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What do you think about lunch break time? Please share your opinions and practices at your company in the comment below.
From Vietnam, Hanoi
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30 mins is sufficient if there is an in house cafeteria and there is no rush. Otherwise 45-60 minutes are fine. I personally feel, 45 minutes is good enough time to have a relaxed lunch.
From India, Delhi

It should not be so short that the time is out by the time the employee swallows the first morsel of food and at the same time not long enough to make him go for a sleep and wake up. In many factories, the lunch canteen will be half-kilometer away from other buildings. I have seen it and experienced it. In such cases, the management should take into account various factors, including size of canteen, number of employees working and how many rush in during peak hour. In many places, to avoid over crowding they have deferred lunch breaks. Further, if the organisation is strict about using personal mobile, email etc, Management should give some genuine break along with lunch break for catching up with phone calls. As our friend has opined above, 45 minutes is neither too short nor too long !
Best wishes

From India

I suggest keep 45 mins lunch time irrespective of whether you have cafeteria or not. You can inform your employees that they can take 45 mins break for lunch as per their convenience. Now you can set a start time for lunch break. Say for eg: 12.30pm. Now if the person leaves for cafeteria (if you have it) so that he can have lunch just at 12.30 then he can have his or her lunch comfortably for 45 mins. And in other case if person is busy with the work, or not hungry or waiting because cafeteria is full then he or she can have it as per his/her comfort but for 45 mins.
45 mins because it is said that 30 mins is generally enough for food and 15 mins if they want to take walk or attend personal calls etc.

From India, Mumbai
Ruchika Shekhawat
Yes I totally agree with my seniors. I am working in an IT compan y where generally employees go to their home so here we have 1 hour lunch break because it is not always sure that employees leave their desk exactly on the time they need 5 to 10 minutes to check the current work and if the work needs 5 to 10 minutes more to complete generally employees prefer to get it completed and than leave their desk rather than leaving their work as it is.
From India, Jodhpur

Hello Ms. Thu Ngo,
Further to the suggestions of the other members, I think in your case, your Country's general practices too will need to be taken into account.
What's OK in India MAY be atrocious in Vietnam....and vice-versa.
Also, you haven't mentioned the sector--IT or manufacturing or something else. This too would have a bearing on the final decision. Since you are into Manpower, looks like you are asking this query on behalf of some client.

From India, Hyderabad

What learned member Tajsateesh says is relevant about labor practices 45 minute times is adequate for lunch normal circumstances.
From India, Pune
Vietnam Manpower

Thank you for your all opinions and sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not sure if my original post was edited by Mr./Ms. Moderator or something went wrong because my original post looks like below + the question at the end of the article. Hope that you can find something helpful there.

From Vietnam, Hanoi

normally lunch break time is between 30 minutes to 45 minutes, in fact in the company policy it must be mentioned that what will be the duration of the lunch break, so at the time of Induction, new joinee will come to know that what is the lunch break time. moreover, it depend upon the organisation to organisation also, if it is manufacturing company, and workers are doing very hard work loading unloading, welding works then in that case lunch break may be one hour, so that workers should take their lunch and relax and re energies after lunch, so that their efficiency should increase
From India, New Delhi
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