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swapna chanda

Am formulating policies for my company, suggest me what it exactly includes and on what basis?
From India, Hyderabad
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Dear Swapna,
Most of the organizations consists of their own policies and regulations basing on the Company profile and strength. some of the Iam just higlighting are listed as below:
- Manpower Planning
- Recruitment & Selection
- Cost-cutting or Budgeting
- Organization Structure or Planning, Organizing
- Training & Development
- PMS System
- Absenteeism

You do can add few basing on the Organization strenght, requirement and Current flow.
Kalpana Raghavaprasad

From India, Madras

Dear Swapna,
Formulating policies for an entity depends solely on the arena in which it strives to do business. Now, since the clarification on the sector in which your company operates and the niche' it is aiming to target is not mentioned in the post, all the help you can expect is to follow the outline maiden steps mentioned in the .doc file attached here for your worthy perusal. All the luck for your policy making.

From India, Chandigarh

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There is no 'one-size-fits-all' concept for HR policies. As my learned professional friends mentioned above, you cannot just formulate policies as you wish and get them implemented. There are financial implications for many of the policies. Some policies may go against the culture prevalent in the location you are operating in. Each policy need to be designed, debated, discussed, get approved by Management, including the financial impact on the budget.
We are not here to discourage you but then informing you about the after-effects ! You are most welcome to go ahead, plan, design, but before implementiing take into effect the other aspects like financial impact on your revenue budget as well.
If need be, take the help of an external consultant, who will be impartial in his advice and service.
Best wishes

From India

The basic HR Policies to start-up
Recruitment & Selection
Leave Management System
Joining & Exit
Performance Management System
Training & Development
You do can add few time to time basedon the Organizational need & requirement.
Sonal Tandon
Navi Mumbai

From India, Mumbai

Hi Swapna,
I understand that the following policies are very important, which the company should have for smooth running in a structured way:-
1) Termination Policy that comprises of Non Performance; Absconding; Disciplinary Issues; Habitual late coming ; Habitual Absences; Fraudulent.
2) Rehiring
3) Leave
4) Compliance & Ethical
For drafting policy one need to gather details from the management and then put in straight & simple words.
I have uploaded few policies you can refer them for better clarity.
All the best!

From India, Delhi
Archana Pawar
Dear Swapna,
Policies are a very important for an organisation. Its something that the company will refer from time and time hence needs careful and exhaustive drafting. I would also recommend you take external help. I am not sure of the nature of your organisation or no. of staff etc. but would urge you to remember to cover the Sexual Harassment at Workplace as per the new Law which has become a crucial part of the company policy. I know a few people who work on this and I could recommend you. If interested you may write to me on
All the best.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Swapna,
Policy formulation and updation is a vast, challenging yet interesting area. The opportunity comes to very few to get in to this subject. With my experience preparing the HR Policy and Process Manual for my company, giving you some inputs / understanding which you may find useful:
Below needs to be considering while formulating any policy:
* Approving authority of the HR Policy and Process Manual
* Approving authority of the future amendments in the HR Policy and Process Manual
* Mechanism of review and updation of HR Policy and Process Manual
Any policy should consist of below:
* Objective of the Policy
* Scope of the Policy [area of subject considered]
* Applicability of the Process [in terms of employees / their grade etc]
* Guidelines
* Standard Operating Procedure
* Terms & Conditions (Assumptions)
* Annexures (required Tables & Letters)

From India, Pune
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