Can anyone suggest good management book for HR? Also share links to update upcoming HR techniques and latest HR Processes.
From India, Vadodara
Shailesh Parikh_HR Pro

Dear Parul
There are plenty of learning resources available, what precisely you want to know/learn?
If you want to learn basics there are academical books if you want to enhance your knowledge with latest trends/concepts/practices there are different set of books available.
Please find some on line resources :
Ultimate List of Top 30 Human Resources Websites Curated Especially For Indian Professionals
HR Associations in India
1. Ministry of Human Resource Development: URL:
2. National HRD: .ULR:
3. SHRM – India:URL:
4. HR Sangam:URL:
5. HR Association of India: URL:
6. Executive Recruiters Association: URL:
HR Communities in India
7. hrVillage: URL:
8. URL:
9. The HR Club: URL:
10. India HR Live.URL:
11. Silicon India: URL:
12. The HR Fund: URL:
HR Publications in India
13. Bible HR: URL:
14. HRM Guide: URL:
15. – Human Resource: URL:
16. Labour Law Reporter: URL:
17. – HR: URL:
18. HR Katha: URL:
HR Magazines in India
19. People Matters: URL:
20. Business Manager: URL:
21. Perfect Professionals: .URL:
22. Human Capital: URL:
23. IUP Publications: URL:
24. The Human Factor: URL:
HR Discussion Platforms
25. Labor Law Talk. URL:
26. LinkedIn: URL:
27.HRExchange: URL:
28. Cite HR :URL:
29. HRLink: An HR community that provides an open discussion platform to Indian HR professionals, employees and management gurus.
30. HR Success Talk: URL:
Shailesh Parikh
99 98 97 10 65
Vadodara, Gujarat

From India, Mumbai

Thanks for the above knowledge resource Sir
From India, Mumbai

Dear Sir, Thanks for sharing this.
From India, Delhi
good Info. Thanks for summarizing it.
From United States, Peoria
Can anybody explain with example sex transmutation term in Think and Grow Rich book
From India, Amravati
S.M.A Robin

Thanks to Mr. Parikh for the worth sharing
From Bangladesh, Dhaka
Kritarth Consulting

Peter F Drucker's Writings on Management, published in HandBook Form Are Good Elementary Read.
Mr Sharu Rangnekar's Book titled "In the Wonderland of Indian Manager" is Hard-Hitting Hilarious Read.
"In Search of Excellence"; "Good to Great" Provide Significant Insight into Management Domain.
Harsh Sharan,
Kritarth Team
18 Nov 2018

From India, Delhi
Hi Parul Patel,
Here is the best magazine by top HR in India. This leads to the central theme of the magazine, ‘For The Win’ which essentially focuses on `skills being the arsenal’ and `tools as your armour’ for today’s HR Leaders, as we talk to them in our special issue of Winners Circle. They have shared their insights on how they are championing innovative disruption as leaders, steps in upskilling their workforce, new age Talent Management mantra, role of culture in improving efficiency and the role of technology in HR today. The interviews present diverse views but all HR leaders who are from Bengaluru are unanimous in their view that the role of technology cannot be undermined in HR today and upskilling and re-skilling is the need of the hour for future ready work forces. Winners Circle is brought to you by Talent Chronicles - a community platform brought together by Paul Writer and Manipal ProLearn. It aims at starting the conversation on the importance of upskilling to be equipped for the technology-driven era, and provides insights on domain expertise.

From India, Bengaluru
Dear Parul,
You can refer the below mentioned books which I found useful (in no particular order):
1. Work Rules! by Laszlo Bock (Insights from Google)
2. Measure What Matters by John Doerr (All about Objectives and Key Results)
3. Built To Last by Jim Collins (Despite its criticisms, a good read)
4. Good to Great by Jim Collins (Why Some Companies become great and some don't)
5. Jack: Straight From The Gut (Terrific read on how Jack Welch transformed GE)
6. The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle (Secrets of Highly Successful Groups)
7. The Handbook of Competency Mapping by Seema Sanghi (useful if you want to know about competency mapping)
Kiran Vijayan

From India, Ahmedabad
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