Hi friends,

I am preparing induction program and i want to know what are the
content need to be included in it and how to present it
Plz kindly help me .
waiting for the respond from you.


From India, Bangalore
Dear Sanjeevini, Please submit your draft attempt to us so that further improvement we can suggest to you...
From India, Pune
sorry to say this sir , i am an fresher and i don’t know how to prepare so i nt even tried to prepare it. if i get any idea about it then surely ill prepare and will submit it.
From India, Bangalore
Harsh Shukla

CEO and MD of 3 UK based MNC's
Hi Sanjeevini,

Contents for an Induction vary from industry to industry and company to company.

However, in general terms you should create a document outlining the induction.

By their very nature inductions are for new joiners, who are unfamiliar with the company's procedures at the location, (these procedures can vary from location to location). For the purpose of this exercise, I am going to assume an induction for an admin person.

Therefore, start off with some housekeeping information; such as location of Washrooms, Fire exits in case of emergency, location of drinking water, any tea/coffee making facilities, start/finish times and lunch timings, etc.

Then move on to location and use (instruction) of office equipment such as Photocopier, Fax., Telephone system, Stationary, Filing, etc.

Followed by location of desk, computer passwords, Procedure Manuals, Health & Safety Manuals. This is a good time to go through Company policies, rules and regulations, Training, Appraisal procedures, etc.

Ending the induction with an introduction to rest of staff, managers and other key personnel, before giving them day one work.

It is important to remember that a well designed induction program helps to retain staff and there is no one design that fits all.It is also important to prepare in advance things like passwords, so that the induction goes smoothly. You should also ensure that other team members, particularly managers are available on the day. The whole purpose of an induction is to help the employee settle, so be prepared to answer questions and give some reassurance that yours is a great company to work for.

I hope the above helps.



From United Kingdom, Barrow
sharmila yadav

Manager- HR
HR Induction

1) Company Details.

a) Company Profile-We are into 7 wide and growing sectors that is Cold chain, Fleet management,Warehousing,3PL,Prefered Refers, Project Cargo, Express.

Nature of business: Logistics (Family Managed Business)

b) Management-

Chairman: ..

Board of Directors: …………………….

Chief Executive Officer: …………………….

Offices-Mumbai /Calcutta/Taloja/Kalamboli

Back Support-Delhi/Ahmadabad/Hyderabad/Siligudi/Goa.

Head of the Department:

Mr. Malik & Mr. Jagjit Singh (Operations), ……………………………………..)

2) HR Policies

Joining Formalities - Collection of all necessary documents required within 3 Day

Appointment: - Issue of Appointment letter to New Employees on every 5th, 15th, or 25th of every month respectively

Induction for new employees will be conducted 05th & 25th in every month respectively.

Departmental Training:-Departmental Training will be conducted on 10th, 20th, and 30th of every month respectively.

Probation Period:-6 month will be the probation period for employees.

Leave – Casual 7days after probation /10 Medical Leave /Paid Leave 12 Yearly/Government Holiday/Maternity Leave as applicable (3 months)

4) Appraisals – Revised /Quarterly/Yearly. (Increment from July)

5) Salary – Bank Account zero balance in ICICI bank, Confidential related to your CTC.

6) Attendance: Office Time is 9:00am to 6:00pm only 15 min grace period

7) Lunch- 30 Minutes (1:00pm to 1:30pm)

8) Bonus – Yearly as per company policy

9) Admin Part-

a) Refreshment-(Tea, Snacks to be used properly &record to be maintained)

b) Discipline-

c) PC Use: All Employees are requested to use computer properly with password protected (not to misuse)

d) Misuse of Stationery: All Employees are requested to use Office Stationery properly (not to misuse or waste.)

e) Keeping files confidentially: All Employees are requested to keep respective department file properly, if required ask for Keys.

10) Reporting- HOD/HR/Directors.

Directors CEO Head-HR/Admin




List of Employees (Attendance for Inductions)

Date:-------------- Time: ----- to ------

Sr.No Name of Employee Signature



















hi u can use this draft for start up

From India, Delhi
hi sanjeevini
Induction programme is training for new joinies about your organization.
ion programme includes:

From India, Hyderabad
John Chiang

Dear Sanjeevini,

Here is an "Induction" Policy for your easy reference. Hope it helps.



It is the Company's intent to provide every opportunity for a new employee to acquire an immediate sense of Belonging. Through Work Rules, salary booklets, the employment interview and the orientation meeting, new employees learn of the policies relating to salaries, advancement, education, activities, benefits, services and responsibilities.


As early turnover and poor performance are frequently the results of wrong first impressions, the Company looks to its supervisory staff for a proper introduction of new employees to their jobs. Outlined below are three areas which are important in getting the employees off on the right foot. These include reception, orientation and the three-month trial period.


All new employees are issued an introduction of New Employee, addressed to the officer-in-charge of the department to which they are assigned. It bears the employee's signature and is signed by a HR officer or interviewer. As a safeguard, officers-in-charge of departments are requested to verify identification by comparing signatures.

On the first morning of employment, new employees should be welcomed by the officer-in-charge and introduced to their supervisor who will, in turn, introduce them to their associates and put them at ease. Luncheon schedules should be explained and arrangements made for another employee to lunch with the new employee the first day. During the first week new employees' lack of experience has to be considered. They should be permitted to adjust to their work with a minimum of Pressure and overtime. Care should be taken to assure that the person to whom the new employee is assigned is able to provide the necessary training and is interested in helping the newcomer.

An Orientation Checklist and Three Month Progress Review Form, accompanies the introduction form of Non-exempt employees. This checklist was developed as an aid to supervisors in induction and to assure that each new non-exempt employee is fully informed of the relevant policies and procedures. At prescribed intervals, indicated on the form, supervisors continue the orientation procedure initiated by the HR Department and record progress on the checklist.

The Three Month Progress Review on the last page of the form is conducted during the employee's tenth week of Employment; the completed form should be forwarded promptly to the HR Department because it constitutes the recommendation to continue a new employee's employment beyond the three-month trial period.

A copy of the Performance Appraisal System job Content Form should be given to the with the accountabilities checked which generally represent the new job. Within the first three months on the job, a more collaborative job Content Meeting should be conducted.


As soon as possible after employment, new III-time employees assigned to job and to attend an orientation meeting. The introduction form provides the scheduled date.

The principal Objectives of the orientation program are to review HRM/Personnel policies of interest to new employees, the terms of the major benefit plans and the principal employee responsibilities. The topics covered include pay day procedures, affirmative action policies, identification cards, salary administration, performance appraisal, attendance, discipline, employee checking accounts, grooming, telephone etiquette, profit-sharing, medical and life insurance, tuition refund, employee loans and credit cards. In addition, employees are provided with a broad overview of the functions and services provided by the various departments of the Company as well as an insight into its history and growth.

Supervisors may obtain an outline of the program by calling the Training Section of HR.


The Personnel Record Form signed by each new employee, indicates that the first three months of employment are a trial period and that termination during this period is without severance pay. To approve continued employment beyond the three-month trial period, the supervisor forwards the completed Orientation Checklist and Three-Month Progress Review Form to the HR Department during the employee's tenth week of employment. No further performance or salary reviews can be generated until this form has been submitted.

If during the f First three months, the supervisor sees that the new employee is not developing satisfactorily; the employee should be interviewed to determine the reasons underlying the poor performance. This interview will provide the opportunity to tell the employee that the work is nut up to standard and that improvement is expected. If the employee is not suited to the present assignment, an effort should be made to determine if he or she may have the aptitude for another type of work.

When the employee does not show improvement within a reasonable time after the interview, the department supervisor should not wait for the completion of the three-month trial period. Recommendation for release or transfer may be submitted on Form to be attached to the Orientation Checklist and Three-Month Progress Review. These forms should be forwarded to the Employment Unit.

Should special circumstances warrant, the three-month trial period may be extended for an additional thirty days with the prior approval of The HR Department? If the extension is approved, Probation Advice Form should be completed and attached to the Orientation Checklist and Three-Month Progress Review and processed as in any other instance of disciplinary probation. The Probation Advice form should include the statement that the employee has been informed that severance pay will not be granted in the event employment is terminated during the extended period. Absence for every reason during the trial period must be without pay.

Best regards,


From China, Shanghai
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