I worked in a company 'A' for a year and then next I worked in another company 'B' for one year and presently I am working in another company 'C'. Now I have got an offer from one of the largest MNCs, say company 'D'. I have submitted all employment related documents to 'D' for Background verification.

Company 'A' is run very very unprofessionally. It's run by unethical people. THEY ARE VERY POWERFUL PEOPLE AND ARE NOT AFRAID OF ANY LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. I have the offer letter from them signed by the then General Manager of the company who has also moved out recently. I have the Relieving Letter signed by the MD himself. Out of one year of employment, I received salaries in Cash for just first 2 months, May 2013 and June 2013. From 3rd month i.e. July 13 I received through Bank Transfers only. Again, although I received Cash in the Second Month i.e. June 13, they deducted TDS and deposited in my name. So, on my PAN Ledger for June 13 it shows a tax credit from company 'A'. That is also a proof that they paid me Salary. I had an EPF Account also there. Apart from first two months i.e. May 13 & June 13, they deducted my PF and also paid every month to the EPFO from July 13 till last month of my employment. Although Company 'A' deducted Income Tax from my salaries regularly I do not have the Form 16 from Company 'A' but again my TDS are reflected on Form 26AS which can be downloaded any time from Income Tax Website. That was the background of my employment in Company 'A'.

Now my questions are:

1. What to do if company 'A' ignores or denies to certify the details of my employment in 'A' when Background Verification Agency on behalf of Company 'D' visits there?

2. In case, company 'A' does not provide details or provide some false information that do not match with those given by me to Company 'D', will the Background Verification Agency or the Recruiting Company 'D' let me know about it? I mean will I be provided an opportunity to prove myself by providing other supporting documents like Salary Account Statements? Or they will simply put Red Mark on my profile and dismiss my appointment?

NOTE: As per initial requirement of Company 'D', I have just provided Offer Letter and Relieving Letter of company 'A'. As of now, I have not provided any extra supporting documents like Salary Account Statement. I thought I should give those documents only if they ask for and not before that unnecessarily.

Sam Singh

From India, undefined
Dear Sam

You have posted on several threads the identical matter. I think it is due to your sense of urgency and concern.

I am posting the same reply here, that i have already posted, so that you can be helped urgently.

Kindly refrain from posting on multiple threads.

Dear Sam

I have gone through your query. There is nothing for you to worry. An ex-employer can not jeopardise someone's future, as the apprehensions reflected by you.

Moreover, I agree that Background Verification are carried out in a very shoddy way by people who do not have any experience of corporate world. BV serves no practical purpose. as past behaviour is not a guarantee of future acts.

There is always a first time when every offender commits anything wroung, and it may not becessarily have happened in the past.

What is the guarantee that a person with clean and good record will always perform well all his life or not do anything wrong ???

With AADHAR and so many advances in Police work, an offender can not hide forever and will always be caught, whether he remains in India or flees abroad ;ike so MANY HIGH-PROFILE OFFENDERS !!!!

So Background Verification is just a means so that the concerned consultancies can earn money, by scaring the Employers about the dangers of similar offences.

A successful BV is not a guarantee of future performance. A KYC system, as employed by the Bank is good enough.

What can an employee do, or where he can run away after a fraud, if the Employer has COPIES OF HIS AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS, PASSPORT, VOTERS ID etc etc etc.

Please relax, and if any discrepancy is put forward by the BV Agency, fight your case. Since you have NOT done anything wrong, NOR committed ANY frauds; why are you worried ???

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Dear Raj Kumar
Thanks for your reply. My main concern is whether BV Agencies or the Recruiting Companies generally intimate candidates if their credentials or records are verified properly by past employer. Otherwise I will be left blind and BV Agency will put red mark on my profile without any false declaration/ information from my side. Can you please throw some light on how generally MNCs handle such situations? Do they inform the candidates?

From India, undefined
** if their credentials or records are NOT verified properly
From India, undefined
These companies report only to those who are paying them for their services.
They have scant regard for the candidates. Nor they try to get in touch with the candidate.
They call it, being professional, which means not to have any concern or sympathy for the applicant.
It may sound harsh, but it is True.

From India, Delhi

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