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Hi All, I am working in an IT company and facing the discipline issue in this office. I am the first HR of this company. Issue in this company is that employees are not accepting me as the HR of the company and taking me as for granted. I discussed this issue with boss but he told me that they never want that their employees work in restriction. So i need your help guys to tell me few innovative ideas to handle this situation.

I am facing the following problems:

1. Late coming.

2. Employees went from office for their personal work during office hours without informing me.

3. Take unnecessary leaves from the office.

4. Do not corporate with each other.

5. Office divided in groups and no one is happy to communicate with each other.

6. One of the employee thinks that she is the best in the office and do not consider me as a HR.

From India, Chandigarh
Dear Juhi,
I sympathize with you... in fact change is often painful for all concerned be it the new manager or existing employees. I have several queries regarding the organization you work for, as follows:
What is the employee size?
What is the organization structure?
How old is the organization?
What is the average tenure of employees in the system?
What is the average age of employees?
What is the gender distribution?
What is the nature of business of the company?
How old is the organization?
Is it promoter driven?
You could revert with answers to the above by email to my email id as mentioned below:

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Juhi,
Whatever is happening in your company is because of poor leadership of your business owner. When leader allows these things to happen then what HR can do? Employees have understood "over here what is acceptable behaviour". Now it has become your organisation's culture. Changing culture is not that easy. It requires lot of support from top management.
In India, this problem is anywhere and everywhere. In initial stage, business owners have to wear multiple hats and in the bargain they do not give much importance to people issues. This is the very reason many companies do not grow.
I recommend you calculating losses caused due to the indiscipline in the company and put it up to the MD. Find out what he says. All bosses are finally money oriented. They understand only the language of money.
While bringing change make sure that all the notices, circulars are issued under the signature of MD. You draft them but let your boss sign it.

From India, Bangalore
Hello Juhi Kardam,

Suggest post the inputs you mailed to Shashidhar K in this Forum--whose Objective is not only to help resolve issues/situations of the members but also Share with other members in a process of "Learning thru Sharing".

Coming to the situation you are facing, like DVD mentioned, this is typically the scenario in most SMEs UNTIL they reach a Critical Mass--irrespective of the sector/domain.

It's pretty obvious that your boss is confused between 'discipline' & 'working in restriction'.

Like DVD mentioned, begin to 'Monetize' each lacuna from your end & present the data/results to your boss--in a nice-looking PPT, if you can. At the EoD, it's 'money' language that the bosses understand.

Now, this is not to suggest that this would be a simple exercise--it would--NOT could--be tough. But another way of looking @ this is: 'What an opportunity to learn on-the-job. It's UPTO YOU whether to make the most of it or just walk-away from such situations.

Based on the points you posted, I suggest you DON"T put identical/same focus on all of them. Begin to handle them one-by-one, based on priorities, which again could be based on the most-urgent ones to be handled--that would make your task easier-to-handle.

All the Best.



From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms. juhi Kardam,
You might have heard this quote "SAU(100) SONAAR KI EK(1) LOHAAR KI".
Let me be very honest with you. Experts had shared their views/opinion with you and i second to Mr. Dinesh & Mr. Taj. I would love to say that,
1) either you continue without getting exaggerated leaving everything to your boss
2) look for a better company where you will get an opportunity to justify with your roles & responsibilities.
If your boss/owner is seriously interested in introducing and implementing DISCIPLINARY STRATEGIES that would BENEFIT his ORGANISATION and EMPLOYEES as well, let him do it. Only then, you will have an opportunity to prove your talent.
Never be harsh on your employees for just being a HR as every HR has got certain LIMITATIONS and its the not the RESPONSIBILITY of the HR to take everything GRANTED.
You need to take WISE DECISION.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hi Juhi,
What I feel after reading your post is that there is very huge amount of miscommunication between all the people in your organisation (employees. HR and very much the management).
The first thing what you can do is that you can have a open group meeting with all the employees , keeping atleast one person from the management side(whom you feel is atleast genuine on these issues) informing them about the policies, rules etc of your company and the outcome of the same if they doesnot follow it.
Make a minute of it and get it signed by your management.
After that you can have a one to one talk with them to find out the issues they are facing and if anything serious comes up you can discuss it with management.
Hope this works...
All the best!

From India, Trivandrum
Thanks to all for understanding me... employees of this company are very undisciplined they do not bother about anything. Even a management person took the meeting and they are not ready to listen to him.. Now what i can see that they started arguing with management. Boss told me to make a sheet and judge the activities of each employee but thing is this they are taking each and every thing for granted only.
From India, Chandigarh
Dear Ms. Juhi Kardam,
Submit detail report as requested by your boss. Let him deal with his employees as you have joined recently. There are means and ways to handle every situation. Those whoever are taking things for granted will repent later.
With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Hi Juhi,

When your boss took the decision of hiring a person to head the HR functions, it means he is too fed up with the problems cited by you. From your query what I interpret is that your boss is aware about these issues, even wants to solve them but not himself & that's the purpose of hiring you. When you say he doesn't want his employees to "work in restriction", he also doesn't want them to miss use office resource - "meaning between the lines.."

Further to what others have already mentioned, you can take up each problem individually basis priority. Framing policies & ppt is a way to show your boss "DISCIPLINE IS DIFFERENT FROM RESTRICTION" but before that there's lot of homework for you to do.

1. Understand the structure of your organization - identify senior most employees with hold in managerial decision, employees who are with your organization with more then 3 years in crucial position, various department working pattern, list down employees who go for personal work during office hours.

2. Once you do this, start framing policies (which are not stringent, takes care of employees work life balance) and take in loop the seniors / team leaders of each department. Ask for their suggestion over the same for fine tuning it.

3. Meanwhile, sit with your boss to understand exactly what culture does he wish to have in his organization & frame the policies basis his vision too.

4. Lastly, you can present the policies to your boss mentioning the consent of the senior employees who in turn will help you in percolating the same to other team members reducing your effort to do the same.

Remember efforts never go waste. If you show your dedication, you will surely achieve what you want. This is not exactly what you are looking forward too & surely is not the answer to your questions but will help you solve the problems to great extent.



From India, Ahmedabad
thanks a lot for giving me such wonderful ideas.. ill try to apply them all... i think first i have to reconstruct few things.. i want to justify myself in front of boss while giving him the report and at that moment of time ill release few rules and regulations which will help me as well company in the coming future. So please suggest me few rules and regulations for my employees... :)
From India, Chandigarh

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