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Hello Everyone,
Can anyone share your Organizations Appraisal process. I want to understand the ground work behind appraisal process i.e how do we map the salary hikes of Employee, from where we get the data to decide on the raised salary slabs of Employees. I would be highly thankful to all, if you can share the template or any raw data for the same.Awaiting for your response.

From India, Mumbai
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Swechchha,

It appears that you do not have a proper Policy on Performance Appraisal (PA) well in place. When employees join the company, during induction itself they should be told when their appraisal will take place. The salient features of policy could be as below:

a) Appraisal may be done quarterly. The Appraisal cycle of one year is too long. Nevertheless, a salary hike may be done as on 1st April or 1st Oct.

b) Employees who join in between, when their first PA will take that can be decided in the policy.

c) % of salary hike should be linked to the score of PA.

The important point is PA concentrates only on individual performance. We need to go beyond and measure the business performance. For this, you need to have a well-designed policy on Performance Management System (PMS). There was a query in this forum on PMS. I have given a reply to this post. Click the following link to refer to the reply:

Though the heading of the post is about IT companies, the reply applies to all industries. In the above link, you will get further links. I request you to go through each link patiently and possibly you may understand how the lack of proper work measurement impacts your organisation. For further doubts, you may call me on my mobile number.


Dinesh Divekar

P.S.: - I provide consulting services to establish a comprehensive Performance Management System (PMS). While establishing the PMS, I develop KPIs to measure human resource utilisation, machine utilisation, etc. My activities surpass the usual measurements mentioned in the Balanced Score Card (BSc). If you wish to avail of my paid services, then feel free to approach me. Thanks.

From India, Bangalore
Dear All, How to establish the PMS cycle in startup organization. Can someone please help out the basic steps included in setting PMS cycle of employee
From India, Pune
Raghunath Sabat

Hello Swechchha,

The appraisal process and the method of mapping salary hikes for employees can vary from organization to organization. However, here are some general steps that organizations typically follow in their appraisal process:

Goal Setting: At the beginning of each appraisal cycle, managers and employees set goals and objectives for the upcoming year. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART).

Performance Evaluation: At the end of the appraisal cycle, managers evaluate employees' performance based on the goals and objectives set earlier. They may use performance metrics, feedback from colleagues and customers, and other factors to assess employee performance.

Performance Review Meeting: Managers meet with employees to discuss their performance evaluation and provide feedback. This is an opportunity for employees to ask questions, receive feedback, and discuss any areas for improvement.

Salary Hike Decisions: Based on the performance evaluation, the organization decides on salary hikes for employees. The salary hike percentage may vary based on performance, role, and other factors.

Communication: Once the salary hike decisions are made, HR communicates the new salary slabs to the employees.

As for the data used to decide on salary hikes, organizations typically use a combination of factors such as market rates for similar roles, employee performance, and the organization's financial health. They may also conduct salary surveys and benchmarking studies to determine competitive pay rates for their industry.

Regarding sharing a template or raw data for the same, I'm afraid that I cannot provide you with a specific template or raw data as each organization has its own appraisal process and criteria. However, you can search online for sample appraisal forms and templates to get an idea of what the appraisal process looks like.

You can also read this article to find some relevant information: Performance Appraisal Methods

I hope this information helps you in understanding the groundwork behind the appraisal process.


From India, Mumbai
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