currently i am working with one of Korean MNC as HR trainee since last 1.4 year.

they do not have any regular position for HR in their business plan so they are not able to give me regular position in their company.

now they are thinking to shift my role and responsibility in Admin team as a trainee only(although this time HR and admin are in same team but most probably it will separate with in 2 Month)

i am not interested in Admin department, wanted to go only core HR field. so i have decided to quit the job. ( although i will talk to my senior for not changing my responsibility in admin team, as per my knowledge they will not do as they don't have any post in their business plan)

they are giving me good stipend to retain me. but i really don't wanted to go for Admin team.

Now ....

what i have to do for future------ i am thinking to do SAP HR course form local place ( get knowledge that same course without certificate we can do within 30 K)

which will not be certified by SAP(cause i do not have that much money or don't want to invest such a huge money at this level)

being having only 1.4 year exp. as a HR trainee.

is it right time to do this course ????

please help me to make decision. i have heard that after this course anyone can get better chance although its little bit tough to get job..

i am good learner and i have strong interest in software learning like SAP HR.

please guide me .... is it right time to do this course or should wait more. and should search another job in HR after having 2 to 3 year exp. in HR go for this course..??????

From India, New Delhi
Industrial Relations
Raj Kumar Hansdah
Shrm, Od, Hrd, Pms
Hr Professional

Greetings Pawan,

I am given to understand from many candidates working for Korean MNC's, who have attended interviews that the role of employees in such companies are very restricted and in Finance and HR the attrition rates are hovering around 15%. The reasons stated by them are the freedom of working is very restricted and they by and large try to follow policies that are being followed by them uniformly across the globe.

Firstly, what is your objective in completing a SAP course?

- Are you planning to join a back office set up offering HR solutions?

- Is your passion more towards software, rather than dealing with employees?

- Are you keen on taking up overseas assignments?

If you are able to state this, I will be in a position to offer more insights.

All persons doing SAP course do not get the right kind of job having spent huge sums of money. Being certified in SAP or not does not matter, it is all about the knowledge you have acquired.

As regards your role, you presently have a tag, MNC experience. Instead of adding a certification course in SAP, you can consider doing a specialization course in HR from leading educational institutions such as TISS, XLRI etc., What is your basic qualification?

If you are keen on studying while working there are institutions offering part time courses in HR. In my opinion, consider these options instead of specializing in SAP.

As regards your present role, the business plans of MNC's generally considers jobs in service departments on outsourcing/ temporary assignments. They feel that jobs in these departments can be done relatively easily.

Reading between the lines on the statements made by you, there may be two reasons for your being shunted to do Administration role.

a) They feel that you are very good in administration and that could be the reason why they are offering you a good stipend to retain you. In such a case I would recommend that you can continue in that company for one more year and if you feel that you are not enjoying that role, look for alternate employment.

b) They are trying to offer you a role you are not keen, so that you quit on your own, so that they can employ a person on temporary roles with a lower stipend.

You have to take a call as to whether money matters for you or your role. But if you seek my opinion I will chose role to money. When we perform well in our role money comes automatically without your asking for.

You are aware that HR department has different facets

- HR comprising of recruitment, training, retention, employee engagement, payroll,statutory compliance .....

- IR comprising of employee relations, grievance handling, negotiations .....

- Administration comprising of logistic arrangements, security, housekeeping, facility management.....

Each facet has its own inherent challenges. As you have performed role in HR, there is an opportunity for you to pick up threads from Administration. As you have said that you are a good learner, I would recommend that you take up the challenge in Administration and try it out.

Generally, bigger companies confine roles of employees to one particular facet only and seldom move them out. But in your case the contrary is true, within 1.5 years you get a different role to play.

Software though challenging, in my opinion becomes monotonous over a period of time.

Keep updating us on your career moves.

All the very best.

From India, Madras

first of all thank you so much for you response on my queries, definitely it is detailed and enlighten one for me its cleared lots of doubt and views

as you required following details are further i am writing. please have a look once more.

I had done MBA with HR and IR specialization from One of government university at 2012.

here i am working as HR trainee since last 1.5 year they are extending my training ship since last three time. every time they used to say next time we will confirm you here don't worry but actually this will not going to take place this time also.(there are some politics is also working between our

i have cleared them first day that i am interested in HR part only i am not interested in Admin part - for this they have given me mixed responsibility something form HR and something admin part.

Now after 1.5 year having experience, when i am going to market for job, all the company are saying that sorry you are over paid that's why i wanted to do SAP HR course.

definitely i had done MBA with HR and IR so i wanted to deal with human not software, i thought this is the right time do SAP HR.

as market is treating me as fresher cause of HR trainee profile only my CV is not shortlisting cause Trainee profile only.

HOW TO COME OUT FROM THIS THING please advice me ..!!!!

Regarding :

Firstly, what is your objective in completing a SAP course? --------------------- Just wanted to inter in market where i can do things freely and faster

- Are you planning to join a back office set up offering HR solutions? ----------- Not at all

- Is your passion more towards software, rather than dealing with employees?------- i am keen to use software form easy my job but i am want to deal employee more

- Are you keen on taking up overseas assignments?---------------------- not exactly but if i will get change then i ll not back my step also.

regarding :-

You are aware that HR department has different facets

I wanted to go in IR sector but i have heard that for this sector at least you need 2 to 3 year exp in HR profile for understating of IR.

is it is right ?????

if not please guide me how i can get job in this profile. as i have theoretical knowledge of legal compliance.

please correct me if i am wrong anywhere.

thanks a lot response again on my queries.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Pawan Kumar

Mr. Kannan has given you sound advice.

For all the troubles you have taken up in posting this thread as well as sending a Private and visitor messages to me; i have taken efforts to go through your profile and contributions in, so that i can know you better as a person and get some insight into your moral values.

I find that you are in good company as you have prominent senior members and moderators in your Follow list; as well as some excellent contributions in this forum..

You have been doing quite well for an HR with only 1.4 years experience; and as I see, you are on the right track. However, any journey takes time and one has to be patient and should not expect results - too soon.

Your present dilemma comes from this and perhaps you are comparing career growth with your contemporaries. Although the duration for still being a Trainee does appear a bit long.

You have said that you still can avoid going to the Admin stream and continue with the HR stream. that sounds good. If things do not work out; then you can volunteer to take both assignments - HR & Admn. that is what most senior HRs, including myself, have done at times during their long career. Although, i would again caution you not to settle for Only Admn profile. The simple argument is, as of now being an HR necessarily requires certain specialization and certification and thus has its own intrinsic value unlike Admin where any graduate with certain experience or ex-Army personnel can be considered or even favoured.

I hope the distinction is clear to you now !!

Coming to SAP certification - definitely its good and valuable and also much in demand.

By all means; you can and you should go in for such additional qualification.

However, one can not recommend SUCH UNSCRUPULOUS INSTITUTES OF DOUBTFUL INTEGRITY who themselves help candidates in CHEATING with Fake Experiences in Fake company jobs.

So far you have been going in the right track and doing hard work to learn and develop yourself.

Why change tracks and adopt doubtful and illegal ways to get ahead in life ? Such a thing will haunt you all your life and throughout your career if the foundation is built on FAKE CERTIFICATES and EXPERIENCE.

The very fact that rather than going in for such an immoral act and getting benefited in the short-run; you have, rather, decided to discuss this matter and seek advice from seniors and experienced HR, shows your dilemma in taking the wrong path.

This is a good sign and your strength !!

Think coolly, proceed in the right direction and make correct decisions.

The rewards for right action are always there, even though it may take some more time.

Warm regards.

From India, Delhi
Dear Raj Kumar,


thanks a lot for accepting my request for comment on my thread and given your valuable time on my queries.

As far now i have cleared many doubt and defiantly i will not go for SAP HR course for that particular institute(which i have described in your private massage)

i have done some little bit research on SAP course.

i came to know that there are some institute also providing same education which SAP is providing, without any certification they have clearly mention that they will give only knowledge not certification, they will provide only certificate name with their own institute that you have knowledge of SAP HR. after that you have to search job in market by your own effort. they will help me only intimation of job opening and clearing your doubt if you have any after the course.

so i would like to know that it is right to go for this course as course fee will be only 30K

Although SAP certification fee is around 3.4 Lac. and its big amount for me.

i have also search little bit more for getting some specialization course and adding some skills on one of person then i came to know that in market there are some course existing which providing HR generalist profile training for 15 days. where they will teach some legal HR compliance and common method for payroll.

well this is some course where i can add some skills for my improvement.where i need your opinion!!!

please suggest me some course where i can polish my self and enhance my skill to get good job ??? this will be great help for me.

also suggest me that how i can take entry in IR field ????

warm regards.

From India, New Delhi
Greetings Pawan,

Your thought process is very clear and there seems to be no ambiguity. The only aspect you are worried is the extended duration of your assignment as a Trainee. You also seem to appreciate the compensation offered by your current employer.

Doing a SAP course will help, but as I said it is not your passion to take up software assignments on full time. You are aware, generally large companies outsource the software processing to companies and you may only be able to play a support role from the Management side to understand and implement the various systems/ sub systems developed by such companies. This may become monotonous over a period of time as you appear to be keen on handling the employee engagement part of it.

As regards your interest in IR, I wish to state that theoretical knowledge will certainly be useful in making recommendations to the Management to be on the right side of law, but handling workers, managing grievances and negotiating wage settlements have to be learnt by experience. For this you need to work with a senior colleague handling these matters in a company. You very well know all that we study in theory may not be workable in all situations. So it requires some guidance from persons with some insight in dealing with IR matters.

IR will certainly be in demand in India, with MNC's operating in India and trying to implement the policies being adopted by them in their own countries in India. You will appreciate that the reason for their establishing manufacturing set ups in India is a good workforce at optimal cost. The issue arises when they try to force policies being practiced amongst workmen who are highly paid with workers who are paid optimally. The labour is well protected in India and achieving a breakthrough is quite challenging.

If you are keen in IR, I would recommend that you join a company that has a opening in IR with a senior colleague available for guidance. Continuing to gain exposure in HR alone will not qualify you to become a IR professional.

In case you need any further clarifications, please feel free to contact us.


From India, Madras
thanks a lot for your reply on my continuous on my thread, surely god has put his hand on me that's why i am getting such a awesome response from all senior members.
i have cleared many things here thanks to all for sharing your experience and giving guidance to me.
now i have only one doubt with me.
should i quit this job if they will extend my trainee ship or should i continue with trainee profile.
i have already started to search new job. but i am not getting any response form companies.
Kindly guide me for a right approach or method to get a good job.

From India, New Delhi
Greetings Pawan,

Sometimes prospective candidate's profiles do not get shortlisted as they do not mention the key words in the search criteria. Hence, ensure that you have the right key words in your profile as these are picked up while searching profiles in databases of jobsites. Yet another aspect is the presentation of your skill sets in the resume.

Browse through the net and you will come across numerous profiles, choose the best one and follow it. Not necessarily you need to seek expertise of resume writing offered by job sites.

Having done the resume writing you need prepare yourself for the interview based on the skill sets presented by you in the resume. You need to logically present the reasons for quitting your current employment without casting poor impressions of your current employer. You can say that you had been a trainee for 1.5 years and wanted to look for a prospective employment as the business plans in the current company does not have a vacancy for a confirmed position.

In my opinion you can avoid stating that you were unwilling to take up assignment in Administration as this may not be appreciated by your prospective employer. The future employer may misunderstand that you will be unwilling to take new assignments/ challenges. Tell them you are keen in pursuing a career in HR.

As you have mentioned that your CTC is good, this may also be the cause for your profile getting out of the purview of prospective employers. Hence, I would recommend that you can mention against the CTC column as Negotiable.

Once the employer interviews you and is convinced that you are worth the CTC you were drawing, he may not hesitate to offer you an equivalent or better package. All said and done if you are keen on a job change, check with yourself if you will be willing to compromise on the CTC offers by prospective employers.

Ensure that you get a good job on hand and then present it to your current employer, I am sure that he will not only confirm you but also offer you a higher pay packet. I am stating this because, probably he is not taking you seriously as you have not expressed your serious intentions to quit. But once, he knows that you are firm, he will reconsider your case favourably.

All the very best


From India, Madras
thanks for reply. i ll try my best .... i ll get back to you all again after little bit work on myself. i ll disturb you all again if i have any doubt in that duration !!! thank you so much :)
From India, New Delhi
Dear Pawan
It is nice to see that Mr. Kannan has helped you in resolving all your confusion and queries, quite well with adequate information and explanations.
Just a brief recap or suggestions in a nutshell, from me :
- The value of SAP certification lies only when you get the proper and original certification (the one costing more than Rs. 3.5 lakh)
If its only exposure or "worked in SAP" is what you are looking for; then it doesn't require much expertise and one can learn when one joins a company having SAP. A "training" which costs about Rs. 30,000 may be good; but will not enable you to attract jobs on its own strength.
- Never leave your present job; unless you have a better one in hand.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

If you are knowledgeable about any fact, resource or experience related to this topic - please add your views.

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