Hello, Can any one give me a list of Roles & Responsibilities of a HR Head for a person who does not have expeirence in this field. Thank you
From India, Bangalore
Sharmila Das

Dear Lathar_In,

Ultimate responsibilities with practices and decision-making skills is the supremacy of a HR- Head. He manages the entire Human Resources team concerning to the initiatives concerned to any matter with that of preeminence influencing the entire organization.

The end to end solution provider on Recruitments, Labour issues, Welfare of employees, Benefits, Workplace measures, Reviews etc.,

If the person is new to this field, then I might suggest himto go through few books -- I understand "Rome was not built in a Day" but if you embellish this Phrase, I'd say "It was built after long days". It is built is it?

Similarly, One has to have faith in terms of learning & implementing -- He may get info on the following -
  • Recruitments to F&F process: Works on In-house team, selecting candidates either by referals or by outside agency, job boards etc. Post joining formalities, handling personnel files, retention of employees, discplinary matters, employee issues/grievences to be resolved, proper feedback from employees, rewards & recognition programs, employee dismissals, exit formalities with many more to go..
  • Going by Laws: HR's high improvement factor is based on the legal issues undertaken, they have to be updated with all the necessary labour & legal laws. In terms of familarizing with the Acts pertained to employee issue is of great aspect. Procedures to leaves, layoffs & complaince are utmost prime factos.
  • Conditions of employment: Employees are diversified based on the nature of their work. Therefore, issues on working hours, payroll office records are few of the potential stipulations.
  • Within Organization "Employee Welfare & Employer Benefit" facility: Integration of welfare to the well-being of both the parties, the HR head needs to take decision that would benefit both but should not cervice the Employer- Employer Bond.
  • Oranization Development: Training to candidates for IJP's & lateral moments, growth provisio along with counselling services all fall under his purview.

Refer to books, sites et cetera for a much better consideration. HR is a huge pond with erudition where one needs to swin the depth-in to understand the intensity of it's procedures.

Good Luck!

From India, Visakhapatnam

Some times operational heads are posted as HR heads for the peculirities of circumstances or policies of an organisation.Thus he may not be aware of the fine details of HR functions.However as he will be assisted by a team of experts in the field, he shall not have any problem in running HR function.My thoughts on the issue are :

1)Traits/skills :

a) The HR head sholud have a great degree of commensense to anticipate events/consequences.

b) He shall have ability to listen to his team as he is not an expert in HR.

c) He shall have ability to analyse what he listened and what he read that is put up befor him to get to the bottom of the issues.

d) He should have good communication skills to communicate effectively and clearly.

e) He should lead his team.

Roles and responsibilties.

1) He shall faciltate framing HR policies on various issues after discussing with senior mangement and with the help of his team.

2) He shall oversee the implementation of the HR policies with the help of his team by monitoring it

3) He shall frame service conditions and oversee their implementation in the organisation

3)He shall stream line the grievance redressal system and monitor it with the help of his team.

4) He sahll ensure statutory compliances with the help of HR team.

5)He shall monitor disciplinary cases with HR team's assistance.

6)He shall monitor industrial relations situation in the organisation.

7)He shall assist top management in collective bargaining- negotiations/ settlements etc.

These are few which I can visualise for HR head.



From India, Mumbai
Raj Kumar Hansdah

Dear Saikumar
Thanks for your reply.
It explains why an HR Head himsself would not be aware of his roles and responsibilities !!!
Moreover, nowadays many new and small companies find it easy and convenient to put their relatives or friends as HR Head or HR Director.
Also, many ex-army officers who are employed in industries, initially in Administration positions are also asked to look after the HR functions as HR Head.
It seems HR has been reduced to a function where no qualification, experience or expertise is required; and an HR Head needs to find out his own roles and responsibilities.
Warm regards.

From India, Delhi

I agree with Raj completely.
In many small companies, HR Head is somebody who is required to bow down to the CEO / top mgmt, who in turn can run his agenda, by putting HR Head in the front & making him the scapegoat if employees fight back on any issue. My observation is that most of the plant HR heads are nothing but glorified Admn & IR Managers.
You can make out about the professionalism of a company by looking at the independance the HR Head enjoys !! Even Mr.Pai had to leave Infosys due to professional disagreement with the Board.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Raj kumar
I could'nt but agree with you on this issue. I observe this in small companies or in companies that are not run professionally like those in construction sector or in those that do not face the heat of competetion much, as in tarnsport sector.But if you see their growth, you may find it avearge. Even in those where HR is functioning, HR shall strive to showcase to the top management it's impact on business and try to elevate itself from the position of a support servcie to that of astrategic business partner.Hope this will happen in future.

From India, Mumbai
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