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Hi to all moderators,

I have been working in a leading R&D from last Year 2015. Overall I have experience of 6 Years IT experience. This year in October month, my company found me guilty of Theft. I have agreed to my actions and helped them in each way to conclude the issue. I even helped them to know more about the other people who had this idea originally. As they were contractors their contracts were ended on the same day. I have been interacting with one of the HR who assured me that if I cooperate then company may give me smooth separation. After 2 Months of waiting time, yesterday they called me to office and handed me over a Termination Letter stating due to Theft we are terminating your contract with company with fine amount 5L. I requested them in all possible way but of no result. I did not put my resignation believing that my company will give me a Relieving Letter. I have served the company more than 1.9 Years from the date of joining. Now I am even ready to make the payment by taking a loan but how do I get a confirmation that they will give me a Relieving ? I really don't have any other income source and am the only person in my family earning. Now I have taken a personal loan to pay the due amount. But if company will not give me Relieving letter then I will be left with job less condition. I have already cleared few company interview rounds and waiting for a offer. Please guide me on this.


From India, Bengaluru
In addition to this, I have decided to send one email to concerned HR. Please let me know if this is correct approach or not. I want them to understand my situation. Please guide !

Hi xxxx,

Good Morning!

I sincerely respect the Leadership Team's decision taken against me. I am completely shattered at the end result and after such a lengthy time. I know I have made previous mistakes and I completely own up to them and admit them whenever I need to but how severe am I or my family to be punished for it? Its more than 1.5 months gone on and I sure have changed for the better. How am I supposed to prove I have integrity if I am not given a chance? Is there anything I can do?

I request Company to consider my work efforts, recognition, sincerity for my work for a instance while sentencing me a Termination. I have my aged parents and a responsibility of 3 people here in Bangalore. Company's Termination will definitely leave me in a potentially Jobless condition. I have already gone through a lot of mental stress during last one and half months. As per company's instructions I have to pay an amount of INR 5 Lacs/- compensation for the missing valuables. After doing all possible financial calculation I am sure I will not be able to pay the same without a job. I even don't have sufficient funds for paying next month Rent. As I said to you today I have cleared interview rounds in couple of company, In this case without work Relieving Letter from Company, I will not be able to join any of them, which will leave me income less. I have already taken a Personal loan for which I have to pay the EMIs every month. So considering all facts, I beg Company, to issue me 'Relieving Letter' for my career and payment of above mentioned fine amount. I am willing to pay the stated amount only to end this issue and get a relieving letter.

I promise that I will make the payment of INR 5Lacs/- before due date. I beg my company to please reconsider my apology and all co-operation during and after the investigation. I am requesting for a second chance for my career and family. Please reply me back with the mode of payment and Point of contact for further separation process with a relieving.

On a final note, I have always believed that mistakes when accepted and forgiven gives a positive result. If my office will not be giving me Relieving Letter, which will leave me in jobless condition and making me unable to pay the sought amount. Please try to understand my situation. If in future I take any wrong step to make the due amount payment to Company XXX, Bangalore then they will be responsible for the same. I really want to end this dispute and start a fresh and positive life ahead. I will not repeat any kind of past activities in future.

Thank you for your valuable time. Please do the needful.



From India, Bengaluru
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