Hello all, I was working in an MNC right after my graduation in 2018. After 2 months of training I got a project In Mumbai. However , I found it very difficult to sustain in Mumbai with my salary. After a month of struggle in Mumbai I requested my HR for a roll off from the project and assign me to any other project and any other city like Bangalore or Hyderabad. My then HR denied of such request and asked me to work on the tagged project. After seeing my request getting dumped everytine I had no option but to resign from the Organisation with proper procedure. They gave me an experience letter for 4 months.
I went back home, I stayed in home for the next 6 months and tried attempting Govt jobs. All efforts Invain. I didn't get any govt job. My parents were getting tensed day by day and I could not bear it. I came back to Bangalore and joined a new company as a fresher again. Now I have 4 Months work ex from my previous organization and 8 months as of now with my New organization. I have cleared cut off for some good Bschools.
How do I justify that resignation , Shall I say the truth about my living expenses in the city ? I know for a fact that this will reflect poorly in my CV. Shall I just say there was some downsizing and I got sacked. I can't omit it , I have already mentioned it In my application form. So I request the members here, How do I justify answer when they ask why did you leave your previous organization right after 4 months ?

From India, Bhubaneswar

Dear friend,
You know 'truth alone will prevail' even at last. I cannot suggest you suppress or hide/ignore the facts. Thank your fortune you got an experience letter for 4 months which will not happen under normal service conditions. It's nothing wrong you resigned in the circumstances explained and hunting for a good job for a good job. After all you are not alone, this happens to so many job seekers. There is no ignominy sitting at home hunting for good offers. Your suggestion of 'victim of a down sizing' also not a good idea as you would have got the experience letter mentioning 'considering your resignation accepted & relieved', so you would have lied. The living conditions in Mumbai is not a secret, almost every employer is aware of and with your emoluments it's obvious you cannot see ends meet. Hence resigned, what's wrong in that. Resigning a job is not a crime. Whereas retrenching you won't be viewed kindly. Someone might think you were not competent and was sacked, do you think this event looks better? I don't think so. So, now you got a job and wiser by almost one year of experience. Experience is experience howsoever short it may be. Who would know, there can be days when you will take up some other job in the very same Mumbai when a better & attractive package is offered to you, for which you may be preferred as you worked in Mumbai for sometime. So, forget the past, concentrate how you can excel in the present job. Try to earn their appreciation for a good job done. In due course you are going to be contented either here or in some other better position, like this try to grow. Don't get bogged down by short term down trend, all will be there in one's life, face them confidently, you'll come out successfully. All the best young man.

From India, Bangalore

Hi Partner,
I really agree with Kumar that you should not lie about your experience and should proceed in all positivity. This is really good advice.
But at the same time, could you also consider working another 4 months at your current organisation so that you complete 1 year here before applying at the B school.
The problem may be the 6 months gap between your initial 4 months or experience and your later 8 months of experience. For the first 4 months when you have worked in an MNC on projects, and then searched for govt jobs unsuccessfully for the next 6 months, this could raise the question for an interview, as to why you did not look for a similiar job for these 6 months.
Later you had to join as a fresher at your current company in Bangalore. This could raise the next question for the interview, as to why no weightage had not been placed on the 4 months experience you already had and still had to join as a fresher. This could give an impression that the current company did not find the 4 months experience relevant.
So, ultimately when you apply at the B school and they check your track record, you may have to justify all these factors. It is still good to go ahead with what you have, as it could also be a competitive challenge to analyse and work out a justification for all these situations. But if it would be difficult to do so, I think it may be good to gain another 4 months of experience and show your experience as 1 year in the current company.

From India, Bengaluru
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