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Thread Started by #vinodkumar

Thinking of past where I never worked with a company for more than 1 - 2 years. was Assertive, never afried to change the job,
would inform in advance that I will search a job and dare to mention the resignation date also in advance.
I continued with the present co. for 6+ Years worked hard, kept self always occupied, didnt visit CiteHR since then.
Today I have a Good Pay but No good working condition. Good Positon but no motivation. good atmosphere but totally political.
Now thinking of switch again but ................where my courage is gone? these 6 years has made me Go Blank!!!
think I am bit scared this time !!! I cant believe this would be my words for what? to change a job?
Has any one been this dilemna? ...... if so I am asking you .......... how did u deal with it?
Tell me and restore myself in me.
Vinod Kumar.H.R
6th January 2014 From India,
Dear Vinod Kumar,
You may check my following post. It will help you in settling your query:
All the best!
Dinesh V Divekar
6th January 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Divakar,
Existence so many questions in the world clearly says that Self confidence is not the answer for all the questions.
Having written and published quite a few theories like you, I know my problem is not really concerned with confidence under v/s over.
I was trying to take the opinion of people who have similar experience / dilemma like me about changing good yielding Job because of working condition and political environment.
After a long time of isolation some one looks for advise and he gets a link to some theory which is designed as per the will and wish of the narrator ?
anyway thanks..... I will keep trying my way......till I get a better reply / advise.
Vinod Kumar.H.R
6th January 2014 From India,
Dear Vinod,

First and foremost my surname is "Divekar" and not "Divakar, please may make a note.

In fact your first post was incoherent and also inchoate. Your perplexed state of mind was well discernible. Nevertheless, when I provided a link of past query, objective was to help you in coming out of this confused state.

However, you appeared to be so confused that you are unable to distinguish between reply to past post and "theory". I have never propounded any theory as such.

In your first post, you have written that "Now thinking of switch again but ................where my courage is gone? these 6 years has made me Go Blank!!! " This lack of courage is because of lack of self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence is because of two things one is lack of having requisite skills and lack of career planning. In those six long years, why you did not plan for future growth? What efforts did you put up to develop yourself? If you had done that this query would not have come up at all.

Next in the same post, you write that "Today I have a Good Pay but No good working condition. Good Positon but no motivation. good atmosphere but totally political."

To get something, you have to forego something. In a company where atmosphere is apolitical, possibly you might have got less pay. Secondly, why you require someone else or atmosphere to motivate you? One can keep himself or herself motivated notwithstanding the unfriendly or non-conducive atmosphere around.

In your second post you have written that "I was trying to take the opinion of people who have similar experience / dilemma like me about changing good yielding Job because of working condition and political environment."

How do we know that what conditions have changed? What information you have provided about yourself? Have you written about your industry, your designation, your qualification etc? Sans this information what any other member is expected to do? If you had made career plan or SWOT analysis and uploaded here possibly you could have got better suggestions for enriching or developing it further.

Secondly, please note that this forum is for any other member like you. We are not paid consultants. Therefore, deriding a fellow member who came forward to give albeit a tad of help is hardly a professional behaviour.

As far as career development section is concerned, I have given my suggestions to large number of junior members. Click the following link to refer the latest one:


Now far to accept the suggestion is one's choice. Many have accepted it and benefited too. If you wish to become exception by disregarding, you are free to do so.


Dinesh V Divekar
7th January 2014 From India, Bangalore
Dear Vinod,

I read your query. I saw a few responses and then yours to Dinesh, now that makes me think, whether one risks doing his bit to help a cause. I should confess the rebut and the tone of the response from you, is not in good taste. Though I can't get into your mind, I would attempt to propose what I think you can do.

I wonder if you've heard the voice within you. Everyone has one, which we will listen to when we want to and choose when we do not want to. I believe there is a link to this : you would have thought about this early in your career, boosted it with pride and an attitude of "I can," and so you did. It may also have been a life which had little or no dependencies, but now things may have changed, more socially meaning your getting married arrival of children, responsibilities etc., hence you get on the back foot for you are not sure what future is in store for you. You may also be in a dilemma.

Let me give you an analogy: I hope you follow cricket. Let's take the case of Sehwag. He was young, opened the innings in all formats of the game, but his attitude was the same. If there is a ball to be hit, he does and all tha you can do is to watch the ball go to the boundary helplessly be it over or on the carpet, it's a four or a six.

If at that time instead of opening the innings if he were to come in the middle order, one doesn't know what would be the approach - would he play as care-free as e does up the order or will he play safe.

Now he is out of form and doesn't find a place anywhere, but should he be accommodate, I definitely think he will be looked at for the middle order, then what would you think would be his approach. From what I have known of the game and have seen him he will try to hit himself out of trouble, and would play instinctively.

All this brings me to the point we are what we are in the "core."

And so I would ask you to listen to your inner voice and check what you are in your core.

The other aspect is about your knowledge gathering, experience gathering etc., which sort of adds to your approach to life. Just check if there is a feeling of "Oh I know about it" or whatever else. "Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is the future."

I would think you should be as natural as you can.

Best wishes.
8th January 2014 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Dinesh Divekar

You are absolutely right in your reply both the time. I fully agree and appreciate every single word and the amount of control & restraint that you kept while writing because I know a few written words in Vinod’s reply were potential irritants. You are right that it is a forum and nobody is paid for this consultancy.

Dear Vinod,

I understand that no one likes to be under/ over confident or called so, but Dinesh came with an option. Whether it suits you or not, you need to control especially being a contributing member. You seem to have lost your focus somewhere. Think 10 years ago where you wanted to be? Have you achieved that or something needs to be done and if something needs to be done then what? What moves or steps should you take to reach your destination?

The kind of dilemma that you are going through is probably part of everyone’s career (barring a very few). I also went through the same. Did my condition improve today?


But my approach did.

“Have you ever seen a moving elephant and the barking dogs”

Why should an elephant get distracted by these barking dogs, if it is well looked after and well fed and if either knows, its moving in a right direction or it has an option to change the lane, if it’s not???? Think!!!!!!!! You may get your answer somewhere, not from someone else but from your “VERY OWN INNER CONSCIOUS”. Remember EITHER YOU OR YOUR OWN GOD (As Per Your Belief System) IS THE MASTER OF YOUR DESTINY. Remain Positive and be focused.

Dr. Vikas
8th January 2014 From India
Hi Vinod. I wonder what you mean by 'restore the me in myself' and how we at citehr would be help you. Nevertheless, allow me to share some opinions. The act of you mellowing down (sticking to one job, being scared, giving a damn etc) may have happened because you grew up and hence took on more responsibilities- at work and in personal life.
WHen one is single and unattached, one doesn't have to give a damn about anyone. However, priorities change as one gets older, and begets a family. Financials take precedence over many things.
As for other part of your post, it is my opinion that one can't have all. There's nothing such as 'perfect (you can add whatever- person, job, friend, boss, coworker etc)'
And one would always want more. Maybe you are just surprised at how soft you have become..
8th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Vinod,

Setting me aside for the moment, because it's wrong to speak about myself, Dinesh Divekar, Dr. Vikas Vikram, and Adityaoak, have given gems to think about. I'd chip in once again to let you know that most people go through the phases that you are going through now. Age, Maturity, Opportunities, Situations, Responsibilities, Compulsions, Environment, Market Changes, Economic Factors (External - International US/Europe/ME/FE/LA/Domestic/Domestic Local) Career Paths, Career Goals, Independence, Respect, Choices - Professional and Personal, Images of Companies you serve (Brands), Influence of Peers, Colleagues, School/College mates, Family, Social Status, Health, Geographic Locations, Personal Conveniences, Comforts, Compensation, Personal Ambitions, and the list can go on.

We are subjected to combinations of all these factor, all of which can have an affect on us as individuals.

Finally I might submit, only you have all the answers to this, as no one can experience and feel, what only you can.

Best wishes to you for all your future endeavors.
8th January 2014 From India, Hyderabad
Greeting Vinodkumar,

In my opinion you have the answer in your own post. You have stated that you never stayed in a company for more than 1 - 2 years because of the confidence in you in the past, that you will be able to find an alternate job by challenging your employer that you will quit employment on a specified date.

You are unable to challenge your current employer because you have a good pay packet and good position now, and I presume that you are unable to get an alternate employment because of your past career track record of job hopping every two years citing some reason. The reason for your exit from your past organizations, predominantly could either be better position or better salary. In your earlier employments also there could have been such politics, but before you could realize it, you would have switched your job without commitment or loyalty to your employer.

I am not propounding a theory on commitment/ loyalty etc nevertheless, it is important that an employee stays long enough in an organization before he understands it and starts contributing to its growth. Personal growth is important but organization growth is equally important. If a HR guy quits organizations every two years then he will not be in a position to conduct exit interviews with a view to retain people in present organization.

Nothing has gone blank, rejuvenate the energy levels you had in the past, nothing has changed in yourself, your perception has only changed. Challenge yourself to stay in your present organization and invest the knowledge and experience you have acquired in the past for the betterment of the organization.

9th January 2014 From India, Madras
Dear Vinod,


This dilemma belongs to everyone, at some point of time in their lives.

You are afraid because your surroundings and circumstances in your personal life would have changed.

Have you got married?

Do you have kids to look after?

Are you paying bigger EMIs for your flat & car ?

Are you planning something in the future which will require a constant flow of income?

Not being afraid ,to my mind,comes from the fact that your monetary requirements are manageable and in that state you start looking for higher goals such as job satisfaction, independence, working conditions etc.

Being afraid ,is a natural state as you grow older and it definitely is not lack of confidence. To my mind, it is an urge for stability and in pursuance of a bigger goal that is to reach to the top in your chosen area of activity ( i.e. Job hoppers are seldom given top posts).

Having said that, everyone has to find a balance between being afraid and not being afraid. As far as workplace politics is concerned, it's everywhere but when you are new you are normally not a part of that because of may be ignorance, but as you spend time you start becoming a part of that and hence the morality-motivation pang. There is rarely an ideal workplace. However, it is also true that you should have enough motivation to go to office everyday regardless of anything else.

My suggestion is that you analyse your monetary requirements vis a vis your life and then see if you have independence to be not afraid. If you are good, there is no reason, why can't you get a good job but as they say discretion is the better part of valour.

11th January 2014 From India, Delhi
Thanks everyone

I was not clear in my post which caused a lot of misunderstandings, I was shocked to see some of the feed backs including my reply

I liked Mr. Kannan's reply, as he could figure out some solutions without much details from me.

This is my 13th year in the field I head a core Team of 5. Believe me Its not the marriage or kids or money I was afraid of, I was married 7 years ago my son was 1 year old .... when I switched to my present company. Mater of fact, I have very good offers in hand but I don't want to accept them as they are based out of bangalore...

My company is good, one of the top in its field. It was a set of people in the company who wants to achieve something by bringing in some bios in some procedures ... couldn't oppose, because some top people were ok with it.

Thou, None of the issues were directly related to me but when people stared saying 'Policy and procedures are not implemented properly by HR here'

as the people sitting in HR are week, and some people actually started playing politics with this. The words actually used were as strong as it could be and

I was in the mid of a dirty politics.I had to accept some forced procedures.

Wanted to leave but not willing to go out of city for another Job that was the dilemma I was into.

Our company policy is very strong but procedures keep changing giving rooms for disturbed working condition.

Friday evening I Sent one well worked strategic mail to everyone concerned from my grade to 5 Grades above,

in all the departments on 3 definite issues. And also proposed for inclusion of few new lines in Procedural guidelines(Not the Policy) on 3 Definite processes.

Made a big noise about it, briefly explained below.

Proposal 1. Any new proposals or situation specific official requests , deviations in procedures by any employee has to be made / informed directly to "Unit Head" only

reporting authorities will only be in CC and any reply or comment by Unit Head to such requests to be sent to the concern departments.

Background : (In Most of the request cases immediate bosses used to suppress the requests of subordinates stating as deviation. example procurement of

new advanced equipment etc which are not budgeted but V. much required)

Proposal 2. No Verbal Requests or commands to carry on any job or issues involving money / finance, or which involves other departments by heads.

Background: (At times department heads allocate some staff to other departmental works at emergencies, later the same Department heads questions

such staff for the gap in their regular work)

Proposal 3. HR is not a Rubber stamp .... We are not here to stamp your dirty papers, they will be sent to garbage bins hereon.

Background : (Making approval notes after completion of the job and sending to HR for signing as initiated. which is already signed by Heads hence we

cant refuse them.?)

Proposals may look very silly, but it changed my world. it was a Hammer Hit like "Get in the procedure or Get Lost".

I even asked a couple of seniors who were like... what was the need to make this a big issue "well sir, how did you come this long without knowing it".

Things are very much back on track..at least for the time being, My team is in limelight haha,

Meetings are being held by finance, planning and procurement and execution teams, and some of them got a well deserved paybacks of their deeds..

But I know have to expect some challenges in return, I also have plans to change this job too........... this is communicated in advance ..


Warm Regards

Vinod Kumar .H.R
13th January 2014 From India,
Greeting Vinod,

Glad to note that you are in the limelight now. As regards the situations you have explained in your reply, in my opinion it is nothing different in other companies.

Proposal 1 : The subordinates raise a request for a capital expenditure looking for the immediate requirement, but the department head has to justify the expenditure in the long term perspective. They have to project the payback period and what is the future prospect for utilization of the equipment. Hence, it is always a long drawn process. The subordinates have to project the expenditure considering the above matters. More importantly, the finances of the company has to be right to make such investment, the modifications in the plant layout and the changes in the manufacturing line etc also matters as any new machinery/ equipment needs a space to be provided for it in the existing layout. Any new equipment added needs approval from statutory authorities, if the equipment recommended is power intensive then the increase in power consumed also is taken into account.

Proposal 2 : All departments look upon HR department to provide the requisite manpower. There is always a peaking workload in all departments.

For example during

- Financial audit, the finance department is overburdened.

- Month end and financial year end, the operations department stretches itself and so on.

Hence, we recommend deployment of persons with relatively lesser workloads in other departments to support at times of increased work loads. But if there are clearly defined policies these additional workforce provided for interim support can always be withdrawn. So it is important that the roles are defined clearly to enable this process.

Proposal 3 : I agree with your view point. But the way we present matters. You can state that HR department is available for any discussion to facilitate the approval process.

I am sure that you will have challenges to the mail sent by you. All the very best.

15th January 2014 From India, Madras
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