Please tel me the total count of holidays and the leaves to be given to an employee in an organisation.Does it differ from organisation to organisation...if yes pls let me knw the minimum count atleast.

From India, Hyderabad
As per AP shops & Establishment act there should be minimum 10 Declared Holidays other than week offs.
As for as Leaves are concerned Every employee should get 1EL for every 20 Days worked. & 10 CL/ML is mandatory

From India, Bangalore

The number of holidays varies from Firm to Firm, based on its policies. Further, it depends on the registration of the establishment whether under Shops & Establishments Act, Factories Act, or Mines Act, etc. Refer to the respective Act and the company policy to decide the holidays.

From India, Mumbai
It defers from organisation to organisation but as per factory act 1948 after completion of 240 days an employee gets 15 leaves and that will be 1 EL after 20 days and 7 SL and 7 CL
sonali desai

From India, Pune
The number of holidays or leaves differs from company to company and is mostly based on its policies. Though most companies follow this leave structure -
Medical or Casual Leaves - 10 Days in a year (Min)
Annual or Earned leave (EL) – 1 El for every 20 working days
Govt. Holidays- Min 10 Days
Privilege leave (Not mandatory) – Depending upon company policies
Hope this helps.

From India, Bangalore
Could you please share as per Karnataka S&E act what is the count regards Shany
From India, Bangalore
There is no provision for CL and SL under Factories Act1948, Mines Act1950 or Plantation Act1951. However, under its own certified Standing Orders, the Company has to provide for CL as well as SL. There is no Central Shop & Establishment Act. Under specific State Shops & Establishment Act, there is provision for providing EL, CL & SL or CL cum SL.
Ashok Kumar Arya,
Advocate, Supreme Court of India

From India, Delhi
Dear sandhya garu..

1. first holidays r different from leaves... in our country national holidays r aug-15th and jan 26th and oct 2nd..etc..in state wise holidays r diff from one state to other...

2. organisations may be registered under different acts like

factories act,

companies act,

mines act,

shops and establishment acts...etc depending on various act the policies r different..

Generally leaves r many type...



ELS:12 ELS CARRY FORWARD AND THEY CAN EN CASH ALSO... it is also called privilege leaves

MATERNITY LEAVES:90 DAYS for womens . they can use it as 45+45 before pregnancy and after pregnancy as on delivery date.

MATERNITY LEAVES: 180 DAYS for central government employees who covered under GOI. MATERNAL LEAVES also available to miscarriage womens also...

PATERNAL LEAVES: paternal leaves also available to mens. i tried my level best briefly if u want much more information or exactly about karnataka state only go through the WWW.PAY CHECK.IN

From India, Visakhapatnam
You are asking under Fac.Act or from Shop & Establishment act!! Muralidaran DGM-HR Rialto 99404 97328
From India, Hosur
Yes indeed the no. of holidays and leaves varies from organization to organization. It is the management along with HR decide how many leaves an employee should get in a year. The no. of leaves also varies between employees of same organization.. it's all management policies can't change it overnight. A lot of things are taken into consideration... Moreover a Marketing personnel gets more leave than a back office guy because of different work nature.. Similarly it implies to all other departments of an organization.
From United States, Portland

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