Hi Sir,
i am Dinesh i need information that i had spend 4 year,11 month and 18 days in company i-e from 13-Feb 2009 to 31 Jan-2014. am i eligible for gratuity please help because company is denying for the same
Dinesh mehra

25th April 2014 From India, Delhi

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Dear Dinesh, An employee has to complete exactly five years of satisfactory service to become eligible for Gratuity, hence you are not eligible..............
26th April 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply but as i searched for Gratuity eligibility, where i found that one of Madras High courts judgement says that the employee had completed 4 years 240 days in 5th year i-e 4 years 10 months and 18 days is eligible for Gratuity so would request you to clear me about this Judgement...
Copy of Judgment also attached for your reference..once again thanks..
Dinesh Mehra
27th April 2014 From India, Delhi

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File Type: pdf Madras High Court Decision on 4 yrs %26 240 days .pdf (1.46 MB, 376 views)
Dear Dinesh ji, As per your quote you are eligible for Gratuity for 05 years as judgement of Madras High Court & other decisions. Please contact to your HR department & discuss it.
28th April 2014 From India, New Delhi
Dear Mohan Sir,
I had requested them(HR of the company) and also aware them about this Judgement but they are denying for the same pls suggest what should i do and where i approach to avail my right..
Dinesh Mehra
28th April 2014 From India, Delhi
Mr. Dinesh,

First make a application to your employer asking to pay Gratuity mentioning your date of joining and date of leaving.By register post.

Wait for 15 days and then send a reminder letter to your Employer highlighting your first letter is not considered which is payable along with interest applicable.

Wait for 15 days Send a third Letter to your Employer that it is a notice under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 claiming the amount and you are proceeding towards the Controlling Authority Under the Payment of Gratuity Act,1972 under your Employer Jurisdiction. addressing a copy of this notice to the Controlling Authority under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

Approach the Controlling Authority under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 with your letters and evidences such as payslip, evidence for date of joining and leaving along with your copy of representations submitted. Obtain Form 'N' either from the controlling Authority or down load the form 'N' from the net. Fill it and file it before the Controlling Authority in Triplicate so that the third copy is yours specifying your claim in amount. The Authority will hear your case and dispose it. This is the procedure I am adopting in Puducherry Jusidiction for such claims.
29th April 2014 From India, Pondicherry
Dear Dinesh Ji,
If your department does not agree with you, then you may go to your area labour Inspector and submit a request application regarding this. Your labour Inspector will help you for getting the Gratuity payment.
29th April 2014 From India, New Delhi
Madras High Court;s decision in this case is applicable only in Tamil nadu. Varghese Mathew
29th April 2014 From India, Thiruvananthapuram
Dear Dinesh,
Many of organisation are not paying the gratuity until completion of 5 years service, Each organisation has their standard policies/practices, you can show the Madras high court judgement regarding gratuity grievances, wait & watch for their statement, then you can proceed the case in labour court.
29th April 2014 From India, Pune
Dear All ,

Thank you for your valuable insight.now from where i see the case,

The company is liable to pay gratuity as per payment of gratuity act 1972.

and No deduction shall be made on part of salary of employee when it comes to gratuity however for PF emoluments in lump sum of 12% are deducted and similar 12 % is contributed by the employer.

However there are few requirements on the part of employee for claiming of gratuity:

1 He should have worked for not less than five years for the employer or in certain cases 4 years and in excess of six months. (please note : minimum time(days) to consider a year as continuous year of service is 240 days if working above ground and 190 days in case of mines) So, here the claim is valid by the employee.

The Gratuity is Calculated as follows : ( Basic + DA ) /26 X 15 X No of Years Worked.

Also as For Coverage of the ACT to your company ,

Yes , if 10 or More Persons have been , or were employed in any day of the preceding 12 months then yes , gratuity is applicable.

As far including current amendments :

Gratuity upto INR 10,00,000 is tax free and The maximum Gratuity Payable should not exceed a total of 20 Months Wages.

Hope your Query is cleared for some extent.

And please other members if i am wrong anywhere please do correct me....i am always open to learning

However for people with doubt in any thing related HR fraternity can contact me on my linked profile

Arakanshu Singh - India | LinkedIn or mail :akkyinmba@gmail.com.

attribution https://www.citehr.com/481806-gratui...#ixzz30HXktYBz
29th April 2014 From Singapore, Singapore

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