Sipra Sahu

Dear Fellow HR, While looking for a solution to retain employees for at least 1 year for experienced & 2 years for freshers (since the company provides high skilled training) . What is the best way? Original certificate while joining? Signing up a contract or agreement for 1 year with penalty?
Please share your ideas & any such agreement if exist. Thanks in advance.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Sir,
With reference to your post, having custody of original documents of an employees is not the right way and which is not legal in India. You can enter into a contract for a period of 1 or 2 year as per your wish which is also allowed as per employment contract Act. However, one can challenge the contract, if the terms and conditions of the contract is not reasonable.
The best thing to retain any employees is by motivation and make them engaged.

From India, Manipala
Sipra Sahu

We do it Sir, but the story behind this is. My company has high end work which is very rare and people come here get trained and then leave when they know they are exposed and their market value is much high now.
This way company is looking money, effort and time. This is my only concern. Please suggest in case there is any employment agreement (just to make them feel cautious or think twice when they make up their mind for leaving).
But again I do not want any documents on legal papers, but just a simple agreement for official purpose.

From India, Hyderabad

Dear Supra sahu,
Employment contract/employment agreement is the best solution for your organisation.
An employment contract, also known as an employee agreement, is a written document of the conditions of a job offer from an employer to a potential employee. It covers all of the terms of the new working relationship that will exist between the employer and the employee.
There is no statutory obligation to have the Contract of Employment or the written statement of particulars signed. Once the applicant has accepted the job, there is a legally binding contract of employment between the employer and the applicant. The law does not require witnesses or a signature to make it valid. For employees, an employment agreement can provide a sense of stability and security, especially if the agreement lists the time frame for the period of employment. Hence employees also accept these type of agreements without any doubt.

From India, Jubilee Hills

Dear Sir/Madam, In india there is no system when the employee resign or else management not like employee performance then they play politics by decreasing increments.
From India, Secunderabad

An exit interview will give you a better idea of the reasons why your employees are not inclined to continue with you and prefer to opt for 'better opportunities ' ( in their view). If your exit interviews are conducted professionally without rancor or bias, chances are that the exiting employee will share a truthful feedback. Analyze these to identify the core issue and try to work around addressing those issues.
While an employment contract letter etc. gives legitimacy to the terms of employment, in practical terms, people will look out for better prospects if you do not meet their aspirational goals.
Some reasons why people will leave and you may perhaps find it difficult to counter them include:
They prefer to work with established names or larger set up
They move because they are seeking opportunities abroad
They get a much better terms of employment with better pay and perks in larger set up
Their intrinsic work goals are not being catered to by you
They take up the job just to get the training and experience.
Your focus to retain employees must not be so much driven by legal recourse as much as by meeting the aspirational needs of those you select. Hence it is also important to clearly identify personnel,who in your opinion, are less prone to move or would find it difficult to move. e.g. I am aware of a company that was a sick unit but required to recruit, to keep operations going. They shortlisted candidates who were academically sound but were not great communicators nor highly capable of cracking interviews with larger firms. Net result was that these employees not only stayed with the firm for a fairly long time, they also contributed substantially to turn around the company.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Sipra,
The retention of employee is a major concern for whole employment industry. There are various factors are there for early exit, some remain on part of employer & others on individual.
Retention of testimonials of employee will be an illegal action & other legal & safety issues. The simple way is to take a contract bond while looking for a solution to retain employees.

From India, Mumbai
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