, without prior arrangement, occasioned by a transit delay or any other reason.

Best regards,
John Chiang

From China, Shanghai
Vaishalee Parkhi

Hello Fatima,

I have a different question. Have you analysed why people are coming late?

1. Some of them will be undisciplined, lethargic but not everyone else. Try to find out the area/ reason which will make them feel excited about reaching in time. Interview a few of them informally to know the real reasons. [e.g. are they working for long hours in office everyday?]

2. Check the location of your office / factory and where most of them are staying. Is it too far? Allowing a grace period is a good suggestion but that should be practical. If the location is in outskirts, people are bound to be late somewhat especially when driving through their own means.

3. Applying a penalty on frequent late comings is obvious. Yes, negative motivation is necessary to maintain a decorum.

Nevertheless, I would like to suggest you to devise something that works as a positive motivation. e.g. bonus points if an employee attends office within given time in a month. You may convert these bonus points in some sort of gift OR a vital point connecting to the Appraisal parameters.

Hope it helps. All the best!

From India, Pune
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