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Dear Professionals,
As per Indian labour law, what is the legal way of calculating per day salary of employees:
Gross salary: 100000 per month
No of days in a month :31 eg for august month
Date of joining:13 aug 12
Question/Confusion: No of working days - - (100000/31)*(31-13+1)
No of Working days - - (100000/30)*(30-13+1)

From India, Delhi
karthik nayudu

It's Gross Salary / No. Of days in that Month * Total Paid Days.
If Gross salary is 25000/- then Per day salary for August is Rs.806.
If Employee is joining on 13th Augu then Gross salary will be 19*806=Rs.15314/-

From India, Vijayawada
Sharmila Das

Dear ms.ghr,
We have to divide the monthly gross salary by 30 days (30 days as we are also paying for the weekly offs in the month deducting one day as month means calculated for 30 days). In case of daily wages, the weekly offs are not counted and paid only for 26 days.
So we calculate as follows: Salary per month (Gross)/ 30 days in a month x No. of days present
Example: 5000/30 * 25 = 4166
Monthly salary = 5000 * 25/36 = 4166 (same as above)
Please check the below link for more information on the same:

From India, Visakhapatnam

Dear ms.ghr,
Please note that the standard working days to be considered is 30 days irrespective of whether the number of days in a month is 28/29/30/31 days.
For salary calculation you need to consider as 30 days only.
Therefore, the standard formula stands this way for calculating salary:
Gross salary/30 days * No. of working days

From India, Bangalore

Dear ms.ghr,
The salary is calculated as below,
Actual Salary = Gross Salary / No. of Days in the month * No of days worked
Gross salary = 100000
So for 28 days, Actual Salary = 100000 / 28 * 28 = 100000, His 1 day salary is 3571/-
For 30 days, Actual Salary = 100000/ 30 * 30 = 100000, His 1 day salary is 3333/-
For 31 days, Actual Salary = 100000 / 31 * 31 = 100000, His 1 day salary is 3225/-
So as per your query the employee has joined on 13-Aug-2012, so he has worked for 19 days in the month.
So the gross salary = 100000/31 * 19 = 61290. His 1 day salary is 3225.80/-

From India, Mumbai

Dear Sharmila,
you said that standard working days should be considered as 30 days in a month irrespective of28/29/30/31
but suppose if the salary is to be calculated for august month(for example-no of days-31 in that month)
in such a case whether we have to consider 30 days a standard working days for calculating or 31 days to be taken for calculation(Gross salary/total of days in that month *no of days present)5000/31*28=Rs.4516.66)
or 5000/30*28=Rs.4666.66
Pls clarify me

From India, Chennai

Dear Dhana,
If your gross salary is fixed for Rs. 30,000/= p.m. (For example)
It doesnot mean that your 1 day salary is Rs.1000/-
In such a case, you need to get only Rs. 28000/- in the month of February and you need to get Rs. 31000/- in the month of August
But, in practice, this is not the case... even though February has 28 days & August has 31 days, you still get Rs. 30000/- as your salary...
Therefore, the standard of 30 days is to be considered.
Hope you got your clarifications.

From India, Bangalore

As per the Supreme Cour of India by Guru Jambheshwar University through Registrar Vs. Respondent: Dharam Pal case, Salary calculation as under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 - Sections 2, 2A, 10(1) and 25F; Payment of Gratuity Act, 1987 - Sections 2, 4,4(1), 4(2) and 4(3); Constitution of India - Articles 14, 16 and 136; Payment of Gratuity (Amendment) Act, 1987, monthly wage or salary calculation shall be 26 days only.
Veda Team
VEDA Consultants

From India, Madras

Dear Vedal,
The calculation is only for gratuity and not to calculate monthly salary of the employee. Also the 26 day salary will be calculated for daily wage worker and not for monthly salaried employees.
@ bhargavi,
you have rightly said the practice but 30 days standard is not considered for every month. it is based on the number of the days in the month.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Bhargavi,
Thanks for your information.You said that we should consider only 30 days as standard working days
irrespective of any month but Mr.shenbagarajan has specified that in practice 30 days standard working days is not considered.
Can you please tel me which is accountable?.30 or 31days

From India, Chennai
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