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Vidya Joseph
Dear Team,
We would like to introduce MOMENT OF TRUTH in the organization & they have asked HR Department to work on it.
Requesting you all to share your ideas, format, procedures to implement.
Thank you all for the support in advance

From India, Bangalore

I recently visited a retail electronic shop which is an established name in retail sector to buy a LED SMART TV of an established brand. The moment I entered the shop (it is a very big hall), I saw a half a dozen sales personnel running towards me and mobbed me as ants were attracted to a sugar cube with enquirers about what I want to buy and my budget etc.I was impressed by the attention they lavished on me and I was led to the display wall with LED TVs with the mob following me. I specified the brand I wanted to buy.Thereafter I wanted to know the price which they quoted.I found it too high as I did some research about the comparative prices of the same brand at other shops and I told them the same.The moment they found that I wanted to negotiate, the half a dozen sales people deserted me as fast as ants running away as if they mistook a bitter gourd (karela) for the sugar cube.
Then I moved to a different shop where I was received by a well dressed and smiling sale person who first asked me to see all the brands for myself though Iam predetermined to buy a particular brand and latter agreed to slash a price to a permissible limit and explained me why he cannot climb down further and further explained to me the benefits of buying the product from his shop like their assured after sales service and addressed all my doubts pertaining to technology, warranty, installation, brand reputation etc.They sounded authentic and transparent as against the first shop which is eager to sell me the TV by hook or crook. He made me win their trust on my first contact.
It is your front line staff that can make or break the moments of truth. So be careful in picking them and training them and train them to be patient with the customers who is now knowledgeable.
HR & Labour Relations Adviser
Navi Mumbai.

From India, Mumbai

If you want to know Moment of Truth, go and buy an electronic or other item from a store.while you are a buyer attention will be lavished on you.
After the sales is over and if you come back for some repair/replacement etc, then you come to know the bitter truth.Polite brush off begin-call the call centre where you keep dialing and hear only recorded music and voices teaching you 1,2,3,4 etc.
The standard of after sales care is abysmally low.
No business is exempt from this poor after sales service and thereby consumer courts are filled with cases for poor quality etc.

From India, Pune
Venkata Vamsi Krishna Patnaik

Dear Vidya Joseph, Beyond accepting seniors version here,could you let us know why such an implementation was sought by your Management and is it to all activities?
From India, Hyderabad

Dear Vidhya Joseph,
This will be a good initiative.
'Moment of Truth' tests one's ultimate resolve in a difficult moment.
So, it tests the character of a person and reveals how resilient one can be in a piquant situation.
We all undergo different experiences and come out of trying situations in public and private life.
In my view sharing such experiences will be a useful learning for every one.

From India

The terms Moment of Truth, Moment of Magic and Moment of Misery are generally used in customer service. When I say customer service, it includes internal customer service as well, where each department is an internal customer for the rest of the organisation, each individual is in internal customer service while dealing with the rest of the colleagues. If you analyse you will know, whether directly or indirectly, one employee will be serving another employee. While providing such service, how you treat others, how you respond to the queries, needs, expectations is encapsulated in the term Moment of Truth.
Hope I could provide some clarification on the query !

From India
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