Dear Seniors,

I need an immediate help...

I am working as HR in a company .

The employees in my company once in a while used to take half day leaves or an hr early leaves(which i thought was natural and happens in every company).

Yesterday morning the management kept a meeting with HR team and said that half day system is to be taken off from the company.

Half day leaves or an hour early leave will not be given to employees hence forth.

If an employee wants to take half day or an early leave, he has to take the entire day leave and has to be informed the previous day itself.

Also the management asked the HR team to make a notice on this and inform the employees. We did the same.

Now the employees are all coming against the management and HR and saying that they need half day system or else they need an alternate for that,because they do not take such leaves purposefully but for their personal but unavoidable needs which they cannot keep aside just because they are working.

I personally support the employees but did not say that out or comment on what they said.

Now my query is:

1)is there actually a practice or system of half day in companies?

2)was that right of the management to take off this system?

3)any alternate for half day system?(as the employees demanded)

Please advice....I am looking for an urgent response if you don't mind. :)

From India, Trivandrum
Is this for staff or workmen?
Your management must be crazy. World is changing towards flexible time hours and management should recognize employee issues. Taking half day leave should not be any issue.
In manufacturing process taking half day leave may have certain issues, but should be tackled properly.
Make a case and do the benchmark around industries and present the case to the management with propoer justifications.
Please ask why management doesn't want hald day leave. and why you support the half day leave.
Make the case based on these two questions.

From India, Pune
Yes, Being an HR, you can also check with the management for the reason they banned giving half days. If you find them to be genuine, try to convince the employees telling that. Else you need to inform the management about the disagreement of the employees towards the new policy and to find solutions.

To your queries

1)is there actually a practice or system of half day in companies?

Every company will allow their employee to take a half day if they need it, rather than giving them a full day. Infact now most of the companies are asking the employees who apply for a full day to reduce it as a half day as they want them to be back in work soon.

2)was that right of the management to take off this system?

Every Private management firms has the right to create/amend/cancel its own rules and policies.

So whether it is right or wrong, you have to follow it.

3)any alternate for half day system?(as the employees demanded)

For this you need to talk to your management and find a solution.

Best wishes

From India, Kochi
Thanks Jeena.
While in the meeting yesterday My HR manger asked the reason to the management.The management responded that 'We do not want the work to be affected and also since there is no company policy created on this, lets make a policy this way'.
Also after the employees came and spoke to us, My manager and myself again went and informed the management about employee disagreement, so the management said that their decision is final, those who wants to obey them can do it and asked us to make loss of pay for those who are again taking half day or an hour early leaves.
I am confused on what had to be done.

From India, Trivandrum
Hi Greeting,
I agreed with Vinod. Employees are assets for an organisation and the management must be flexible towards the employees welfare. We (HR people) are the middle man between the employees and the management, so my suggestion as an HR guy you must communicate to your management about the problems. See management can forcefully impose the dicision on the employees but that is not the proper way to make the employee loyal to the organisation.

From India, Calcutta
Then there's nothing much you can do Karthik, you need to convince the employees by cooking up on why the management decided so and make them follow it. Pass the notice of the newly made policy to all with the warning of the LOP and make sure you inform the same to the newly joining employees too.
You have to be neutral. You cannot be against the company and over supportive to the employees. That's what a HR should be.

From India, Kochi
to add:- If u feel, the reaction of employees are bad with regard to the new policy. Try talkin to the mgt once again to sort it out as employees are the backbone of the company. good luck !!
From India, Kochi
Employee is not granted a Half day, he shoots a mail from his personal email ID to all possible govt IDs like,, ,,, with the subject line,"These will be my last words before I end this pathetic life". Reason- Leave not granted on several occasion, Managers saying he is their slave and chained to the work place untill he is dead, He can't move an inch without their orders.

1. Is this a case of Harassment in a work place ?

2. can be titled as an criminal offense for a murder of an Employee and go against the Corporate company?

3. What action can govt take in this matter as the employee has given his dying statement? FYI, Employee body is not found till date and NO FIR registered for a missing body yet .

4. Can employee's parents SUE the company and the MNC client together?

5. How can the INDIAN constitution look at this matter, whether the matter is between the INDIAN company and the MNC client or does this case also falls under INDIAN LABOR laws? Any action INDIAN govt can take against the Company ?

Pls suggest at the earliest.




From India, Chandigarh

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