Hey friends, my question is to what extent HR (recruitment) is responsible for non performance on floor with bpo... recruitment is done with all quality criteria kept prior most.. then the batch is forwarded to training ... should I accept the blame on me for non performance and to what extent...???
From India, Pune
Dear Aichaa,

Who are involved in the recruitment process in your company? Is it only the recruitment wing of HR or some Ops Manager also interviews the job candidate?

In recruitment process of many companies, HR is the first filter. Tossing the right candidates for the interview of the Ops Manager is the job of recruitment department. Now in your case, there is a room believe that not just recruitment wing but Ops Manager has also failed in selection of the right candidate.

Having said that let me go further. In many companies, it is the KRA of the recruitment department "Number of Newly Joined Employees Left/Removed within or after Probation Period". While calculating the KRA score, total recruitments are taken into account in the given period. It could be quarter or half-year depending on the volume of the recruitment in the company.

Companies assign this KRA to the recruitment department because wrong recruitment incurs huge exchequer to the company. Objective of this KRA is to plug this invisible cost. Now what percent of faulty recruitment is acceptable and what percent not acceptable is a moot point. The reply will differ from one company to another and one industry to another.

Problems of this kind arise because either competencies of the position are not identified or if these were identified, then competency based tests or questions were not asked in the interview. Have you trained the staffs involved in the recruitment on "Behavioural Interviewing" (BI) or "Competency Based Interviewing" (CBI). In BI or CBI, chances of faulty recruitment are minimised in a big way. I conduct the training on this topic. Please approach me if you wish to train your staffs.


Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear friend,
HR will not held responsible for the non performance of an employee, you are responsible for giving right candidate, and certainly have some of the officials of the respective department in selection process for a suitable employee (and not the right employee) because training and other relatives are interlinked for the process to complete... and when the employee put into work the non performance crop up after a certain period, so there is no question of HR involved. Blame is the product of inefficiency..

From India, Arcot
Dear Gopinath,
If you firmly put your foot down for HR being not responsible then what is the accountability of the recruitment department? Recruitment is nothing but searching needle in the hay sack. What is the use of recruitment department if it is discovered at later stage that they had provided sack needle in place of ballpoint needle? Essence of recruitment lies in timely discovery of the product.
Yes, 100% perfect recruitment may not be feasible nevertheless, as written in my earlier post, what leeway to be provided could have divergent views.
If not HR, then who will be responsible for the cost of poor recruitment? You need to assign this cost to some department. The trouble with many companies in India is that cost of poor recruitment is not at all measured. Since this cost is not measured, neither managers are sensitized on this cost. But then this is what the real cost-consciousness is. Controlling this cost is a real need of a training is.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Dinesh Divekar,

Really I am moved by your words, it is the responsibility, collective and not specific, hope, you do agree..

Recruitment is the process and that did not give full proof compatible version of every thing. Here, the question is non performance and who is responsible for the failure.. this squarely rests with the employee for his failure, exactly, as an HR is not going to assign every cell of the work. If, in the one way the employee is a non performer on the other way he may quite competent in another work, then the role of HR is questionable, because, for the specified job the completion is not complete. Thus, HR is a process of evolution and not a striker of competency. Each work and criteria of work need several skills and none is competent to evaluate within a suitable period. SO, in HR himself is fit for and to work as HR is a question, in the process every thing involve calculations, trainee skills, betterment of job, accountability, trust et al is connected.

Ofcourse, in a Govt. Job after a lot of prudence check we find at the top echelons bribe is a matter of concern who is responsible is the recruitment cell? so is the HR, for a company better fixing the responsibility evolve a better process for a required employee and accommodating the employed for the better utilisation of his/her services.

What is poor recruitment and cost?.. Are you worried about salary to the HR or training expenses..in both the cases if HR is poor the organisation employed them him or her is the failure in the process thus the organisation in a nut shell is poor co-ordinating.

The collective responsibility is the best of every thing and not the specific.. I am curtailing the issue...

best of luck

From India, Arcot
Dear Friend
I feel both HR as well as Technical dept is equally responsible for selecting wrong person at the time of interview. HR has to take preliminary interview to access the candidates attitude / qualifications / experience if any / back ground check / general knowledge and aptitude etc. At the same time, by observing body language and manners of an individual will also help HR to come to conclusion whether particular person is said to be fit or not for specific position. If HR satisfy themselves only, they should refer such candidate to technical round of interview, if both HR and Technical interview are said to be conducted on different dates or different times.This is my opinion only, you may correct it any mistake or wrong is there in my opinion

From India, Hyderabad
Dear all... this is a very good help from all of you... i have gone throu' the entire discussion and have come to a conclusion that to some extent even I am responsible for non performance... The idea of getting some one from operations involve in final recruitment sounds good... but this is a bpo industry where hiring is 24/7/365 days n very high attrition rates... to follow many rounds of interview sometimes seems not possible due to a constant demand of man power on floor... I have come to a conclusion that for some time I should bring the hiring on hold and check with the reasons of non performance on floor..
I would really appreciate if Mr Dinesh you can highlight more on KRA... how much should be the ratio @ regiular interval of time so as to prove minimum or zero faulty recruitment.. and also if you can give me an idea on how can i get access to getting myself trained for BI and CBI....

From India, Pune
Dear Aichaa,

Non-performance at BPO floor or shop floor of factory results because of many counts. Following are some these that are applicable to the (recruitment of) newly joined employees:

a) Selection of culturally misfit candidates

b) Job competencies not identified,

c) No proper training, no supporting infrastructure

d) No proper support from the manager. Manager remain nonchalant to the requirements of fresh employee

e) Treating the staffs shabbily. Manager lacks interpersonal skills

f) Career path not laid out

g) Monotony in work. Requirement to work long without valid reasons

From the organisation as a whole or HR's side following are the failures:

g) Cost of poor recruitment not calculated. Since this cost is not calculated, managers are not sensitized on this cost

h) Operations staffs not involved in the recruitment

i) Manpower attrition analysis not done. No lessons learnt from the wrong recruitment of the past

j) Staffs involved in the recruitment not trained on Behavioural Interviewing

k) Organisation is unable to attract quality candidates. There is no brand pull. Top management does nothing to improve or create the brand pull in the job market

l) Considering basics of management science not applicable. Living in the ivory tower and taking smug view of "our industry is different".

m) Considering manpower attrition as fait accompli

n) Labour union is missing. Had there been labour union, it would have given voice to the complaints of the employees. Attrition is result of disconnect between thinking of top management and the ground staffs

o) Organisation does not have "Formal Mentoring Programme".

p) Organisation does not have philosophy. No value-centric administration. Decisions of top management or managers are in contrast with the vision and mission statement of the organisation

Not that all the above reasons could be applicable to you, nevertheless, some of the reasons will be applicable that goes without saying.

Coming to your question on training on Behavioural Interviewing. I have been conducting training on this subject for more than a decade. You may click the following link which is my latest reply on the subject:



Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Aichaa,
In BPO sector hiring is not handled by hr individually.Hr conducts the initial screening then a trainer has to test his/her technical skills and other aspects that varies from company to company.Because after selection they will go to training first.Thus the answering of hr becomes less in case of non performance.Trainer will train them accordingly they will hit the floor.Thus the work of Operation team starts they have to control n manage the persons on floor.The person who are non performer should be put under re certification.
thus u can control attrition rate also.So start involving trainer /QA/Ops Manager in interviews.Take their signatures on the cv of candidates shortlisted by him/her.It will also bring a sense of responsibility among them and they will train n guide the under performing employees rather than throwing them out.

From India, Mohali
True Lavika... this was really good suggestion..and I have already planned a new recruitment criteria as such...and thnx Mr.Dinesh for this wonderful insight you’ve given....
From India, Pune

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