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I am working in an IT firm as an HR.Recently have been assigned a responsibility related with the policy making related with Performance Evaluation.The performance evalaution will be based on these heads-
Highlights (20%)
Innovation (+30%)
Punctuality (TAT) (+20%)
Tasks completed (+30%)
Kindly help me in formulation of the policies according to these parameters.

From India, Noida
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Neha,

You have asked for inputs on policy on performance evaluation. You have given four points also. The comments against each are given below:

Highlights (20%): - What is this can you please elaborate further?
Innovation (+30%): - You would like to earmark 30 marks out of 100 for innovation. But then is the allotment of marks too high?
Punctuality (TAT) (+20%): - Do you mean say Turn Around Time (TAT) of the project?
Tasks completed (+30%): - How will it be different from TAT given above?
In the above list, I did not find the following important points:
a) Customer satisfaction
b) Cost of the Project
c) Activities started on time
d) Milestones attained on time
e) Capacity Utilisation of

Earlier, I have given a reply to a similar query. You may check the following link:


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Jaimisha Desai
Anyone help in performance appraisal policy which linked to increment to employee for the HOSPITAL sector
my sir asked me to do and for me new subject to make polices ,my hospital is super specialty 360 bedded hospital around 450-500 employees

comprehensive or brief policy also helps me

From India, Godhra

Please use the search facility at the top of the page next to the CiteHR logo.

There is a ton of stuff already posted here on CiteHR regarding performance evaluation. It is a subject that is discussed several times a week.

You may not find exactly what you are looking for, but there is enough material here already posted, to enable you to learn about PE and adapt to suit YOUR organisation's requirements.

From Australia, Melbourne
John Chiang

Employee Performance Review

The employee performance review is a periodic evaluation of the employee's performance intended to rate her/his job effectiveness for the functions she/he is performing and the salary he is earning, relative to other employees to cope with the Company wage/salary policy.

HR Department will be responsible for administering the performance review individually through Department Manager. All review forms should be prepared by the HR department one month before the regular review date of the employee and hand it to Department Manager to fill out fairly and objectively the Review Sheet through the immediate supervisor of the employee.

The new-hire operator will be entitled to a special review one week before the date of completing the probation period -- 40 days.
In accordance with their performance during this period, there will be 3 categories - $ , , for their first salary increase.
Special review after probation -- 3 months for staff that depends on their performance and Company needs.

The completed Performance Review Form will be filed in the employee's personal file. It is to be used along with other information to determine the need for training or other action.

The performance review, like all other similar personnel information, is to be kept confidential.
Performance Appraisal of Exempt Salary Employees

1. Each exempt salary employee will have his performance formally evaluated once each pear. This appraisal will be based on his attainment of goals clearly established at the beginning of the review period, normally on his anniversary date. The written establishment of these performance goals will result from a discussion between the manager and subordinate. These goals should provide stipulated performance measurements of the major duties listed in the employee's job description. Both the manager and the employee will have a copy of these written goals.

2. An informal performance review will be held six months after the goals for the year have been set. Its two purposes will be the measurement of accomplishment to date and a career development discussion between the employee and the manager. The career development discussion might cover such topics as the ultimate and proximate career goals of the employee, his progress towards them as he sees it, any additional or different assignments which might further his development, any course of study or reading program which would aid him, etc. This discussion is designed to facilitate the manager's fulfillment of one of his most significant duties, the development of his people. No employee should fail to avail himself of this opportunity of seeking his manager's guidance and support in fully developing his talents and advancing toward his career goals, if yet unachieved.

3. The second performance review will be held near the end of the twelve months period. Attainment of specific goals and manner of accomplishment will be fully evaluated as well overall performance for the entire year.

4. The setting of goals for each coming year will be accomplished immediately after the performance review. The manager may find that it is better to complete the performance review and then discuss and establish goals at a subsequent session. Every effort to correct the deficiency performed in the past year should be made as guidance to complete the setting of goals as soon after the performance appraisal as possible.

Best regards to all CiteHR Members,
John Chiang

From China, Shanghai
HI All am looking for Hr Policys and Appraisal Policy and Reward and Recognation Policy for our company am Working as a Hr in IT Company Please any one can help me on this.

This is Work from Home. and which can be implement to IT company ASAP

From India, Bengaluru
Hi Friends,

I am working for a product-based tech startup. We are launching a mobile app soon. The headcount of the company is 30 currently. We need to start the Performance appraisals in this month for those who have completed one year in Tech Department and Finance Department.
Could you please help me in providing the formats used at your place for 360 Performance appraisal for IT company and not service based but product based or B2C.

Thank you

From India
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