In our mid size company, for the past 15 days there was abnormal usage of Toilet - tissue papers. We found unused papers also in the dustbin.
Can we do something by means of educating(?) or sending mails to all of our staff on this.
Need your suggestion.

From India, Chennai
Dear Venkatesh,
I feel that it could be because of someone's frustration also. By destroying tissue papers someone or group of employees (though it could be small group) are venting their anger.
You may issue the circular and for a while stop issue of tissue papers. During this time, see if something else starts getting mutilated or destroyed. Also check whether this destruction continues after restoration of tissue papers.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Put picture having message "save paper save world.'" so every time they get aware of importance of paper.
From India, Nasik
Dear Venkatesh Mohan,
I'm completely agreed with Mr. Dinesh V Divekar, so first you try to know who is making such type of activity after knowing you can make personal counselling with that individual(s) and ask to him/them what made him/them for make such activity & also try to convince him/them how paper is important for our earth and ourselves.
With Regards

From India, Ranchi
I agree with Dinesh regarding his first point.
Please do not stop providing tissue papers, its quite embarrassing at time when you just don't get them to dry your hands. You can reduce the quantity of providing tissue stock. Rather keep refilling at frequent intervals.
Best thing is to find the root cause of this.

From India, Madras
Hello Mr Venkatesh,

I agree with Mr Dinesh and Mr Vrushy. In my view, you should follow the below steps -

Step 1. Educating the peaople by putting banner in toilet like "Save Paper and Save Earth" (as metioned by Vrushy).

Step 2. Sensetize the employees, by sending emails mentioning that toilet paper is overused. Also mention that the admin is closely monitoring the usage and if the usage does not go down in next few days, then company will be forced to withdraw toilet paper facility.

Step 3: Wait for few days.

Step 4: If usage comes down to normal, then nothing to do. However, if usage does not come down, then withdraw the toilet issue facility for few days.

Step 5: In case of withdrawal, send the email to all employees mentioning the reason for withdrawal.

Step 6: After couple of months, you can coduct an email survey from employees asking them if they want to restore the facility. It is natural that all employees will opt for this.

Step 7: Monitor the usage now. In high probabilty, the usage must come to normal now.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Venkatesh,
All others have given you good ideas of the cause and/or solutions. Henc, let me ask a couple of questions. What is the nature of work done in your organisation? It's not enough to know the size to understand what type of workers are involved. Can you tell us if there has been any discontent among workers, of late?

From United Kingdom
Put message in washrooms :-
Humans are the only creature in this world
Who cut the trees and made paper
PAPER (TREE) is the property of universe
Please Save Paper, Save Universe
If you are corporate with us for saving trees
- we are highly appreciated to you
If it's not works, stop to provide facility of paper napkins and toilet papers for days.

From India, New Delhi
Dear All,
Even i am facing same problem with our company also. i have already sent mails regarding proper usage of tissue papers and water(the taps would be kept open). For few days we stopped issuing tissue rolls and later on we continued to place tissue rolls then also no improvement. Please help me out with your valuable suggestions .

From India, Bangalore
HI All,

The condition the you all are referring is indeed a critical one.

If you will withdraw the tissue papers directly, it will be bad for the repo of company for employees. So that option is not suggested.

In case if you will use banners like save paper save earth, that will only help in handling 10 to 20% of utilization as we have also faced the same thing in our company. So that is a good choice but will not help much.

Other suggest as mentioned above was to send mail etc., but if someone is doing this kind of thing intentionally then it will help for few days only as he or they will start doing it after a period of time.

Now what i suggest would be to change the technology and go for hot air box(hand dryer) kind of solution as they are one time investment only and look cool too. Also, some people don't like them even, i my self don't like it but after a period of time, people get over it and start using it or using their own hand towels :) .......


Sanchita Gulati

From India, Delhi

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