Hi Sir,
i am working in BPO however last month i left the job due to some personal reason now after a month, i want to join back same company however my AVP gave wrong feedback in HR about me due to that HR are not accepting my hiring.
please suggest me how i overcame from this situation and can join same Company.
please provide your suggestion.

From United States, San Mateo
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Vijay,

How many years/months did you work in your previous company? What was your designation? What was the level of your performance? Were you star employee?

You could have been thoughtful while resigning from the job. Within a month if you approach the previous company for re-joining, then the company might think that they are being given secondary importance. They too have self-esteem. They cannot accept status of being standby to someone's career. Employees cannot leave or ask for rejoining at their whims and fancies. It could lower down their status in the eyes of the current employees. Hence possibly your rejection.

Nevertheless, cases of rejoining are many. However, what matters is performance. If excellent performers asks for rejoining, company welcomes such employees with open arms. In your case if the VP has put his oar in your rejoining then it goes on to show that you are persona non grata. Against this backdrop, prudence demands looking for the new job. Jobs in your field could be aplenty.

The lesson for you in this episode is that while taking decisions, please evaluate decision them carefully. Generate more number of options and do merit/demerit analysis of each option. Lest you might have to take U turn. While for average politician taking U turn may not matter, for a career-conscious professional it should matter.

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Vijay,
How long did you work for your previous company? Did you hold a key role there? Were you a top performer in your team/ department? How big the company is? And did you submit resignation with right procedure (direct manager accepted -> HR department accepted -> you handed over -> leave)
Company usually welcome some kinds of former employee back:
1. Talent (top performers, key role holders, C-level managers)
2. Who work for the company in a very long term, then forced to move due to personal reasons.
Hope this helps.

From Vietnam, Hanoi
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