I am working in the service industry and looking for some suggestions for motivation of staff members who are working late (2-3hrs)due to urgent work after office hours.
2-3hrs in a week.

presently we are providing them Dinner expenses but the staff are not providing us any bills for reimbursement and providing dinner expenses with cash memo.

Could you please provide us with any other suggestions on which type of reimbursement/facility we can provide them for motivation except OT amount.

If anyone have any policy pls share.

From India, Chennai
HR professional

Dear member,

You can introduce comp off system for extra work, based on accumulated hours eg., if any one works extra 4 hours 1/2 day comp off can be given or you can allow them to take permission to go early whenever they need, if less than 4 hours.

From India, Bengaluru
Sharma HR

Thanks for your kind reply. C/off we are giving to our staff members for more than 4hrs working. but wanted to introduce some other benefits to staff who are working less than 4hrs.
From India, Chennai

We used to provide snacks & tea/coffee (at the choice of employee, good stuff) for those sitting nearly 2 hours beyond office hours so also they used to be dropped home by company vehicle.
From India, Mumbai

You can consider compensatory leaves.
From India, Delhi

Dear Sharma,

The term ' office staff ' refers to all those work in the office. Even those in supervisory cadre administrative officers are included in such colloquial nomenclature. But there are clerks, cashiers, attenders, telephone operators, receptionists, computer operators, personal clerks to senior managers and stenographers working in the office. These people will fall generally under the ' workman' category so defined under the ID Act,1947.If the office is situated within approved area as factory in the premises, they would be covered by the FA,1948;If situated elsewhere in the shop Act area, they would be ' person employed ' under the State S&E Act. Therefore, in my opinion, such people are entitled to overtime wages, if required to work beyond the normal working hours of a day and it cannot be substituted by any other means.

From India, Salem

Dear Uma San,

Good Morning !
Thank you so much for your above explanation.
We are under S&E Act and Logistics company. The staff who are working late are operation and accounts staff from Executive to Asst. Manager level.

From India, Chennai

All 'staff' other than those having managerial powers will be eligible to get overtime wages/salary for the additional hours they put in. However, unlike a factory kind of operation or production activity where an employee's output can be quantified and overtime regulated accordingly, in service industry you cannot measure it properly. In an office or administrative function the employees can have more breaks and even may spend time in chatting and doing their personal things during office hours. Therefore, their actual output including the extra hours they put in may be within 8 hours only. This may vary in such industries where a method of finding the output is available.

In an office or administrative work, therefore, if you start overtime, you may not have any control over it. Therefore, I would say that giving a fixed amount for staying back would be okay. This can also be restricted to working beyond 2 hours. Certainly, in the eyes of law it is not allowed but still considering the number of breaks and the flexibility they enjoy, payment of overtime may be discouraged.

From India, Kannur
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