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Dinesh Divekar

Dear all,

Heart-chilling news has been published in today's Times of India. The newspaper clipping is attached to this post. There is learning for various quarters from this incident. It is as below:

a) A topic of sexual harassment has to be dealt with due sensitivity. Why it was discussed in the meeting is not understood. Sexual harassment is a traumatic experience for a woman as much as a false allegation against a man. In fact, a false allegation devastates a man as he has to live with stigma on his character.

b) The executive accused of sexual harassment has taken this extreme step. Why he did not approach the HR department calling for an impartial probe is not understood. Rather he lived with the trauma of accusation. When it was unbearable, he took the extreme step of ending his life. We do not know whether or not employees perceive an environment of justice and fairness in the company. Had been so, the 41-year-old executive would not have taken this step.

c) Many working couples do not discuss their office matters at home. While routine matters may not be discussed, the spouse is always the first friend. One has to open up with one's spouse and share the crisis one is going through. However, the executive did not share anything with his family members.

d) Now the police authorities have booked the company authorities and a few other employees on the charges of "abetment of suicide". This is a hefty price they are paying.

The other members may go through the clipping and offer their views.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

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Dinesh Divekar
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It is most pathetic that he had committed suicide unable to bear the ignominy of the allegation of sexual harassment. Indeed, the Secretary of ICC has a task to satisfy himself with the bonafides of the complaints received before initiating action. The authority shall be cautious in not turning the investigation into a vendetta for some service benefit or opportunity.
In my long career, there have been instances where the female employees have raised complaints of sexual harassment and when inquired into found to be unsustainable prima facie.

From India, Mumbai

Hello Dinesh;

POSH Act is not complete. It is yet developing. It is difficult and skilful to enquire into the allegations of Sexual Harassment. IC members should not take it lightly and should make impartial investigation.

In the case which you cited, the sufferer did not approach IC or HR means it is failure of IC and HR to create confidence in the employees that their grievances will be dealt with fairly.

It is true that majority of happenings of sexual harassment are not reported and not investigated. That shows the apathy of management and society. In general, I say, the Indian Society is selfish. Unless and until it comes to their doorsteps, they will not bother. परदु:ख शीतलम् . People also do not open their mind with others easily.

Finally, what about his wife. Neither he spoke to his wife, nor wife found anything wrong with the husband. That speaks volumes of our family life.

Who suffered is the Company who lost an Officer and family who lost the breadwinner. The allegations remain as it is.

Vibhakar Ramtirthkar.

From India, Pune

Dinesh; One more, the date on the news and TOI is 9 September which date is yet to arrive.
From India, Pune
indu 182

It is very sad news. Suicide is not the answer of any problem. I am not preaching. I have my own worst experience and I started my life second time with empty hand and in a new city. Everyone goes through up and down of the life. Some have worst experience which are very difficult to bear still I wish to say "No" to suicide.

Further about family/wife- men always create a picture in front of family that they are fine and superman who is capable to handle all the thing. If they disclose their problem to family their image will be ruined. Which is wrong. I have seen these kind of cases in my life. Your wife/family is not only for good days you have to make them part of your crises. Hope they will also understand. And moral support play a vital role to come out of depression.
I am doing counseling for these kind of issues. If any body want any help in this regard can contact me.

From India, New Delhi

Two angles to look into this from my individual perspective.
1. an employee being accused and felt embarrassed which has led to the extreme step. No update on the other side of the person who has accused.
2. a family member who cared for the family and wanted to keep them out of public and media attention. the person's name is kept secret who accused of being harassed.

Any small issue today can be made a huge news using social media. justice is delayed and denied in majority of cases and nothing gets its due merit of hearing. If the identity of both the parties can be hidden and provide for security and due legal proceedings, no one will take the extreme step and let go of their dreams mid way.

Am sure he would have had plans for the 5 year old and a lot for his family, spare a thought. Organization should attempt to close this case with clear hearing and provide the dignity if he is proved not guilty.

From India, Bangalore
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