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Hi All,

I知 working in an IT company. I知 working as a Solo HR from last 3 yrs in same company. Everything was working fine but from last some days employees are very dissatisfied from the company policies. Recently I made some changes in leave policy. We also introduced marriage gift policy we are giving cash as a gift but one of our employee is saying that company should give 20-30 days paid leave. I think it is not possible, no company can give 20-30 days paid leave for marriage.

Few days back me and my boss (owner of company) decided that we should arrange 1 workshop so we need everybody should present on that day. So I made an announcement if anybody wants to take leave on that day let us know 1 employee said I need leave on that day and I値l confirm you. After 1 day I asked him do u require any leave on that day, he said no. But he added if I take it on urgent basis. I said no plz don稚 take leave on that day. Then he said there are so much of rules and regulations imposing on us.

Now a days, whatever I知 saying they think that HR is imposing rules and regulations. They made a notion that I知 doing all these things to irritate them and to bound them and I知 showing my powers as a HR. They all are against me. Whatever I知 saying they think I come up with rules and regulations.

There is 1 person who is continuous saying that I知 imposing rules. He is old and strong resource of our company. He strongly opposes the leave policy, marriage gift policy and that workshop activity. Earlier I was sharing very good bonding with him.

Everybody is against me. I just want a solution from you how to cope up with this situation. I talk to them also and tried to explain them but it痴 of no use. Please suggest me some ways how can I find solution of this problem.


Nisha Sharma

[email protected]

From India, Delhi
Dear Nisha,
This is a common problem what all the HRs facing in their own domain. So Don't Worry. Let me know your companies
Employee's Count?
Which industry?
Thanks and Regards
Prakash Perumal

From India, Kolkata
Hi Nisha,

I felt a little sad to hear about your case. I can only imagine that it must be very difficult to go through such a situation. However, you need to stay positive and do something about it. Here are few options I could think of:

a) Talk to your senior and ask him to arrange a meeting with the employees and discuss the issues they are facing.

b) Conduct an employee survey and see what are the issues faced by the employees. Pick up the top 3 issues and discuss them with your boss.

c) Make an employee welfare committee with 5-7 employees and let the employees nominate the representatives. Discuss all the points with the committee and see if you can come up with some changes in the present policies and rules.

d) Discuss the issues with an external consultant and see what low-cost employee engagement activities could be done.

Remember that these issues are common for most of the HR people and you don稚 have to take them personally. People have expectations or grudges against you because of your role and not because of you. So leave the job worries at work and don稚 carry them to your home. I am sure in some time things would be better.

All of us at citeHR support your efforts and appreciate your hard work and sentiments! All the best!

From India, Delhi
Thanks for your suggestions!

@Prakash Perumal

Employee's Count: 15-20 employees

Which industry: IT Industry

Strength is very small that's why I'm much tensed. and all employees can directly interact with owner. My boss (owner) always supported me in front of them and employees accept that only in front of him but now they all are against me and they are not showing this to my boss.

I don't want to talk to my boss regarding this I want to solve it alone.

@Atul Sharma.. you are right they have grudges against me because of my role and not because of me. But sitting with them whole day with full of grudges it's not easy. Many times I talked to them as a HR but at that time they are mute.

They did many mistakes in their work and my boss yelled at them, and now they think I'm the one who is again and again complaining against them.

One important thing I want to mention here: There is 1 junior employee, she is only 1.5 yrs old in organization. She is not talking to me means no interaction. No regards no wish (Goodmorning, Goodafternoon) nothing. Can I take any professional action against her? Now this thing is on my prestige or designation. Because I think if employees are not obeying me, respecting me then one day I'll lost my dignity in office and my boss will not keep me in this office.


Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
Dear Nisha Sharma,

There is little sad to hear this.. .

I hope you have a good rapport with your boss. if yes, just discuss with your boss about the employee's behavior in a gentle manner and try to make him to understand it is not healthy to you and your organization too. If your boss felt it is not good to your company then he can take action to resolve the employee's behavioral issues. but one thing is very important nisha don't show the loss of your dignity by the employee's behavior in front of your boss. Bcz you are HR who can never loss their dignity. Just make some good systems which will help the employees to understand more about you. for instance:

Weekly Rapport Meeting

Daily Initiative Employee Program

These systems will help to resolve your problems. And finally do not loose your confident just try to make the upcoming employee generation to follow your systems. Don't bather about the existing generation, then automatically your boss will feel the employee(s) those who are not respect to you and your system automatically.

So all the best for the healthy WAR!.

Thanks and Regards

Prakash Perumal

From India, Kolkata
Thanks Prakash Perumal for your advise. It seems I've to discuss it with my boss. Actually reason for not discussing this with him is :he is already very busy in projects and tensed with all the mistakes done by team and now team is performing well so I've a doubt If I'll discuss this with him then he can think I always complaint about them, and I'm not able to handle few people in organization.
Thank you once again for boosting my morale.
Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
Dear Nisha, How are you? Let me know the status of your fight with your employee(s).
From India, Kolkata
Hi Nisha
Hope things are fine with you. Its just that some people take time in accepting somebody as senior especially the old ones and the ones who are under the influence of old ones. Its a regular thing in most of the companies and i guess with all the people who make entry in the company at a good position. If somebody doesnt wishes you its his/her attitude problem, at your position this should not bother you. Rather you should ignore him completely. All the employees are supposed to interact or seek help with HR no matter what position they hold. So keep up your smile and do whatever is good for your company, just remember your boss should not find anything negative or immature in your behaviour. ALL THE BEST.
Preety Jindal
Manpower Recruitment and Outsourcing

From India, New Delhi
Thanks Preety for commenting on this.
Yes very true my boss should not find anything negative or immature in my behavior. and I'm following it to the very extent. Because my company is in reformation stage. Everything is changed now. That's why so much of problem arises and 1 thing my boss make me very clear, in company only those will stay who will work hard.
Nisha Sharma

From India, Delhi
Dear Nisha ,

As we all know that HR is the one who plays the role as bridge between management and employees . Many times HR is assumed to be on the management side as it's the only means of issuing the rules and regulations and framing policies .

Looking over the present situation and appreciating your effort to solve the issue at your own seems nice gesture. I would like to say that HR has to work very strategically in every aspect and always look for the win -win situation to have his position maintained very smartly or will have either to face words from the either side .

I appreciate the idea of few member who have decided to form an internal committee including employees before passing any rules or atleast have their say over any rules to be formed or have discussion in brief , so that no one opposes you after that . To avoid this better include the impactful members or seniors members to avoid such situations further . Taking impactful members in your concern will let you have your say in future too .

Now as the present situations is concerned , you need to discuss the pros and cons of the benefits you are providing which should hit those and reach them perfectly that you have tried the level best from your end . The most irritative position is when HR is assumed that that does back biting as saying something on front and framing harder rules on the back and this is the point when HR becomes the enemy kind for them . So avoid such situation by discussion or atleast assure them with some better benefits which can let them feel you are not against them or imposing your power.

Looking over the condition where you told that a new member is not responding well . So better try to know the reason as forcing someone to do anything will never let you win the heart of the members or get the respect . Better try to solve some of their issues , call them for short talk or anything where you can take him on your way and know the reasons .

As far as in the past years you have been a nice HR to them (no doubt , you are still now), it means they like you as a member but due to some recent changes introduced and few things s you may not be able to notice which have led them behave so .

So my best wishes to you and believe me your team is waiting for you to ease their pain and try to cover the emotional and professional things you have been covering in the past and you will surely solve this issue . Win the hearts of your employees , a bit of your strategy needs to be implied which may be missing now and you have applied it earlier, try to be soft and handle and take time from those who you feel are most hurt, ask them as what they think to be solution but being practical , try to check for the changes if could be done a little if not more bt without compromising the policies . you will surely get the solution , discuss then with management

Once you feel they are ready to discuss then you can have a feedback survey and clear all the issues they are facing and then you will find yourself at the same place where all were with you and happily discuss the issues and you solve them brilliantly .

Have a nice day .

From India, Gurgaon

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