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Hi All ,
Thanks for all your valuable comments .
I wanted to know which would be the best way to approach my manager (either thru phone or email) since I want to be professional in my approach .Personally feel that I need to communicate via email however if my HR friends feels otherwise ,kindly let me know .
As far as I am concerned , I did not have any issues with my manager or my co-workers .
Thanks again to everyone for your comments .

From India, Bangalore

Without wasting time you must visit them personally or speak to your Boss, so that, you can present yourself with a strong interest and valid reasons, but it also depends on the reasons of your resignation and their (Employers) need or policy guidelines that actually plays an important role with these kind of cases.

I second Mr Simhan, you must share the reason of your resignation and why you want to rejoin them, which will help the community to suggest you properly and to the other members.

Second, you have worked with them for 7 months only and I believe it is not enough to reconsider your candidate and judge your performance, like stated by other members above that can help you and your employer and make them feel to rehire you. Because such a small work period, can not actually help the employers to judge the performance/candidature of an employee who have left the organization of their choice (Resignation).

I'm here not to make you feel bad or hopeless, but to present facts and that I believe is important to you which will be a learning ....

Lastly, I would suggest you to be very careful while taking decisions in your career and life because a single and hasty decision can make you feel at the stage where you are today or more worse.

Take Good Care and Best of Luck

From India, Gurgaon
Nice piece of advice by Mr.Simhan & Anil. Let me add, you have already wasted considerable days thinking how to approach etc. The best way is to seek an appointment with your HR or first your HOD to whom you were reporting and tell them openly what mistake you have done and why, and seek their pardon, and reinstatement in whatever way possible (if it suits you). But at the same time, my opinion is that, you shouldn't sound you are desperate to get back and nowhere to go. Put across your side convincingly with nice words as to why you want to be back. A word of caution and don't mistake me, what if they were to refuse and politely decline to take you back. You should be prepared for the worst as by now you should gain a self confidence to say ' come what may' In other words you should be prepared for anything.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Vinayak,

I am not surprised to note that you are good at asking questions rather than answer questions put to you.

Let me narrate an incident that took place years ago. A friend of mine opted for VRS (Voluntary Redundancy Scheme) from an MNC, as he had a written offer of a job from a small company. His application was under consideration. During that time, the manager who had offered the job had left the new company. The company notified him the situation and were still prepared to honour the offer. The person's boss, who was instrumental in advising him about the new job, felt sorry and was prepared to reject his application. However, the person said "Beggars are no choosers." That's what happens when you approach the old firm. You want them more than they want you.

If they offer you a lower position than you held before, and offer you less wages, do you want to join them? There are a lot of questions that you need to answer before you approach your ex-boss. It is preferable to ring your ex-boss, if you can; otherwise, drop a polite email requesting a quick meeting with him/her.

From United Kingdom
Dear All ,
Thanks for your inputs .
Kindly note , the reason I quit was for a better opportunity .However I realized that work atmosphere is not great when compared to my previous.Except for the benefits , nothing seemed good (be it work or the work environment) .
Hence I am feeling that going back to my previous org makes more sense , since I am aware of the working conditions & though the benefits are less , it is still fine.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Vinayak
Hope you might have come to one conclusion with the reply given by our members. Mr. Simhan, Mr. Anil and Mr. Kumar has given you good advice and if you act accordingly you could have succeeded.
My advice in this aspect is "Please do not delay further". Contact your line Manager and take his opinion / advice about rejoining. Then approach the HR (after confirming the position still kept vacant) with the recommendations from your line manager. He will help you in the way your company policy sounds.
After approaching your ex employer, please give the feedback about the happenings at your company.
Wish you all the success.

From India, Kumbakonam
First of all I would like to suggest you to contact HR deptt. Of your previous organization and confirm whether they follow rehiring policy.
I hope they will consider you if they follow this policy because you had served notice period and left job in a genuine way.
Many organizations use Rehiring policy and its somehow good because old employee are aware of work culture and adapt easily again.
But there might be some rules and conditions regarding rehiring like performance,HOD feedback,Company deadline (Minimum and Maximum time of rehiring after resign)..So its highly advisable to contact HR Deptt.
Secondly I would Advise you to be loyal to your present company if they have given you the opportunity to work for them.Initially there might be some cultural differences but changing job is not a good solution.
Try to discover yourself and Good Luck !!!!!

From India, Mohali
Hello Vinayak :

You have got good advice already. I opine keep it simple. If you have a strong urge to rejoin your old company (hopefully you are sure of your decision this time) you can contact your old boss first. If you shared good relations with your boss and also your performance was as expected this would be an appropriate start point. You can share about your interest to rejoin if the opening still exists or any other suitable profile matching your skills.

Your boss can be a good bridge between you and the HR. Generally the line manager (boss) will internally check the policy on rehiring and revert to you with whatever is possible. Typically if the line manager is convinced and also if there is a requirement then they recommend HR to rehire the candidate. Hence I personally opine you should first connect with your ex-boss.

Welllll again please be prepared for the worst. I mean maybe they may not consider re-hiring you. Hence continue doing well in your new company too.



From India, Pune
Dear Vinayak,

You have a few options -

1) If you still not opened up a channel, try this- why don't you talk to some of your ex-colleagues friends, well wishers in the who are still there and send out feelers to your ex-boss and ascertain whether there is a possibility to rejoin before move officially on record for rejoining ? Probably this channel will not damage your image.

2) If the first option is not giving right signal you might as well try to get in some other co., a 3rd one who are better known to suit your expectations.

3) Have you tried to think, ask yourself, the present environment could be changed or you might as well start liking them in due course ? This is especially required since you do have a jump and work for some more time to have another jump in yet another new co., so treat this a spring board ?

4) Have you ever tried to sort out your dislikes by discussing with appropriate persons in the present co. ? if didn't why ?

And remember, try all are any of these by keeping the present one intact.

From India, Bangalore
Dear All,
An update :
I reached out to my Manager few days back & it was a hello email , since I did not want to ask him for my job back in my first email itself .
However I did not get any response from him & I am now not sure if I should just send an email requesting him to re-consider me or since he has not responded , I should look out for some other opportunity elsewhere .
P.S : My manager has rated me as a good performer during my appraisal process .
You inputs highly appreciated .

From India, Bangalore

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