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Hi All,
I am a HR Executive for a corporate. Our employees need to be appreciated for the work done. Kindly guide me of how to recognize their efforts. What are the corporate gifts that can be given to them??

From India, Chennai
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Aisha Sulthana

Hi Kanaka Durga,

Its ought to recognize the best work at all times, irrespective of the method of rewards and recognition. Each company will differ with their own way of recognition. Since you ask for Appreciations and gifts details, Here below info may give you an insight.

For all Recognition's, ensure to have a proper period/Mode of evaluation of best work. For example, You can evaluate on a team basis/ period basis like quarter/Monthly/weekly etc. Once you set the mode, it comes for appreciations and Gifts.

All the good work should get an appreciation letter, since a word can vanish after some days, but not the write up. A gift in this appreciation is a hygiene factor, Since its presence may not carry a worthy motivation but the absence will defiantly brings up dissatisfaction.

To ensure this hygiene factor presence, tie up with a corporate gifting companies for the better tailored option of gifts. If not, You can choose some gift vouchers, organize some trips with their family, gifts of accessories etc etc.

PFA for the appreciation letter for your further reference..

From India, Bangalore

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Give them money-that is the best reward u can give.I mean why would YOU or anyone else slog for somebody else.Would'nt u LOVE to get more money,the right way?At the least, it has to be materialistic on top priority.
After that- a letter of appreciation for the employees' official record.
Secondly for the ego-let everyone know what a swell job the employee has done.I am sure everybody would appreciate him.That in turn will boost the employee's ego and will motivate him or her to atleast repeat the performance.

From India, Delhi
Arif ur Rehman

Dear Anon:
Recognition -appreciation - with a smile, a pat on the back,at times does wonders.
Money sometimes, is indeed a motivational factor, but it may not be a universally accepted yardstick.
Corporate gifts/memorabilia, in keeping with the organization's culture often have extreme value for the recipient
Normally, however, star performers are the ones, who go out of the way - often at great risks to their own job security - to hoist the company's banner 'beyond' the full mast. The job done, on the spur of the moment, often beyond the 'scope' of even the imagination top bosses, deserve to be credited with the ABCD Award. ABCD ( stands for ABOVE & BEYOND the Call of Duty)

From Pakistan, Karachi

Dear friend,

There are more than one way to appreciate and thank those turning out good for the organisation. A meaningful recognition would depend on the individual, the success would lie on ascertaining what really matters for such individual. For e.g. it could be one or more of these:

1.An appreciation letter appropriately worded.

2.Increment and/or promotion or performance bonus

3.Gifts in the form of materials/articles/cash or equivalents

4.A celebration and commendation thereat on one's achievements

5.A Picnic, get-together

7.Place their photos on the Notice Board with citation/commendation titled "Employee of the Week/month"

8.A meeting with the CEO wherein his/her contributions are highlighted

9.Publish their efforts in the House Magazine with photo

10.If the performance happened to be very extraordinary by which the organisation gained enormously consider naming a corner/hall/canteen of the office as " (Name) Corner etc.

11.Even a medal can be named after such extraordinary performance. and so on


From India, Bangalore

It is not always that a Gift is required to appreciate the Employee. 'Words of Appreciation' is the most effective gift which you can give your employee for good work. It is accepted from heart and is remembered by the employee.
Most of the times employees complain that their Boss does not appreciate their work.Now this appreciation is not always in kind.
Apprciation can be both verbal or through written mail.
Gifts and awards can be given for some extra ordinary achievement of the employee and can act as a long lasting memory / motivation for the employee as well as act as motivation to other employees.
If you plan for gifting your employees various Corporate Gifts are available like Trophies,Wrist Watches with the company name embedded on it,Certificates of Appreciation.
Trophies can be found in various shapes and at different costs.

From India, Mumbai

The method of evaluation is to be made clear to everybody. I conducted one for workmen, to reduce set up time. A board was placed on the shop floor, mentioning the shortest time of the month and times recorded for the day. Every one came to know from the board, who will be the winner. Though the reward was a simple gift, the name on the board, made them to work willingly. After 3 months, the workmen wanted top executives to be present during the simple award function.

From India, Madras
Prasad (Precursor HR Services)


Appreciation is a very appealing for any body...You don't have to appreciate them with money or things to keep them motivated, Recognize them & then give them an appreciation by saying few words in front of your team about their hard work, which makes him a benchmark for others to look up to.

By which you make him more responsible and considerate enough to think about the organization's benefits, and don't forget in this kind of act there is a possibility that you might face slight rejection from the other team members, make sure your speech doesn't take a indirect hit back.

Its always been an ancient method of appreciation to give an Memorabilia, it works a lot of times but understand their needs of motivation & Accordingly give them an appreciation.

As told earlier a mail would be good idea, but a small gathering to appreciate might do wonders.

Business is always risk of doing something if u have any crazy idea of appreciation than to just give memorabilia try it out... and then later ask a feed back on it or you can ask your own employees about their interests of how to be appreciated as a form of survey from a external organization and conceal the real reason and do the graphing, by which you have benefits of knowing your own employees better and you can keep majority of them happy.

From India, Bangalore
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From India, Bangalore
Umesh Jalan
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From India, Delhi
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