I worked with Company A till 22 Feb 2011 but left serving a notice period of 6 days. They gave me a release letter dated 1 Mar 2011.
Then I joined Company B and they didn't find any problem with.
Now I joined Company C and after 3 months they have taken up this issue.
I have submitted :
Bank statement which states that I received less salary.
36 days payslip of Company B stating my joining on 24 Feb 2011.
January 2011 payslip stating that I received higher salary.
Now my present HR is not convinced although she has forwarded the details to BGC team.
What shall I do now.Pls help.

From India, Kolkata

If I understand you right, there are two areas that are creating problems from you.

- The last date of working or Date of Release [DOR] with Company A is before the Date of Joining [DOJ] with Company B

- The salary received from Company A is more than the one received from Company B

The first concern might have posed as a problem to Company B. If they made no bones about it, how does it matter to anybody else ?

The second concern is more of a personal choice. Ideally talent is measured by the pay check it draws. However, if you are in a job that offers you more value than a pay check, you are free to choose it.

Its evident that both the concerns can make any HR think, but not loose sleep over it. If the over lapping of DOJ and DOR didn't matter to Company B , it legally no longer makes any difference to any other firms. Yes, it might show in red during BCG, but logically makes no difference.

As you have already shared , you have explained your HR every details of the release, hence wait for them to sort it at their end.

On a lighter note, you happily taking a lesser salary home should remain a good news to them.

You may choose not to answer, but I am keen to understand why you left Company A? What was the reason that made you shift at such a short notice ?

Looking forward to hear from you !

From India, Mumbai
Thank you very much. However Comp B called me and asked me to join early due to requirement, but Comp A left me with verbal confirmation and gave me release letter dated 1 March 2011. Now I joined Comp C in Nov 2013 and now HR called me and told me this issue.However I submitted all scanned details to rhem, but I am worried as whether I will loose my job?. Please reply.
From India, Kolkata
Company C is right in raising a concern. But doesn't make any sense for them to react on it.
Stay put, and offer them contacts from Company B , who can further assert your point.
Anyhow you have done your best to explain. Wish you all the best !

From India, Mumbai

I try to understand the whole issue, if I'm right the facts what you stated are as follows (I find there are some loose ends ?):

1. You worked in " 'A' till 22.2.2011" and resigned (left) by giving (serving) " Notice period of 6 days "

2. Relieving letter was issued dt.1.3.2011 (but Orally released you earlier which means on "when") date ? Could this fact be corraborated and proved ?

3. You joined in " 'B' on 24.2.2011, when you left 'B' ?

4. You joined in " 'C' in Nov. 2013 and they raked up this issue after three months (i.e.in Feb.2013).

5. Your concern is that salary as per bank statt. and salary slip (Jan.2011) are differing.

6. Your fear is that if BGC reveals certain inaccuracies in the details provided by you re.'A' & 'B' your job in 'C' is in danger.

(usss..a long chase to link it up...great patience (Cite Contribution)). I go by what is stated by (Cite Contribution) for the present, subject to other missing links coming forth from you if they are relevant issues.

However If you are right with (2) above and could be proved you can escape from dual employment for the simple reason that as per your statt. you left 'A' on 22.2.2011 and joined 'B' only on 24.2.2011. You didn't mention whether your were paid upto 24.2.2011 or 22.2.2011 or 1.3.2011 therefore it's subjective.

Re: mismatch in salary figs., In my view salary figs pertaining to 'A' need not be relevant for 'C' as 'C' should be concerned only with figs.concerning 'B' except what matters here is that you provided inaccurate figs.(misrepresentation of facts) which in my view need not be considered a serious one. Incidentally, I wonder why 'C' take up this issue so seriously now, have you not established your worth with 'C' so far ?

From India, Bangalore
Dear Preetam,
As a matter of fact double employment is against the rules and required conduct of an employee. However, the problem does not seem to be so bad. Please remit to company A the amount for the period wihch overlapped with the company B as having received an over payment from them which you could detect only now. Please send the amount to them by Money Order which may preferably be sent to their cashier or Acounts department. Please also ask the Post Office that you need an aquittance for the amount being remitted now.
Having received the aquittance as referred to above please apprise your present employer of the current status.I hope thigs will be O.K.

From India, Delhi

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