Hello All, I need your input in this.
A staff (sonographer) informed my MD that he would not be available for 2 days without informing the HR Manager he was not asked to also put this in writing which he is also aware of, as this is stated in our employee policy. From my investigation, he said he told someone to cover his shift knowing fully well that that person works somewhere else on a full time basis and the person only works for us on part time. Another issue was he didn't inform the person of the time that person was meant to cover his shift (lack of communication). We were highly incapacitated this period because he is one of the key employees of the company, we had to source for someone outside the company to cover those hours on short notice. Kindly let me know how i should handle such matters, do i issue a warning letter even though the MD was informed, if not how do i go about handling this issue? Thank you

From Nigeria, Lagos

Apprise the MD of problems faced by this Key persons unexpected absence.
See his reaction.
After all as MD he holds greater responsibility to ensure smooth operations.
I really do not think that HR will be able to take any major action against the technician in this particular instance.
Is there any reason why MD directly listened toa technician asking for leave in this fashion?
This will need careful handling.

From India, Pune
More than anything, this is an internal communication problem. Squarely blaming the employee will not be proper, as he has in advance informed an senior person about his leave.
Suggest, improve the internal communication and improve the leave application to be online, with HR involved to avoid further problems.
Ashutosh Thakre

From India, Mumbai
As Ashutosh said, there may be a gap in internal communication.This is not the case of abrupt absence or unauthorized absence as the steno informed the M.D about his absence, though he did not inform the HR.Some times practices may take a break from policies.Please find out whether this is the practice permitted by the M.D. The M.D might have thought that the employee might have informed the HR and the employee might have thought the M.D might have informed the HR. So probably the employee deserves the benefit of doubt for now. As HR, you need to sort out this communication problem by discussing it with the employee, insisting that in future he needs to inform HR also despite keeping the M.D in loop.I do not know whether the M.D would like to be involved in matters of daily routine.They ( the stenos who are becoming a scarce resource now) often act as centers of power as they enjoy greater proximity to M.D and probably that might have also made him to be casual with HR.and see whether taking the matter to M.D will be counterproductive.


From India, Mumbai
True Mr.Nathrao, I misread it as stenographer probably having been carried away by the common observation that stenographers/PAs are associated with M.Ds of companies and yes, we do not know the hierarchical relationship in the organisation.It appears that the problem is structural to allow these lapses. Thanks for the correction.

From India, Mumbai

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