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Hi, Hope you are doing well..!!!
Hi ! I am HR executive in IT company. I have to organise a very unique some thing different motivation & inspiration message by ppt to employee. From which they inspire by themselves a unity come in their group team members for company. I have find many ppt but can't found a proper ppt which I can cover all points. In my company their some negative vibration by communication of employee from which other employee also receive a negative vibration so its impact put to others employee & in environment also like some UN necessary comments etc. So I have to give a one professional motivation ppt. I have cover a point like a employee/Sr./Manager should think all employee who are working they are valuable for the company.
Kindly waiting for your quick response as useful need.
Bhumika Gajjar.........

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Amit,

I appreciate your straightforwardness while giving feedback to the originator of this post. Many times trainers hold their feedback and push the real issues under the carpet. Nothing wrong if some member comes up with misplaced notions, however, for seniors or other trainers, what matters is whether they are truthful in their reply.

For Bhumika: - If some PPTs were to motivate the employees then your employees could have downloaded the PPTs from Google on their own without waiting for HR Department to send them. If you feel that there is negativity amongst the employees, then it has become norm in your company. It has become norm because your leadership has allowed to become norm.

Now your task is to make a change from negativity to positivity. However, for this you need to have multi-pronged approach. Few things are beyond your control and few within your control. The things that are within your control is to compile and circulate positive incidents in the company. Second one is to approach your management for conducting training on business etiquette and workplace manners.

The things that are not within your control are giving roughshod treatment to the staff, on spot termination, inaccurate measurement or no measurement of the performance, inability to foster culture of fairness and justice, promoting personal allegiance than performance, nepotism, favouritism and so on.

Lastly, as an HR Executive, whom you report to? If you report to HR Manager, then did you discuss about your approach with him/her? If yes, then what are his/her views? It would be too naive to think that senior managers will change their attitude because of PPT from HR Executive.

The real issue is how negative culture is holding back productivity or image of the company. However, to measure this change, it will take lot of experimentation and it will take years to do it. At your level, the project would be unwieldy.

General comments: - If the originator of the post has come up with request to provide motivational PPT, then nothing wrong per se. This flawed approach or penchant for PPT pervades across the HR community. Many times I receive a call from the HR professional about training and they ask whether I will share my PPT with them! Hardly they consider that the PPT is for trainers or a tool of training. Larger issue is about creating a change through training. Rather than selecting the trainer who is able to address the business issues, HR wants to select the trainers based on their PPT. By sidestepping the business issues, they sidestep themselves from the race to the top!


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

You should go for some gifts and recognition along with a performance certificate that can really motivate an employee. Salary hikes and incentives can also make them more happy and keep them motivated.
From India, Bengaluru
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