Hi, I need to draft a Training calendar for the next year. But I do not have proper ideas what topic should I use in Training.
I need to draft training calendar as per department wise like Sales, Operations, Customer Service etc.
Please help me out on this and suggest some topics.

From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar
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Santosh Chitale
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Please do a search for Training Calendar using the search bar at the top of this screen and you will get ample resources to get going.
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Santosh Chitale

Drafting a Training calendar would require the following inputs before putting all onto a Calendar. a) Different depts. for whom training is to be assigned.
b) Nos of employees for each dept for whom training is to be provided
c) Time frames of trainings - half day / one day / multiple days - Continuous or weekly / monthly for a particular topic/s
d) Faculty who will lead the program/s
f) Dept Heads who will authorize absence of employee to attend training
g) A proper format in which all employee names and their tentative programs to be attended during the year (On a month wise basis) - Final dates can be put in later.
h) Reasons for each program being conducted (In an annexure for getting CHRO Signoff on budget)
i) Who will be specific coordinator for each of the program - name and number
There could be many more but the above is a must have before starting work on a general annual training calendar

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear friend,

What is the nature of your industry? What is your designation? What is the total employee count? How training activities were conducted in the past? What was the average cost per programme?

Employee training activities should translate into a higher level of performance. Therefore, try identifying the relationship between operational ratios and engagement activities. Following are the guidelines:

a) Reduction in consumption of resources

b) Reduction in turnaround time of some process

c) Reduction in the generation of scrap

d) Reduction of some cost like inventory carrying cost, inspection cost etc

e) Reduction in energy consumption

f) Number of suggestions generated before the engagement program and after the program

g) Improvement in Customer satisfaction

Of the above list, try identifying the most critical issues and conduct the training programme. On completion of the training, you should be able to measure the training effectiveness after a specific time period.

Please note that the HR professional's job does not end at designing the training calendar and conducting the training programmes but the target is to bring the change. Your boss is more interested in the positive results of the training than the training calendar.

Training calendar also depends on the budget at hand. However, if you study the organisation's issues and aim at reducing the operational cost because of the training, getting budgetary approval should not be a problem. Many HR professionals approach their management without doing Cost-Benefit-Analysis (CBA) of the training programmes. Since HR is not clear about the estimated benefits, their proposals are shot down.

I have written several posts on this topic earlier. Click the following few links to refer to my past replies:


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir, Please share Training calendar format for industrial employee
From India, Delhi
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